Parents stage 'stroller protest'
Roi Mandel
Published: 28.07.11, 21:23
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1. This is getting ridiculous
Rachel ,   US   (07.28.11)
Should the government allow a true free market , open the economy and take down the cartels?Yes. That will bring down prices. But sorry, daycare, diapers, formula are expensive in America too. It's the price of having a kid. Deal with it! Bibi is not going to pay your diaper bill.
2. The real nature of the protests
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (07.28.11)
The timing of the protests, coupled with the entrance of the opportunist Livni, along with the leftist group of prior officials meeting in Washington all point to an agreement between the Israeli left and washington to topple Neteanyahu before the UN Palestinian declaration. This will give Obama and Livni what they want at the expense of Israel. It is a known tactic of the global left to exploit problems to create chaos and gain from the chaos.
3. Protests will continue to expand
Naor ,   USA   (07.28.11)
As long as the Israeli government has to invest so much of its $$ in military preparedness and government handouts to the Haredim who don't work. This process of putting more and more burden on the middle class has been happening for decades, and now it is beginning to boil.
4. @ 1
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (07.28.11)
Rachel Diapers and formula cost almost twice as much as it does in America with salaries less than half of what an average American earns. Then you have to consider $9.00 for a gallon of gas for a small car that cost almost 3 times as it would in America.
5. Kosher meat shouldn't cost so much but don't rabbis have a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.28.11)
cartel approach just like OPEC to keep the price up? Too many people with too many hands in our pockets.
6. ?
darryl ,   israel   (07.28.11)
7. no man
shmuel ,   netanya   (07.28.11)
no conspiration theory - this is how we feel. It's the real Jewish street. We carry the burden - not you in your comfy diaspora. so bug off with your mind games and preconceived notions on what people should or should not deal with - Israel is of any importance? Come and join the fray. Pay up or shut up.
8. Surpassing the boundaries
Talula ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
Child care is expensive - GET OVER IT!! No one said having children was cheap or easy - it's a decision that should not be entered into without thought. I raised my three children ALONE in Israel - I worked hard to support them without any financial help - but I got them through kindergarten, high school and university - it's not impossible - you just have to make sacrifices, preferably NOT on the account of the country.
9. to # 2
Yosef ,   Ashdod   (07.28.11)
Yeah sure man! keep smoking da good ganja!
10. Why aren't these parents working??
William ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
Today is a work-day in Israel. How is it these parents can show up and protest the high cost of anything if they're supposed to be working? Here's a suggestion - get a job then you can afford the high-cost of raising a child that you protest against. Enough of these opportunistic people and those demanding handouts. Stop acting like Greek youth with feelings of grandeur and entitlement.
11. It's called economics
William ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
if you don't like the high-price of a gan, go to another one. Protest through economic boycotts. If you dislike the high-price of formula or diapers at Super Sal, order online from Amazon, or stage a protest in front of the store. Blaming Bibi for the workings of the economy, which you parents are directly involved in, is stupid and dishonest. Go protest the store or importers for the high prices - the people that actually control it. This is an old-fashioned witch hunt against Bibi for problems that have existed in Israel under so many Leftist parties and were never addressed. The Democrats in the US did the same thing against Bush and Republicans, despite most of the problems coming from Bill Clinton's govt.
12. #4 Sheik
Rachel ,   US   (07.28.11)
Did you read the beginning of my post? Israel's problem seems to socialism and cartels. That's why prices are 2-3 higher. Get rid of that and you will see the difference.
13. And I believe the Haredim need to work
Rachel ,   US   (07.28.11)
It's time for them to share the economic burden too.
14. Time to Ignore these Clowns
Eli ,   USA   (07.28.11)
These Liberal Tel Aviv Anarchists should just move out of Tel Aviv, I heard the settlements are very affordable. You cant live in Manhattan and complain that everything is to expensive. Move out of Tel Aviv. I had enough of these Socialists.
15. Government loves Cartels
Tarzan ,   Mexico   (07.28.11)
Jungle doesnt love no Land's men and orphans agony in front of the government's penthouses
16. Next to protest..
Solomon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.11)
will be those Knights that say "Ni"
17. These protests took place at 5:30 PM
To #10 ,   Holon Israel   (07.28.11)
At the end of a work day - check your facts
18. iphones, "rolls royce" strollers
adi   (07.28.11)
did anyone notice the iphones, rolls royce strollers, not to mention the fact that all these parents who work until all hours strolling around the streets of our beautiful country at 5.30 in the afternoon, the middle of the day for some of us, the last I heard was that in Australia it cost $ 75 a day to send your toddler to a creche. so what do we expect from our govt
19. the middle class.
cosmopolitist ,   global-municipality   (07.28.11)
everybody (in our world) should belong to the middle class concerning income, wealth and property.
20. moral hazard.....
les ,   canada   (07.28.11)
"JEWISH SPRING????" one of the very few times i am almost ashamed to be a jew! i do understand the hard times that a lot of israelis going through now. but it is not the way to COPY the arabs to bring on changes. or should we ask the muslim brotherhood for help? i do think we are a lot smarter than that....(i hope).
21. this has gone from legitimate protest to freeloading
zionist forever   (07.28.11)
On Haaretz they got this one about the stroller march and it lists some of the things the woman are demanding which include Free childcare from three months Making the cost of hiring a nanny tax deductible extended maternity leave. Nobody ever thought to tell these women having a child is a personal choice and so if you can't afford them don't have them. This whole thing has got out of hand and if we are not careful we really will have a social revolution which is going to end up making Israel less attractive to investors and big business, taxes going right up, borrowing billions and becoming the next Greece. While some of these various demands are justified and issues which need addressing this thing seems to have turned from a protest about housing to an excuse for people to just demand something for nothing. The attitude seems to be if its justified to ask government to spend money on one thing then its ok to demand they spend money on their cause as well We may find ourselves in a position where the palestins going to the UN in September might be the distraction needed to save Bibi from the freeloaders and the country from a hardline socialist government after the next election.
22. Its Summertime so lets have a bitchfest 24/7
aL   (07.28.11)
Gee does anyone there do any work or are they just too busy pissing away their time marching about this or that?
23. #2 agree. Israeli protests help achieve Pal statehood
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (07.28.11)
They're copying the tactic used in Cairo's Tahrir Square that toppled Mubarak. The Israeli street protests are supported by leftist political groups, including from the Obama administration. The social issues are just an excuse. First it was about housing, now it's about the price of raising children. Tomorrow it will be about something else. Debka reported that the leftist protesters are "waging a war of attrition to keep Bibi off-balance: They plan to reject every concession he makes to their demands as spin, then come back with a new one." Israelis who naively join these protests are in actuality aiding the Palestinians ahead of the upcoming vote for statehood in the United Nations. Those who care about Israel's national security and an undivided Jerusalem must expose the truth behind these politically-motivated protests NOW. Otherwise, Israel's enemies will soon be laughing at how Israelis brought about the end of the Jewish state all by themselves over the price of cottage cheese and baby diapers.
24. more protests
kapriza ,   tsafon   (07.28.11)
The NIF is organizing every possible sector with a grievance to slam the government all at once. There are plenty of serious grievances, and the government needs to address them seriously. But Rome wasn't built in a day - toppling the government won't make all the problems go away by tomorrow.
25. High cost of Raising children in Israel
roxie ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
Don't forget when they hit Elementary and Jr and Sr High schools ,when you have to shell out money to purchase textbooks from the store because the schools do not supply them, and when you try to sell them back at the end of the year you make less than half price! Then there are the fees for school as well.. Yet they claim education is free here!
26. You can't have your cake and eat it too
American Sabrah   (07.28.11)
These protesters don't understand that socialism and capitalism are incongruous. You can't demand that the government should pamper you without their intervention. Yes I think its greedy and manipulative for the government to be taking advantage of the citizens. But at the same time, these protesters need to grow up.If these mothers are concerned about the expenses of raising their kids, then why are they not at work earning the money to take care of them? Its left wing socialist rhetoric. These protesters are behaving like immature whiny brats who don't want to take care of themselves.Instead, they expect the government to baby them.I work and I financially struggle to make ends meet. But insisting that the government takes me under their wings won't resolve things. They need to start acting like adults and cope with living in the real world. If this madness keeps up, we will witness a mass yeridah.
27. #17 - thanks for clarifying, but its not in the article
William ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
and unless I'm actually at one of the protests, how would I find out this fact? I'm in high-tech like many in Israel...and we don't leave the office at 5:30pm. we leave at 7:30pm or later.
28. #18 - those strollers aren't "rolls royce"
William ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
I suspect you're not a parent because no child can be pushed around for 3 years in those small cheapy strollers you find for $20. You need a decent stroller for a child and they begin at $250. Otherwise, they're crap and dangerous to use. None of the strollers I see in the photos are above the basic necessity.
29. If govt has to pay for it, govt should be allowed to control
William ,   Israel   (07.28.11)
take your pick. You want govt control over your family's every move, or do you want to accept the burden and the freedom of making your own decisions.
30. Agitators
hard working sabra ,   TA   (07.28.11)
They took a day off to protest. Imagine being able to afford the luxury of missing a day's wages to stand around and complain. These people are just troublemakers and freeloaders, always wanting something for nothing. Don't they know how bad others have it? They should be ashamed of themselves.
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