Report: Shot Iranian said to be nuke expert
Associated Press
Published: 28.07.11, 20:32
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31. Joe USA
ralph ,   new york   (07.29.11)
Unless your hit is designed to send a message to others that says, YOURE NEXT... then it is exactly how it should be done.
32. Great job!!!
Zeta40 ,   Mexico   (07.29.11)
Whoever did this, did a great deed for society. Thanks!
33. Western powers working together?
Jeff ,   Middle America   (07.29.11)
Really Mark from Georgia? You think Obama would have a hand in something like this? Protecting our country? LOL. Not on a bet.
34. Iranian scientist
Deskboy ,   Miami, FL   (07.29.11)
I am counting on and praying for the good people of Iran to do the right thing for humanity's sake. I am willing to bet that there is just such cooperation going on now. G*d help us.
35. Nazi Scientists
jimmy ,   brooklyn, usa   (07.29.11)
The Iranian scientists working to create nuclear weapons fool themselves the same way Nazi scientists fooled themselves to create the V2 rockets. They are into it for the intellectual exercise and are not responsible for its ultimate (mis)use.
36. Please
Festus ,   Baton Rouge U.S.A.   (07.29.11)
Can't anyone in this thread spell correctly in English?
37. #36 Festus, regards to Gomer
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
You're writing in a Hebrew paper, use Hebrew if our English isn't to your liking Gack into the swamps, let the Gator's chomp on you You all !
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (07.29.11)
What I say is "Good riddance to bad rubbish" achMADinejad should be next Then they'll have to determine how they bury a weasel in a cemetery intended for humans
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