Barak: We must apologize for flotilla errors
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 29.07.11, 07:54
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1. ehud barak
steve ,   usa   (07.29.11)
after Barak pulls his head out of Us Secy of Defense Leon Panetta's ass (or maybe V.P. Biden, or Hilary Clinton's, in other words wherever he was last), you really should tell this once hero not coward that he should not return to Israel. The only word he knows is appeasement...and to Erdogan that will be suicide.
2. Clinton's Puppet Barak
John Cone ,   USA   (07.29.11)
Again Barak is more concerned about his own career and what is best for the US but not what is best for Israel. No More appeasement .
3. some 1 said: turky MUST apologize 2 israel.
nice ,   tlv   (07.29.11)
i am confused, really.
4. No wonder NOBODY votes for Barak
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (07.29.11)
We should NEVER apologize to Turkey and it is no wonder that NOBODY will vote for this idiot Ehud Barak. If this government apologizes to Turkey, then Bibi you can forget about me in the next election because I will vote for Lieberman; at least he has a spine and not willing to fold down
5. So...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (07.29.11)
If having good relations with Turkey is such a must for Israel, then I guess is also a must for Turkey. So, why don't Turks apologize for preparing and supporting the organization of flotilla and Israel apologizes for dead victims on Marmara?
6. The bumbling bees.
Eli   (07.29.11)
And I was under the impression that Barak was responsible for the operation, as well as the legal aspects. Maybe this serial bungler should harden up and take the responsibility and then fade away forever.
7. Barak and apology to Turkey
Yosef ben Baruch ,   Palm Beach USA   (07.29.11)
E. Barak is more dangerous to the survival of the Jewish state, than all External enemies' efforts combined.This worst "defence minister" must be removed ASAP - there are no words to describe his treachery and total lack of dignity - personal and that of the IDF, so important in the Middle East mentality. In reality he is a cowardly ego-maniac ,who would do anything to save his warm cabinet chair.
8. This is suicide and will come back to haunt Israel forever
Devorah   (07.29.11)
It is an admission of guilt when there is none. The entire Obama administration can go to hell and take Barak with them.
9. Regrets of apology
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.11)
10. Just unbelievable!
Stephen in New York   (07.29.11)
What a yutz!! Begging for mercy guarantees your early death.
11. How can a fool like this be DM?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (07.29.11)
More generally, why do we have so many fools as politicians? WE should admit guilt because Turkey supports terrorists? Serial bungler Ehud Barak's reason: because Obama, not exactly our friend, says so. Obama likes Erdogan, of course, he's an Islamist. Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan plans on visiting Gaza to show support for Hamas. So, this fool we have as DM thinks we should be nice to Erdogan. As long as there's an Islamist leading Turkey, relations will never improve, this is just so stupid it's unbelievable. Of course, stupid has been the key-word in Ehud Barak's career.
12. Sack Barak! His cowardice is sickening!
JayJay ,   Israel   (07.29.11)
Its just unbelievable hat this plastic faced coward is DM! WHat an embarrassment!
13. Unless Barak is personally going to take blame for blockade
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.29.11)
Unless Barak is personally going to take blame for blockade he should realize that apologizing is the smallest part of what Edrogan wants. He wants to both humiliate Israel and take the credit for removing the blockade. And in those terms the money and the words are less important even though it will lead to years of court cases against Barak and IDF officers who will not be able to travel to Europe for fear of being arrested for defending themselves.
14. Barak has no credentials to speak about foreign relations
elhrac ,   USA   (07.29.11)
The foreign minister is the proper person to handle Israel's foreign policy. Barak should butt out.
15. Apologize for what?
JDL ,   USA/Canada   (07.29.11)
16. Stand tall, Israel
Standing Tall ,   USA   (07.29.11)
What should Israel apologize for? For defending itself? Give me a break. Turkey has supported terrorists from Hezbollah to Hamas to the flotilla. It has been increasing critical and strident in its criticism of Israel. Israel doesn't need this type of "friend". We need friends like Greece.
17. He's as weak as water and...
Elizabeth   (07.29.11)
I'm talking about Bibi. I trust he will NOT be voted back in for another term. Bibi is what I call a helluva slap in the face. And what's that little sniffler Ehud Barak still hangin' around for? it's time he stayed indoors not to show his face to the cameras any more. Who wants to see him???
18. I'm gonna be sick......
Solomon ,   Tel Aviv   (07.29.11)
19. Barak - a dead man-walking
Theo   (07.29.11)
There is something not ethic in the fact that the person who was in charge to stop Marmara and failed, is ready to apologize in the name of others. If Barak wants to apologize personally, he can do this. But not in the name of Israel.
20. Crisis must be resolved, indeed, by Turkey apologizing to...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.29.11)
...Israel. And, while doing so, the Turks should also apologize to the Armenians, the Kurds, the Greek Cypriots, it being only the beginning of a long list!!
21. Barak must apologize to the injured commandos
zionist forever   (07.29.11)
He sent them aboard that ship armed with paintball guns rather than giving them rubber bullets and tear gas. If Barak had given the commandos suitable non lethal weapons then they may have been able to take control without live ammunition. With riot control gear they may have also been able to take the boat without any of the commandos being injured. Its the soldiers who deserve an apology from Barak not the ally of Assad and Ahmadinejad Erdogan. Apologizing would also limit Israel's ability to enforce any blockade in future because we are saying we were in the wrong we had no use to use force. If nothing else its going to open the door wide open for multi million dollar law suits. If Barak wants to do something useful he should stick to what he is best at and thats negotiating business deals to get IDF hardware which he is an expert at and stay out of politics.
22. Apologizing for defending oneself implies not having right
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.29.11)
Barak is advocating the erosion of Israel's right to defend herself.
23. Barak DOES NOT speak for Israeli citizens on the RIGHT or
LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (07.29.11)
24. Please, PLEASE, to save Israel ...
John ,   Alaska   (07.29.11)
Please remove Ehud Barak from office. He has passed from useless to being an actual danger to the Jewish nation. Please remove him from office soonest, before he causes more damage to Israel.
25. Why Barak makes all his business trips
Moshe ,   Netanya   (07.29.11)
Who pays for this? The demage Barak does will hunt Bibi. Is he working to remove Bibi?
26. Observations
M Carr ,   Baltimore USA   (07.29.11)
I agree that relations with Turkey are important but relations with any nation in the region is important. However Israel must resolve these issues: 1. Can Israel rely on Turkey or any Muslim nation to be a stable and reliable ally at this time? 2. If yes, what is the evidence? 3. Why does Erdogan go off the deep end when Israel defends it's people (Cast Lead, Marmara)? In similar circumstances would Erdogan behave differently? 4. Is Erdogan motivated by humanitarian, religious, or political reasons? 5. Will an Israeli apology result in improved relations with Turkey or the opposite? 6. Why does Ehud Barak continue to act more as a foreign minister than a defense minister? Why do we not hear more from Leiberman? Don't these issues fall within Leiberman's jurisdiction? It is apparent that the Palmer Report has put Erdogan in a box. It escapes me why Barak is working so hard to let him out. No apologies to Turkey!
27. Barak and Apology
Joel ,   Jerusalem   (07.29.11)
Barak is not a strategist. He only knows how to play for the short term. Generals may think this way, but statesmen do not.
28. Ehud Barak for president....
29. Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.11)
We should have apologized ages ago. What took you so long idiot?
30. Here is the solution.....
Menachem ,   Israel   (07.29.11)
Turkey apologizes to Israel for its jihad-flotilla and the Israeli government will apologize to the Israeli people for the unelected, spineless and incompetent embarrasment called Ehuad Barak. Turkey relies on Israeli high-tech and not the other way around so he should watch his tongue.
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