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Activists: PM's proposal manipulative
Boaz Fyler
Published: 31.07.11, 17:51
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1. Demand demand demand - sounds familiar.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.31.11)
2. What goes around comes around
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.31.11)
The political era of Bibi has reached a new and possibly closing chapter. While he was busy sending out his goon Barak to abuse the settlers and placate the left with kid gloves they have turned on him. The capitulater in chief now has trouble on his hands from all fronts now. May he get the same treatment that he gave to the settlers.
3. Just a thought
Sagi   (07.31.11)
The people will win the day in the end,they always do,it never fails. I hope that heads roll, not like in France,but metaphorically of course.
4. ,...
split ,   US   (07.31.11)
Get the government out of housing business and rent control. It didn't work in Bronx, Lefrak City (Queens) or Moscow it won't work in Israel.
5. They don't care....
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.11)
what Binyamin Netanyahu proposes, they just really run by the extreme left and want him out. If I thought we would have a right-wing PM in office to replace BIBi , we would be better off and safer as a country. But I fear that they may create a situation where we would end up with an even worse PM-extreme left, who is anyone left of BIBI. Also if he capitulates to their demands it will bankrupt the state and then he will be ousted as well.
6. Go live with your Mother
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.31.11)
or get a job. If you want to protest the 'working culture' which treats everyone like slaves and pays slave wages, or the price fixing, whereby you can get Israeli products cheaper 3,000 miles away than in Israel. I'm with you.
7. i wish .i could get so many people on the street
gilad ,   gaza   (07.31.11)
8. The demands are unclear and have no plan to fix
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (07.31.11)
If these people had concrete demands they would be able to make suggestions as to what would fix them. But like the opposition, they call for change in their favor with no clear path to get there.
9. People buy car,make trips,eat in restaurants.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (07.31.11)
Dont save money to buy some House.
10. Easy solution
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (07.31.11)
Let people build anywhere in Israel, including Yehuda and Shomron. That will flood the market with housing and cause the price to go down. There is no way that those rich Frenchies and New York snobs will be able to buy them all up and those exorbetant prices they pay nowadays.
11. @10
ahavat yisrael please!
12. @ 9
then close down all those bakeries! you yourself cook and bake or buy? end!
13. Perfect! Way to go!
G. Fränkl   (07.31.11)
This way not even the outrageously biased (in their favour) Yediot Aharonot and other radically subversive MSM will be even to save and sell their carefully and deviously crafted "moderate" faces to the overwhelming majority of the people of Israel. Well done, elitist extremists! Israel's people are not that stupid, thankfully!
14. The solution
FG   (07.31.11)
I would honestly recommend a Norway on Y.A.'s TA office headquarter on a weekday morning! Right now! There's simply NO other choice!
15. BTW Israelis buy NYC real estate big time.
Rachel ,   New York   (08.01.11)
Israelis are amongst the biggest buyers of NYC real estate. They drive up the prices. That's what is called The Free Market. My kids are young professionals and cannot afford NYC real estate. They are considering buying on the outskirts.
16. Go live in some kibutz.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (08.01.11)
The left will have job,food,and house.
17. Welcome Israel
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Brazil   (08.01.11)
To the club of Banana Republics...
18. What are their ACTUAL demands
steve from raleigh   (08.01.11)
Seriously, what are they beyond some ineffable insistence that what is unaffordable is made affordable right now.
19. Mubarak Trial
leo ,   nyc   (08.01.11)
These demands seem similar to the bloodlust expressed in Egypt Power to the People (really just a few people who will tell the others what to do)
20. Damn, and I thought folks were uptight over here!
Cameron ,   USA   (08.01.11)
21. Israel's new PR paradigm
Baruch ,   Marin County, CA   (08.01.11)
Wow, what a great thing that is happening in Israel. I can't help but be proud of it. After all, it is a quantum leap from the old brick and mortar PR effort, which basically hauled out the usual military propaganda, complete with grainy black and white videos of air force attacks and exhausted tank crews sleeping in the field. Now we have the Left being played for all they're worth - and, of all things, tying it into Tahrir Square - which obviously is laughable. But of course, now that the so-called Left is begging the so-called Right for solutions, albeit other than military, it just plays right into the hands of you-know-who. And that, ladies and gentlepeople, is how the proverbial PR game works. Because, the bottom line is that winning is best accomplished by cozying up to ones supposed enemy. And as the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer - for a good reason, too. My, what a great show this is. Love it...
22. Protest
Judy ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
Now imagine all these people coming out and voting......that is the power of the people. Time to re vamp the whole Knesset Time for new faces new ideas
23. out of control
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (08.01.11)
It is becoming more evident that this protest is less about housing and more about changing the government. While many who attend the protests are probably sincere the leaders seem more into "Me" than anything else. It is unrealistic to expect Bibi to personally do something. Hey--he doesn't personally meet with world leaders but sends reps!! As others have said, you get into downtown TelAviv by saving. Give up the fancy trips, fancy clothes and all those restaurant meals. I grew up in NYC--never lived in Manhattan, never could afford it. When I started in Israel, as a tourist I compromised on my NY spending to afford tickets---can't have everything. While there definitely are poor who need assistance there is NO RIGHT to live in downtown Tel Aviv. There is NO RIGHT to have designer clothing. Who is going to pay for all this? Money doesn't grow on trees. Cut taxies, lower prices--if you lower prices--guess what??? wages will have to go down. Where will the companies get the $$ from. Don't tell me about the small number of super rich families in Israel. Redistribution of their wealth ( as Obama wants to do in the US) will not be sufficient. I think the Arab Spring has gone to these people's heads. Change IS needed, a revolution is not!
24. This "revolution" became a farce, hijacked by Anarchists.
It has been hijacked by anarchists and extreme left agitators who are only interested in perpetuating the suffering of those initial "innocents" who started the protests, and the weakening of Israel. Many of the current protesters are a bunch of spoilt brats who want "everything" and "now". They claim that they "deserve" to have an apartment in Tel Aviv or a villa in smaller towns, at or before the age of 35. Who the heck says that this is a "right"? Who the heck says that if you serve in the Army and pay taxes, you "deserve" an apartment and free health and education forever? Has anyone heard of "work"? What is the connection between the initial demand for a policy of lowering apartment prices, to free health and education "for life"? There is none. These are populist slogans, coming from anti-social agitators, nothing more. These are impossible and anarchist demands, without any chance of being implemented ANYWHERE ON EARTH, and they are designed for destruction of the society, rather than for making it more "fair". For now, these racist and hateful inciters lie low, manipulating the real protesters from behind, giving devious "advice" and making sure that protests turn more and more violent, destroying any possibility for an achievable compromise. I suggest that the initial movement publicly retires from the protests - their voices have been heard allright - and see who is left. I guarantee you that once the original protesters retire, the real anti-Israeli inciters will be exposed, and the original protesters will realize that they've been manipulated into a movement bent on destroying the society, not on building it. Currently there is no "exit plan" and the list of demands is childish and impossible to satisfy. There is no reasonable and achievable list of demands, so the protesters better go home and think. This protest has lost its appeal and right to exist. I am fed up with seeing and hearing their hysterical, non focused representatives screaming irresponsible slogans on TV. They definitely do not represent me or my kids anymore!
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