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Knesset rejects civil marriage bill
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.07.11, 08:35
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1. I'm in favour of religious marriages and I'm not religous
Gracey ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
2.  Civil mariage is a time bomb!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.28.11)
Children of these couples might get in love with Halahic Jews,and not be able to marry them.
3. Israel is a JEWISH State, which means,
S.F.   (07.28.11)
the laws are the laws of the TORAH, whether you like it or not and whether the high court of injustice likes it or not. If you don't like it, go to the neighboring Arab State, to Europe, to America or fly up to the moon to get married. It's only because of the Torah that Jews have the right for the land of Israel.
4. Israel is a JEWISH State, PERIOD!!!!
S.F.   (07.28.11)
The laws of the holy land of Israel are the laws of the TORAH, whether you like it or not and whether the high court of injustice likes it or not. If you're not pleased with the laws of the Torah, you should not be living in Israel. Israel is a HOLY COUNTRY and MUST be kept with this status. Unfortunately the seculars don't understand what holiness and morality mean. It's only because of the Torah that Jews have the right for the land of Israel.
5. #2 gees girl....
Halachic Jews fall in love everyday with the wrong people. When they realize it they get a divorce. So....bubba what's your silly keta!
6. #4 how santimonious of you & brotherly too!
7. So much for Lieberman's promised to his voters!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.28.11)
Again, religious coercion! Enough said!
8. #2 Nonsense!
Adam ,   Raanana   (07.28.11)
According to the LAW (whether Rabbis like it or not) a child born out of wedlock (or in this case a civil, unrecognized marriage) is not prohibited to marry anybody. They are Jewish by their mother's lineage. End of story. I am a right-wing conservative Jew but if the government expects non-Jewish people to pay taxes and serve in the army, they should give them the right to get married.
9. #7: Lieberman and his goy ilk are the reason it failed
5th generation ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
The push for civil marriage is perceived as yet another effort to turn the country over to goyim. If the goyim would just stay out of Israel or get married elsewhere and stop trying to convert the rest of us, secular Jews would have more support.
10. 5 Divorced without being married?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.28.11)
11. 8 Adam Right,but Ketuba is proof of
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.28.11)
mother being Halahic Jewish.
12. marrige in israel
maya ,   haifa israel   (07.29.11)
the Knesset shoud aloud people to chuse, we shoud have right on it....maybe then well be less divorce in this country!
13. Religious Minority is Oppressing Secular Majority & Non-Jews
Ariela ,   Merkaz   (07.29.11)
14. #3 - Ridiculous Point
Ariela ,   Orig. SF, too   (07.29.11)
You say it's only because of the Torah that Jews have the right for the Land of Israel? Do you not know your history?! We were here even before the Torah was given! Also, the "religious" for the most part contribute nothing to my country but poverty and a gross example of the Jewish Nation. I should know, I used to live (and believe in) that world.
15. Just more Orthodox control
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (07.29.11)
Every single country has civil marriage. If you are not orthodox and your fiance is not orthodox why should you have to go through an orthodox marriage? Just another way the orthodox control everyone's life. It doesn't stop people getting together. They just get married in Cyprus. Maybe Cyprus is behind this anti-Civil marriage bill. They want all the tourists.
16. Please, no...
Andreas Stefanis ,   Larnaca, CY   (07.29.11)
Don't allow civil marriages, becasue... it would destroy my business. I arrange civil marriages of Israeli couples in Cyprus and it's a good business.Just google me if you make an arrangement!
17. To N 4, S.F.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.30.11)
Dear brother. I am Christian and Democrat. I admire Israel too much. Because of it, I regret your comment. For me, Israel is, really, a Jewish State, but, also, a State for the religious minorities, and for the secular ones. Civil marriage is a basic right of everybody. On the contrary, there will be not difference from fundamentalistic Muslim States, or from Catholic States before II Vatican Council.
18. Civil Marrages
Yoel ,   Israel   (07.30.11)
A person has the right to choose how he or she wants to marry, being a Jewish state makes little differance, I agree that Civil marrage should be allowed in Israel- why go to Cyprus or another country to marry- make it possible here too.
19. What is the differeence between a theocracy and a 'democracy
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (07.30.11)
In Israel, there is no difference. Al aspects of social life is dtermined, apparently, by the theocratic powers that be. And it seems to only be geting worse.
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