Report: Shot Iranian said to be nuke expert
Associated Press
Published: 28.07.11, 20:32
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Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.28.11)
These very able,practical and competent people could have put their talents to work to do so much good for human benefit. This Iran regime only knows how to promote evil and death.So unlike the State of Israel. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!
2. Assassination
Jason ,   Texas   (07.28.11)
Great job MOSSAD!
3. Good job
BFM ,   NY, USA   (07.28.11)
Keep knocking them off Mossad. One by one.
4. Mossad, select the first Mullah
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.28.11)
5. Assassination
TAN8169 ,   USA   (07.28.11)
This is why I love the Mossad! They do the necessary work that the US is too squemish to do. Right on!
6. thanks!
Gary ,   California, USA   (07.29.11)
thanks israeli agents! your sacrifices are greatly appreciated! 99% of the world wont know the difference, so i hope this thank you goes a long way.
7. To Quote Security Expert Nelson Muntz
Jenn ,   Pasadena, California   (07.29.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.28.11)
We don't really know who's knocking off these guys. It could be the Western powers are working together, to gather as much info as possible and doing this. It could be some of them wanted to defect to the West, and were caught and killed by the Iranians themselves. More than likely it is some combination of both case scenarios. At the end of the day you do whatever must be done to prevent this technology and weapon from falling into the hands of the Iranians. As I've said before, nobody believes the world would be a safer place with Iran in possession of nukes.
9. You guys stop saying Mossad
Maxime ,   ISRAEL / USA   (07.29.11)
Possibly done by the Mossad??? That could be the case... On the other hand, This could be the work of the Iranian oppostion. Their biggest fear is the nuclear disaster that their fanatic iranian regime can inflect upon their people and homeland. It doesn't have to be the Mossad.
10. It's probabaly an inside job.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.29.11)
Iranins are too scared to leave traces. They are getting rid of the ones who finish the nuke job or not useful anymore. it's that simple.
11. Dead Nukum
Beto ,   huntington beach   (07.29.11)
this mas-murderer is gone like a vapor. I know that the rest of these nuclear scientists in iran will no longer qualify for life insurance. Who is next they ask themselves as they toss and turn in bed. Who is next? I can't wait to see.
12. The trajedy!
willy ,   phoenix, usa   (07.29.11)
Is that he probably went to our university and got a bunch of student loans!!! Mossad, You owes us buch of student loan money ! haha
13. I thought Irans said they nabbed the killers last time this
Happened? ,   Photoshopped arrests   (07.29.11)
14. Excellent Work Mossad
Eli ,   USA   (07.29.11)
Keep up the good work, please don't stop we have more to take out.
15. thank GOD
Glenn ,   Durham   (07.29.11)
Job well done!
16.  Iranian oppostion helping mossad/western powers
Ted ,   berwyn, US   (07.29.11)
maxime, I believe you are part right. they are most likely helping Isreal and the western powers. they want a free and democrate Iran. it is the only way to prevent a terrible tragedy. once the mullahs get a nuke. Isreal will have no choice but to defend themselfs and 10's of millions of Iranians will die
17. well said
sam ,   usa   (07.29.11)
why should the Persian people pay the price for the maniacs in power? I wish they could really be free !!!!!!
18. Assassination - An old Arab tradition
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
The word "Assassin" is derived from Hashish, which they frequently used before they went about their mission of killing someone
That's right, Stop saying Massad. It is better whispered (...'massad')
20. Who cares?
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (07.29.11)
One less mad scientist who got his ultimate reward early. Good. Iranian scientists
21. Maybe Iranian gov killed him
Haris Durmic ,   Sarajevo,Bosnia   (07.29.11)
Iranian government/Basij killed him because he knew crucial/secret info on Iran's nuclear program and he might have started to talk.. Can't believe none of you mentioned this.
22. I doubt Israel Did This
Ron ,   OC, US   (07.29.11)
The US did not do it either. I think the Iranian opposition did it. There are certain elements in the opposition that know that this type of operation hurts Ajad and the rulling mullahs as much as sanctions. If it was a foreign country involved it would have been the Russians.
JOE ,   USA   (07.29.11)
24. Interesting Pattern
NEWSHOUND ,   USA   (07.29.11)
How many past and present Iranian nuclear scientists will Mossad have to kill until the rest of them start worrying about their career choices - and the related and eventual outcome. Said differently, how jumpy do you think an Iranian nuclear scientist is when s/he hears a motorcycle zooming down the street? Interesting strategy on Mossad's part.
25. Iran
PolecatMtn ,   Canton, USA   (07.29.11)
Ooops.....bad Iranian victim of a driveby shooting. Oh well!
26. Well done agent 007!!!
Thomas Paine ,   Madison, Wisconsin,   (07.29.11)
Let's hope the West and/or Israel are competent enough to be behind the targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists and their Russian and Chinese technical support enablers. This was not an assassination; this was vermin extermination.
27. Assesinnations
Calvin ,   USA   (07.29.11)
Spin and intrigue is not privy to Western media. " Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear!"
28. Encouraging!
Eugene ,   Rhode Island, USA   (07.29.11)
I'm very happy to read this. Has there been any speculation on how far this sets Iran's weapons program back?
29. Congrats! Keep up the good work!
Joe ,   New York   (07.29.11)
30. maxime
ralph ,   new york   (07.29.11)
Maxime, Come on,... do you really think we are going to say...hmmm maybe he is right it could have been someone else.. I mean Really???
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