Jerusalem pride parade, tent protesters join forces
Omri Efraim
Published: 28.07.11, 18:36
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1. Dear God please forgive us.
Eli ,   USA   (07.28.11)
Enough with all the Gays especially in Jerusalem. Go back to Tel Aviv, keep Jerusalem holy.
2. Is immorality "Living with dignity?" Marik Shtern
confusing dignity ,   with shame   (07.28.11)
3. Just what are they proud of?
pasquinel ,   london.canada   (07.28.11)
4. To #3
Nic ,   UK   (07.28.11)
They are proud of not being huge bigots
5. #1 2 3
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (07.28.11)
They say I have a bad attitude. I say "screw them" !
stude ham   (07.28.11)
so far... none. but they do make a very valid point. israel can no longer support its population within the very constrained limits originally imposed by the foreign colonialists and invaders. BUILD ISRAEL BUILD!
7. protests
kapriza ,   tsafon   (07.28.11)
Watch out! The NIF is on the warpath!!
8. To 3&5
pasquinel ,   london.cabada   (07.28.11)
So the G_D of Abram, Issac and Jacob is a biggot? Try reading the Holy scriptures your fore fathers wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then we'll debat again.
9. Dear G-d, please forgive us for people like Eli.
Andy ,   Gay & Orthodox   (07.28.11)
10. #3 - Get your mind out of the gutter....
Andy ,   Gay & Orthodox   (07.28.11)
You don't know anything about us.
11. 9 &10. Men lusting after men? You're sick.
12. #7 - yeah, who's the next group NIF will bring?
William ,   Israel   (07.29.11)
The Union of Electric Company Workers who didn't get their end-year bonus? The Consortium of SE Asian Foreign Workers? The Association of Western Olim who have a hard time with waiting in line at the Misrad Hapnim? The Loyal Order of Kiosk Owners?
13. OH yes we do #10!!! You are the gutter!
Israeli 2   (07.29.11)
14. Seperate issues, rather than cloud them for more effectivene
Michelle ,   Netanya, Israel   (07.29.11)
Keep housing issues seperate from Gay issues. The one has NOTHING to do with the other! Cottage cheese, housing, schooling are economic issues which affect the ENTIRE population. Gay/Homosexual issues are personal lifestyle choices which affect a very small minority of the population. Combining the 2 will be to the detriment of the economic/social issues.
15. #10 - Andy, no one has to accept your lifestyle
William ,   Israel   (07.29.11)
just as no one has to accept the lifestyle of other groups in Israel. As long as you're not blocked from the basic rights everyone enjoys and no one blocks you from behaving as you wish, you have no argument. People can disagree with your lifestyle as much as they want. It doesn't make them bigots. Just as you can comment negatively on other groups. You need to realize this. Personally, I think Pride Parades actually do more to hurt your cause than help it.
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