'Dirani's lawsuit aims to provoke State'
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.08.11, 18:25
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1. I know, lets take chamas to court to release Shlit
Yackov ,   Joburg, South Africa   (08.02.11)
We, if we don't awake will not die by an enemy's hand but by Imbecilic "do gooder's" and misguided morons.
2. Make Dirani's appearance in court a requirement
William ,   Israel   (08.02.11)
and if Dirani fails to appear, the court should find him in contempt, dismiss the case, and submit a warrant for his arrest.
3. Enemy of the State
Reid ,   Washington USA   (08.03.11)
When he was captured by Isreal and imprisoned it was done so because he broke Israeli law. He was brought to justice. By doing so Isreal is then obligated (to itself) to apply its just(ice) standards to wards of the state. Is Isreal saying it wishes to choose to selectively apply its laws, permitting criminality but then prosecuting criminality?
4. Shouldn't there already be a warrant?
John ,   Alaska   (08.03.11)
The article says: When Dirani returned to Lebanon he announced that he would continue to work for Hezbollah Isn't being part of terrorist operations against Israel against the law thereof? Rather than consider this terrorist's lawsuit, the court should issue a warrant for his arrest.
5. As believable as Mickey Mouse suing Minney Mouse.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.03.11)
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