PA observer breaks down during UN debate
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.07.11, 20:41
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1. good. now evrybody will hate on you!!! i'm celebrating
Ali ,   Palestine   (07.26.11)
2. Palestinians' celebration of hatred will never lead to peace
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.26.11)
3. #1 - where from this paragraph gave you this conclusion?
Eyal ,   USA/ISRAEL   (07.26.11)
4. As Israelis we cry 63 years of your terror.
Miriam Shaked ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.26.11)
I already experienced two terror attacks in Jerusalem, and almost died twice, I can hope you understand that the only way to improve the situation of the two peoples is to meet and start talking! I do not understand why you reject us and why this issue is delayed. this game of de-legitimacy is ridiculous ...
5. Crying makes people forget that the Palestinians themselves
Nira Mayer ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
responsible for their state as much as Israel does. When Fathers are crying for 60 years on their Sons someone must stop the plays (also the theater play) and find a solution!!! We are willing to talk and are also willing to make concessions. Where are you???? willing to engage with Hamas????
6. #1 Too bad you won't be celebrating a state.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.26.11)
7. Only fools ask the UN for anything but money.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.26.11)
8.  If the Palestinians would invest half the time they invest
Shalom ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
de-legitimize Israel, in really developing their country and people like jews did (even in the holocaust times we did it. to all the haters that are ready with thier same excusess) . Maybe we would already have peace in the ME.
9. PA observer breaks down during UN debate
Beaugazou ,   USA   (07.26.11)
#1 Ali You're right, this is what you guys are pretty good at. Unhapilly this is also the only thing you are able to do!!
10. Hmm, if settlements over 20 years was the problem
William ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
why was it only brought up as a major sticking point last year, and Arafat signed the Oslo Accords which allowed for natural expansion of existing settlements? Mansour - perhaps your tears are from being caught in lies for which you had no answer.
11. Crocodile tears?!
Laura ,   Argentina   (07.26.11)
Israel be strong we are with you!!! Holla from Argentina!
12. Riyad Mansour,
Yafa ,   Palestine   (07.26.11)
we are proud of you, Much love man . the world`s people begin to open their eyes.
13. on the section of "all Jews must be exterminated"
Monica ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
from the Hamas Covenant I didn't see any Palestinian crying. crocodile tears indeed.
14. Is there a real difference?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.26.11)
Abbas and Hamas are merely two sides of the same coin.
15. #1 + 12
I want the truth ,   to be said!   (07.26.11)
The fact that "poor" Palestinians who have no food and living under an apartheid regime free writing here points out 2 things: 1. the people who has money for so many computers and so many social networks accounts prooves that they are not so poor as Somalis, for example. 2. It shows that you enjoy the same privileges that every citizen of Israel enjoys from such as freedom of speech, etc.. I proved my point.
16. Prosor, the Clown du Jour, doing the
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.26.11)
rightists' bidding. How can there be dialogue when all Netanyahu do is give speeches, build settlements, and B.S.? He has proven over and over again that he is not serious about peace. The WORLD knows this. The world is fed up with his garbage. I hope they stick it to Israel as we deserve.
17. Crying over the wrong cause
DavidM ,   USA   (07.26.11)
If the ambassador wants shed tears perhaps he ought to save it for the victims of his government's corruption.While his constituents struggle to find work his government's budget includes millions for Mrs. Arafat's Paris hotel and lovely villas and autos for the government functionaries.
18. # 16
Alex ,   USA   (07.26.11)
The moment the Arabs, including Hamas, show the willingness of recognizing Israel's right to exist, than we can talk about seriousness of peace. Not a minute before.
19. Clown
Yoni ,   Petach-Tikva, Israe   (07.26.11)
20. #1 Ali Israel
Moragh   (07.27.11)
don't count your chickens before they're hatched!
21. PA observer "breaks down" - just like Siniora
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.27.11)
Some of us recall Lebanon's then President Siniora similarly breaking down during the war of 2006. A lot of good it did him. Emoting doesn't strengthen a bad argument. It just makes one look ridiculous.
22. # 12 Riyad Mansour Jaffa Israel
26.7.2011   (07.27.11)
Keep praying Riyad, maybe your god on the moon will answer you!
23. #17 DavidM, USA
Moragh   (07.27.11)
Bravo and very well said.
24. Cracked
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (07.27.11)
Prosor is a consummate diplomat and it's a pity that all he can do is repeat Lieberman's script. Does he honestly believe what he's saying? His accusations about disunity within the Palestinian body politic could just as easily be aimed at his own government and the biggest piece of subterfuge that he produced was the demand that the Palestinians get back to the serious business of peace-making. The government of Bibi and Yvet have made it abundantly clear that they are not the slightest bit interested in negotiating for a 2 states solution, preferring instead to aggrandize the occupation, break promises to the best friend we are almost losing, the USA, and obfuscate as Prosor is so predictably doing. The international community is as clear as it has ever been on the following: that the occupation is illegal, that further settlement construction is illegal, that the abuse of Palestinians within the W Bank is illegal, that recent discriminatory legislation is eroding Israel's democracy whilst perpetuating the illusion of one, that the Palestinians deserve recognition of their declaration, that even after that the only way forward to achieve peace is by negotiation, that Israel does not want peace negotiations, that our so called Foreign Minister - Prosor's putative boss - is an embarrassment and unwelcome in most world capitals, that the international community is fed up with this government's constant prevarication and out of patience with any more excuses for this government not being a genuine and serious partner for peace.
25. #12 - yeah, that's why the world blocked the flotilla
William ,   Israel   (07.27.11)
and advised Abbas that they wouldn't really be supporting the PA bid for statehood. First, they can't even find "Palestine" on a map.
26. #1 - It's called the "Sinora Tactic"....
William ,   Israel   (07.27.11)
It didn't work for them either.
27. to nr. 4.
cosmopolitan ,   global-municipality   (07.27.11)
and how about the terror from the other party/side of this conflict? (from the zionist party/side?). if i were you i should tell the complete story of the conflict (from the 19th. century until now) and even try to give (a) solution(s), to solve the conflict, not just a partial and a biased part. angels and saints do not exist in any conflict/war and in this world. it is also not a natural disaster, like an earth-quake etc. it is all the work of human/acting/ beings/mankind and mankind (only) has (to try) to solve the conflicts, the wars etc., by using the experiences of the past/of the history and if possible from present (local or/and global) situations, circumstances and from human behaviour (everywhere) among each-other.(why can human behaviour (in general) even lead to war(s) and to (total) destruction) as we all can loose or worse? this side of human behaviour also can be changed and stopped, if we want it.
28. #12, Yafa from Xanadu
Chatich   (07.27.11)
The world's eyes beginning to open should be the last thing you people wish for, it would mean the end of your grand charade once and for all. The ignorance and gullibility of large groups of westerners has always been your biggest asset.
the bible speaks of the lord returning to zion some may ask why not in tel aviv,new york,london,los angeles or tokyo? because the lord chose zion as the place of his own,although zion is tiny among such cities it is of the utmost importance to God,zion was the place where God told avraham to sacrifice his only son isaac but God stopped from sacrificing him,he was testing avraham faith and giving a symbolic of his servant ,solomon built the first jewish temple over the same spot,it was there that the holy of holies was located the sacred room where God said his presence dwelt,five hundred years before the messiah it was prophesied that the jews would be the occupants of zion when the messiah arrives in the end times,zion long history as the central place of jewish worship,the prophecy speaks of the dispersion of the jews to other nations due to their disobedience it then tells that in the last days God will send them back to their land from other nations,God said through his prophet for I will take you out of the nations I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back in your own land,israel miraculous rebirth has set the stage for the coming of the messiah which requires the jews to dwell in zion,nearly six million jews now live in the land God promised to avraham,in one century israel has exploded from non existence into a nation that dominates the world headlines and the bible speaks of the lord returning visibly with great power and glory,his return is a time of joy and reward for the lord servants,amen come adonai yeshua mashiaj.
30. go home to jordan
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.27.11)
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