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Netanyahu warns against defense budget cuts
Moran Azulay
Published: 01.08.11, 16:50
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1. every cut except defence
Rahel   (08.01.11)
sure, just like the USA, every cut in the book, except defense spending. And look where it got them?
2. No defense cuts : the "silver tongue" has spoken.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.01.11)
3. Turkey suing the soldiers?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.01.11)
Ooh, we really have gone through the looking glass. What's next? Iraqi terrorists suing members of the United States armed forces? Imagine what the Libyan rabble-rousers could do against NATO. No apology to Turkey. If anything, Turkey owes Israel a monumental apology for having fostered, encouraged and funded the flotilla to begin with. Remember, the MAVI MARMARA was supposed to be carrying "humanitarian aid." What was discovered aboard the vessel was a handful of expired over-the-counter medications and some mouldy blankets. "Humanitarian aid," indeed. Doesn't even the pass the laugh test. And now Turkey is smarting because they are deeply humiliated at the findings of the Palmer Report. Too bad for Turkey. Into each life a little rain must fall. It's pouring on Turkey; that's their problem, not Israel's. Suing the soldiers. Funny.
4. Defense
Wendy ,   Los Angeles USA   (08.01.11)
I'd rather be poor and be alive.....
5. what about 4 k clothes allowance"?
6. Here goes the Defense Card again!
David ,   Israel   (08.01.11)
He talks about defense but is not preparing the people for war which is the direction of this government! Stanly Fischer, the Governor of the Bank of Israel, is full of praise for the fiscal policy of the Government and quite rightly so. However, how healthy is the economy of a country where the majority of the people cannot make ends meet and are living on overdraft or credit card debt? One of these days that bubble is going to burst and then we will be in the crap! How healthy is economy where a few control control everything? Is that Capitalism, Bolshevism or just plain greed? What kind of a Prime Minister and a Government levies VAT on Water? A very sick on! The attitude of the meeting of the Likud Caucus has shown the country that they hold the ordinary people of Israel in total contempt!
7. Apologizing shows weakness and invites further pressure.
Stephen in New York   (08.01.11)
Bibi will not apologize because he understands that apologizing shows weakness and invites further pressure. He’s trying to shape events regarding the release of the Palmer report. The Middle East is not the place to show weakness.
8. #4 Wendy
David ,   America   (08.01.11)
Very well put! Good for you girl!
9. Defence
Ehud ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.11)
Who really wants to do military service for a country that does not look after them ?
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