Report: Breivik had surgery to look 'more Aryan'
Published: 31.07.11, 23:28
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1. crazy world!
2. aryan ??
camilo ,   Chile   (07.31.11)
the aryan race comes from india, and iran, the "aryan race" doesen`t exist in europe, hitler give that name to white people, the europeans are Caucasian, not aryans sorry or my bad english
3. Pre Plastic surgery photos?
Anthony David Marks ,   Israel   (07.31.11)
Many would be interested in seeing what he looked like before the plastic surgery. This might provide a small indication of this man's very distorted mind.
4. another esav!
5. #3 - there probably was no surgery!
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (08.01.11)
He attacked people on an Island that were aged between 17- 27 that were members of the left wing government that supported Muslim Immigration. It's easy to shun what he did, but not his reasons.
6. Nothing is credible anymore.
Thomas ,   USA   (08.01.11)
The international leftists leave no stone unturned to discredit those who resist the "multiculti" indoctrination. Even images ought to be scrutinized and investigated for "photoshoping" . According to the Belgian publication M. Jigland, president of the Nobel Price committee in Norway reprimanded Merkel, Sarkozy and Cameron for their objection to "multikultism". He wants to prohibit the expression of "islamic terrorism" but has no problem with Christian terrorist. Franky many prominent Norwegians developed insane political attitudes that defy common sense. Source:
7. Why?
pasquinel ,   london canada   (08.01.11)
This violent. satanic. delusional psycopath is just loving the publicity he's getting. He should have been felled on site, he deserves to live less than the amimals that we eat. I agree Islamization must be stopped, but not his way.
8. Breivik had surgery to look 'more Aryan'
Peter ,   Mexico   (08.01.11)
Of course. So did I.
9. Breivik not a Christian, he's a mormon and a Freemason.
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.01.11)
#6: Thomas, "He wants to prohibit the expression of "islamic terrorism" but has no problem with Christian terrorist. " what "Christian terrorist"? one lone mad man who self-proclaimed as Christian doesn't represent the Church or Christianity Worldwide as a whole. Most if not ALL the churches condamned his sinful act which is against what the Bible teaches in "Thou shalt not kill" found in the Ten Commandment which even Atheist knows. so please refrain from linking "Christianity" to this political driven lost soul. the lost soul did recognized one truth (the clear and present danger of the Islamlization of Europe.) other than this, the rest of his twisted brain is wasted.
10. He had a nose job ;) ,...
split ,   US   (08.01.11)
11. To #5 from Arad
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (08.01.11)
"It's easy to shun what he did, but not his reasons." Apparently the frequent irradiation leaks from the Dimona reactor are starting to affect your brain.
12. ''America's Jewish problem''
matt ,   usa   (08.01.11)
before everyone starts praising Breivik's basic philosophy perhaps they should know that in his manifesto he writes that America has a Jewish problem. He writes that Norway doesn't have a Jewish problem due to the tiny number of Jews. I find it amazing that so many talkbackers seem to agree with this man's basic ideas which are about as close to Hitler on race issues as its possible to get. The idiot proposes an economic alliance between white Europe and white Australia / NZ without realising that Australia / NZ are firmly tied to China and Asia Pacific with little interest in Europe. Breivik is a demented neo-Nazi.
13. We prefer the Indo-European designation, #2
Cameron ,   fiscally spooked USA   (08.01.11)
14. This reminds me of the Holocaust...
15. #2
the white races of modern-day Europe migrated there from Northern India and Iran thousands of years ago. Hence the term ''aryan''.
16. #9 he is so a christian
atheist and proud   (08.01.11)
anyone who believes Jesus Christ was the son of God is a Christian. The fact this Christian murdered a heap of kids does not change that and evangelicals believe he will go to heaven, while all the kids who didnt believe in Jesus went to hell. The New Testament has pages and pages about redemption through grace rather than works. American evangelicals are heavily into the salvation thru grace concept as opposed to other denominations which are more into salvation thru works.
18. #11 maybe you didn't understand my post
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (08.01.11)
What he did was terrible but he did it to focus attention on the attempted take over of the West by Islam. So what he did was terrible but his motive was good. Maybe you think the attempted take over is good?
19. "Muslims relieved gunman not Muslim" proves:
that while non-Muslim attacks are a rarity, an aberration, Muslim atrocities are the "norm". Even self-lying Muslims can't hide this fact, any more than deceiving, malicious and racist Islamo-Leftist media. Based on these facts, Islam in not a religion of peace and its followers are not peaceful people. Muslims have to DO (not "say") a lot, to change this fact.
20. Blue eyes and blond hair
Christian ,   Sweden   (08.01.11)
is actually common in in this part of the world. I see it every day in the streets even in Malmoe :-) So what is this about if not many people taking leave of their senses in the wake of the terrible terror act in Norway.
21. #16. "and i will show thee my faith by my works'
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.01.11)
"Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone... show me thy faith without thy works, and i will show thee my faith BY MY WORKS." James 2;17-18. Mr Atheist and proud, you are true, but applied wrongly. true christian are ONLY saved by believing that Jesus died on the cross, thus only His blood cleanse all our sins forever. this is grace because only when the Spirit open our heart to believe, we still be skeptical. But true belief will result in a born-again life that seek to obey His Word thru the Bible. this obedient isn't salvation thru work, but is a reflection of the true daily Spirit-guided life. we will never lost our salvation even if we fail in certain days. But our actions should not deviate too far from Bible teachings. Breivik is a mormon, and his action shows he is not Christ-centred and fear not G-d. hope my answer clear your doubt, sir. Ynetnew editors, pl post my answer. toda rabah.
22. politicizing religion
observer ,   Egypt   (08.01.11)
Breivik attributes the survival of Egypt’s Coptic Christians to their acceptance of Jesus’s teaching to “put your sword in its place.” Who politicized his views is the one which has the motive, the benefit. Mossad?
23. To #16 secular Christian
Christian ,   Sweden   (08.01.11)
Breivik is not religious according to his own words! He is a secular Christian who does not believe in Jesus Christ in a religious way. For him Christianity is culture and not a personal relation to God through Jesus Christ. In no way is he an evangelical Christian. It would be good if people did not twist the facts to suit their political agenda.
24. ugly monster!!!!! that's exactualy what he is...
Arie ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
25. crazi terrorist....
Dan ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
26. NAZI
Leon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.01.11)
27. What it means Christian in Norway and EU
Moshe ,   Netanya   (08.01.11)
It means he was naitive Norwegian. Nothing more. All EU people are Christian, except for visitors like Jews, Muslims. When they say he was Christian they mean he was not a visitor to EU. Nothing to do with religion. So far, Norwigian flag has a cross.
28. No 9 May of Bethany
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.01.11)
Not sure why you go to the trouble of stating he was a Mormon and a Freemason. I know Mormons and I know Freemasons and this is utterly alien to their credos, so please stop comparing him to anyone remotely human.
29. Vlad??????
Rebi ,   U.K.   (08.01.11)
Vlad that sh-t wasn't funny, get a life or better still get a blood transfusion.
30. The media is after this one!! Smear and fishing for stories
Observer ,   World   (08.01.11)
the guy picked his nose once, and so that made him look more aryan. Good story ynet/British arab press/world media!
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