Jerusalem: Hundreds partake in 'strollers' march'
Omri Efraim
Published: 31.07.11, 17:49
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1. An outing with the kids over the holidays.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.31.11)
Very sociable. If you want to make child care more affordable, open your own play schools and charge less.
2. So why don;t we protest about the costof..
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.11)
Iphones 4,000 ILS, why do they and the other smart phones need to be so high?? What else?.... The country's GDP will go down drastically b/c instead of working everyone is marching or striking...honestly i fee like i am France now! lol
3. @1 u r really silly!
this is about the fact that working middle class young married couple can't afford to pay their rent, buy food, send their children to kindergarten and schools. And at this point in time their parents (the grandparents) can no longer afford to support them!
4. read this
if you bring children to this world why dump them at such a young age at a daycare center to begin with?! end!
5. idea
maybe the mothers should raise their kids themselves.
6. try living on one salary
safta's cheer ,   jerusalem   (08.01.11)
Son-in-law works at health ministry. Master's degree, full time. NIS 4300/month. ENTIRE salary goes to rent a modest 3-room apartment. We cover dentist, eye doctor, clothes, baby supplies, apartment repairs, meds not in the sal, etc. And they are not our only children. Something's got to give! I applaud those who are finally realizing that they aren't doing something wrong; it's just become impossible economically for (almost) everyone!!!
7. #4 - at age 2, my child was ready for school
William ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
it provided her the social interaction and stimulation that cannot be provided in the home. Not to mention, it's not really possible to drag your kids to work.
8. Why not turn this into an employment benefit?
William ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
Instead of yet another grilled meat restaurant, why not open a day care center in the Industrial Park next to people's work? Have the day care centers monitored by the govt, with a set maximum based on number of kids being taken care of, and each stakeholder pays their share: govt: 1/3, employer 1/3, parent 1/3... or make it govt 1/4, employer 1/4, parent 1/2 with the option of writing it off taxes because they're working. And if they get laid off, they have 1 month of child care benefit. And if they move jobs, like healthcare, it transfers seamlessly to the next employer.
9. To 4 &5
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (08.01.11)
Excuse me, is this the 50's. Do women go to school and get a profession so they can sit home and take care of children. I think affordable day care if the right of every young couple. How come Shas can open affordable day care centres.Why do they have more money for families than the government.
10. stroller protest
hindy ,   jerusalem, israel   (08.01.11)
Could someone tell me where the money is going to come from?
11. And who is going to pay all this?
Noa ,   Haifa   (08.01.11)
Or to small down the requests to a bit more normal proportions.. If parents chose to send their children to day care and go to work, this will have to cost them.. The heart of the social problems are the low salaries..raise them a little and people are able to pay what they need to..
12. @ 9
lazy generation!
13. to arielush 9
the previous generations were much more successful then nowadays.this article is a proof of how woman should stay home to raise their children to avoid a waste of time and energy " walking around with strollers all day in the sun". your grandmother was more successful than you and much less lazier for sure. end!
14. To 12 & 13, better live like the haredim
Reuben ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.11)
Instead of working, we will also start living like tthe haredim. No work, no paying taxes, live off others... and then you get to raise the children by yourselves. It's time to stop spending money on the haredim, let the lazy asses go to work. then the govt can utilize the same money for health care and affordable day care centres.
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