These are not our friends
Raphael Mimoun
Published: 28.07.11, 00:14
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1. don't match with truth
Spears   (07.28.11)
As a European jew, I can confirm that the hostility toward jews doesn't come from these rigth wing nationalist parties, but the real dange rfor us, and for Israel come from Leftists who sides more and more with muslims radical due to the presence of large muslim comunities in Europe, where anti semitism, and holocaust denial are a current practice. We should take the hand that is extended to us by rigth wing parties, because they are in the current situation fighting the same common ennemy
2. The enemy of my enemy does NOT
Israeli 2   (07.28.11)
have to be my friend. But I am certainly glad they are fighting each other...so I don't have to. You see, now...I have one less enemy to worry about. For the sake of Israel's moral status, sit back and relax.
3. I agree completely.
Mike A ,   Boston, USA   (07.28.11)
Jews who fall in line and sympathize with such groups are only contributing to their own demise. All we are for these people is a means to an end. Once the Muslims are gone, you can be damn well sure that we're next on their list.
4. @Spears
Meir Moses   (07.28.11)
As a European Jew I can tell you that these parties are liars who USE Jews and Israel. The 'pro-Isreal/pro-Jew' PVV in Holland just backed the banning of shechitah. I will never take the hand extended to me by racists and murderers and our enemy most certainly is not common. Look at what happened the Jews who joined Mussolini's fascist party. They ended up in Auschwitz.
5. Israel has many sincere friends on the right.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
This article is dangerously off base. Israel has many sincere friends on the right, in America, Europe and elsewhere. Neo-Nazis are, of course, a different story altogether. However, it is doubtful any Neo-Nazi group would express friendship for Israel in the first place. The left, on the other hand, in America, Europe and elsewhere, contains many of Israel's worst enemies. It is way past time for Israel to stop pretending liberals are our friends and to work with our real friends, the vast majority of whom lean to the right. Ultra liberal Obama, for instance, is the most hostile U.S. President Israel has ever faced. Nor does Obama appear to be a friend of America.
6. And America has no right wing fanatical racists?
Dorothy and Sophia   (07.28.11)
Why does Ynet always have an agenda against Europe, the average Israel loves Europe, many climb over others for European passports. Murdoch crumbled in the UK, so can Ynet and its endless propaganda machine.
7. So what? Neither is the U.S. government.
Jake ,   USA   (07.28.11)
In politics there are no friends, only interests. The U.S. wants to control the Middle East and subsidize its own weapons industry, so it sends military aid to Israel. The Israelis want free weapons and to call themselves "Western" so they accept the bribe. An alliance with ultra-nationalists in Europe is more ideological. European & Jewish nationalists (all nationalists for that matter) believe that each individual culture should be preserved within its own borders. They fight political globalism, and support traditional values alive. As a Jewish nationalist, I support the alliance.
8. Norway is an enemy. The American right are our friends
Sami ,   New York, USA   (07.28.11)
Norway is an enemy. The American right are our friends. Nothing wrong.
9. "FAR right" is NOT "right".
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (07.28.11)
i am a "right", "true blue right" never hate the Muslims among us, infact we "right-christians" live next door to muslims, we study together in the same class with muslims, we work side by side muslims. majority of my friends here are "rights", we are already on my own here in Singapore defending Israel, speaking up for Israel and God-chosen People the Jews, in our small little ways. the Crusades who massacred the Jews are not true christians, Hitler and his irks are not true christians. Breivik clearly is a free-mason, NOT a christian! we are not worry that some do not trust me to be sincere to the Jews, time will tell you who are your true friends, its all right. And we have no secret agenda regarding some speeding up of coming Messiah or wishing condamnation upon Jews at last days, NOPE!
10. #1 Spears
Li ,   USA   (07.28.11)
You point out one small benefit of siding with them. But a bigger factor is that they will ultimately be the losing side. Do you imagine that you should help them until they win? A good expression is "Better alone than poorly accompanied".
11. Wrong, I stand with the Right regardless!
Eli ,   USA   (07.28.11)
Israel has far more support from the Right than they do from the Left. This is a very dangerous and misleading article. The Left are protesting with Muslim Terrorists all over the Globe, they are financing and participating in protests, flotillas and demonizing Israel at every chance. The Right is backing Israel and giving us the Green light to take on our threats without fearing a backlash from the western communities. I fully support and embrace the Gentile Right Wing including the Europeans who are desperately trying to save Europe from Islamization. Israel along with the Jewish communities better wake up and start showing Love to these people. If they fail Islam will dominate Europe and have access to a global Nuclear arsenal. Sometimes you have to forget the past and think about our future. Islam is our greatest threat to our existence in Israel and we better align ourselves with Gentiles fighting the same war.
12. they are ''pro-Israel'' because
realist   (07.28.11)
Israel is seen as upholding the idea of the nation state. That means that after the Muslims are deported they would want to deport European Jews to Israel. They are against multiculturalism and the Jews are seen as belonging to a different culture to the majority culture. It is pathetic to see Israeli politicians acting as if these right wing racists genuinely give a shit about Israel.
13. You form the alliances you must
Cameron ,   USA   (07.28.11)
Realpolitik, baby. Distaste aside, pursue all avenues. You honestly think the Greeks are really your true friends & sworn brothers? Come on. Israel, of all countries, does not have the option of only sweet talking the prettiest gal in the bar.
14. Does this mean that it is not in our
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.28.11)
interest to support Geert Wilders? Does the author mean that Wilders, who has visited Israel on several occasions, spoken here, defended our interests in both Europe and the USA, is not a true friend to Israel. Frankly, this article was overly simplistic, highhanded and poorly conceived. Ynet has a habit of publishing uninformed and ignorant pieces of opinion journalism.
15. Far Right
DavidE ,   Freehold, USA   (07.28.11)
You didn't say who you were referring to. I don't think Wilders and the late Pim Fortuyn are far right individuals despite what some propogandists suggest. I don't think Norway's Progress Party or Flanders Vlaams Belang Party is far right. Regarding immigration, I think Jewish groups are better served by supporting Vlaams Belang or Wilder's party than supporting politicians who want to bring more Arabs into their countries.
16. Why do you have reporters like this!
The Man ,   Canada   (07.28.11)
You have ultra left reporters talking about things of which they have no clue except for what they have read from other leftists. I am done with the type of reporting that is done on this site. Get your head out of your butt and do some real reporting.
17. It is a religious and cultural conflict
usa   (07.28.11)
18. You completly miss the point...
Rasta ,   CAR   (07.28.11)
These people (the rightist extremists) are no different than the one that commit holocauste, they just switch target. And most important is about share values, Israel is a democratic state and a successfull model of multiculturalism where people come from all over the world and this is exactly what the extremists in Europe are fighting, Israel isn't an anti-Islamic or muslims, is only at war and things could change in the peace time,
19. Read the article again...
Rasta ,   CAR   (07.28.11)
The story isn't about the political rightist or leftist but the extremist specifically in the right because of their hatred like what we see in Norway recently. Extremists whenever they are (Islamic, leftist, rightist or whatever) problems for democracy, and we are the obligation to stand agaisnt them, not to side with one of them.
20. If you only kwon what happen to Jews that joins Mussolini's
Rasta ,   CAR   (07.28.11)
fascist party, you would have talk differently. They all ended up in auschwizt...
21. Norway
Deecee ,   Manchester UK   (07.28.11)
The only lessons that should be learnt are by the Norwegians. Evidence shows that they are learning the wrong lessons.
22. Norwegian Ambassador to Israel
AK   (07.28.11)
The Norvegian Ambassador to Israel drew the distinction between terrorist attack against Norwegians and what he considers to be legitimate terrorist attack by Arabs against Israeli Jews. It is quite obvious that Israel has no friends among Europe's Left.
23. to #1
Roey   (07.28.11)
Just accept the fact that Jews and Israel are hated in Europe by both the extreme left and extreme right. Israel and world Jewry should not align themselves with either group.
24. #4
John cone ,   Usa   (07.28.11)
If history serves me right mousolini did not go after the Jews as hitler did. What is the alternative would you rather ally with the Islamist who want to kill israel and our people.
25. Astonishing! There are no words for it!
26. I support the right wing groups
Gilon ,   DENVER   (07.28.11)
I completely support the right wing groups. We both have a common enemy. But what I don't understand is why do they have to kill innocent Norwegian Christians to prove their point?
27. Right wing, birds of a feather stick together
Haim ,   TA   (07.28.11)
28. wrong article
David ,   Antwerp-Belgium   (07.28.11)
First of all I don't see why the author is mixing the Norwegian attacker and right wing parties. Besides that point, I find right wing leaders like Wilders or Dewinter and some others nationalists In Denmark, and Finnland, are true friends of Israel. one should look to their records before attacking them) We should not fool ourselves. We have no friends in European left.
29. It is the Left where anti-semitism is the strongest
Yael ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
As a former leftist (extremely politically active in the U.S.) I can attest that it is from the Left wing that the greatest anti-semitism can be found. I left the left because of it. It is now endemic. That isn't to say that anti-Semites can't be found on the Right, they certainly can, but it is on the Left that the biggest threat can be found along these lines. Remember, Nazi Germany was not on the Far Right but rather on the Left: National Socialist Party.
30. Very disturbing comments
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.11)
I totally agree with the author of this article. This 'alliance of expediency' could blow up in our faces. Some of the talk I hear on some of the FB groups - e.g., "Let's start a 'porky-porky' FB page!! Oink! Oink!" - could be directed at Jews as well. Plus, many of these people are total atheists who could just as well direct their anger at such things as Brit Milah. It's very disturbing to read some of the comments.
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