Fogel family murderer convicted
Ahiya Raved
Published: 02.08.11, 18:23
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1. Animals
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.02.11)
2. Please put them in prison ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.02.11)
... for the balance of their miserable and worthless lives, and let the accursed name "Awad" be not heard anymore in Eretz Israel. Rest in peace, Fogel family, z"l. We have avenged your murder.
3. Before you say "oh this is the religion of peace"
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.02.11)
Murdering children and innocent people is not welcomed in Islam. There is defidently something wrong with him mentally, if he didn't show any emotion throughout the whole thing.
4. BUT WHY???????????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.02.11)
I'll never understand why the prosecution will not seek the death penalty. What if 10 years down the road the terrorists ask for his release in a swap? If this case doesn't deserve the death penalty, what does?
5. LebanonPride
Alex ,   NYC   (08.02.11)
LebanonPride, I agree with you. But the problem is not the religion, the problem is the interpretation.
6. death penalty!!!!!!
Ester   (08.02.11)
7. Prosecution should be fired, the judges the courts sooo LEFT
jae ,   israel   (08.02.11)
wing. These guys shouldnt be given a life on the taxpayer dollar. 40k a year times their lifespan. thats probably 50 years times 40k. shouldnt that money be going to others things like leftist tent cities? enough silliness!
8. I've got an idea
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (08.02.11)
Hang them by the balls.
9. Death Penalty.
Alex ,   Israel.   (08.02.11)
If ever there was a case that is this one. A life for a life.
10. Barbarians.
Avi ,   USA   (08.02.11)
Remove these monsters from this earth. They dont deserve to live.
11. Deeply Saddened
Samuel ,   Zichron Yaacov   (08.02.11)
Sad that there is this level of hatred among the human race. No punishment exists among men that could satisfy the heinous crime that these riffraff committed, may G-d do his justice. Whatever culture of hate brought these two animals to do what they did must be destroyed, be it in our enemies ranks or within our own Nation.
13. why not to kill these terrorists ? ! I don' t understand !
14. Israel is weak and this bastard get a lawyer.
15. Per a Deal, He Will Go Free
Hoah Lev ,   HollywoodCA   (08.02.11)
Crystal Night ( the attacks on Germanys Jews in 1938, including 100 murders, 5,000 stores burned and destroyed, 30,000 Jews placed n Dachau...was the start of the Holocaust. Hitler realized that the world cared little about Jews, which gave him the go ahead to kill 6.5m Jews to 1945, in stages. By allowing this murderer to live a lifetime in a posh Israeli jail..( a la Barghouti) with priviledges...the Arabs get the wrong signals, "its okay to kill Jews". Israel claims only crmes against humanity can have the deatlh penatly ( Eichman).. Yet a proviso could be passed by the Knesset, if a Jew is killed for nationalistic reasons, it is a crime against a people. We Jews claim that if you harm one person, you harm the entire world. Well, killing 5 Jews doesnt seem to fit that catagory. Israel is shotoing itself in the foot again and again and again. The killed of the Fogel family, will go free, per some "deal" with Hamas/Hez..its inevitable. The world is laughing at Israel, focusing on baby stroller protests and children who think the world owes them something ( apartments). In the USA, they move IN with their parents, or double up, until they can afford it. Doctors would not dare strike...and threatend even one hair on one persons head. Israel's GDP i over 200, not bad considering it's miilitary requirements. The USA and charities give over 5b to Israel...laons, grants, military aid credits, while Israel debates Lebanon over natural gas rights in Israels territorial waters. Wake up Israel, wake up Jews.....the Arabs want another Crystal Tel Aviv.
16. 50,000 per scumbag per year on israeli taxpayers
jae ,   israel   (08.02.11)
I think morally they should be terminated from planet earth- capital punishment. at the very least israeli moms and dads shouldnt foot the bill for these little hitlers. 50kx50 yearsx2 people= money that could be better spent
17. Why in the hell is he wearing a watch ?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.02.11)
So he can watch the minutes and hours creep by, as he remains confined, like the animal he is, to await the end of his days behind bars He should be chemically neutered so that will no longer be capable having dreams of getting a thrill by killing an innocent family while they sleep
18. nr. 3
Eva ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.11)
So why are there summercamps in Gaza where they teach children how to kill Jewish children?? As long as this kind of things are going on, there will be never peace!
19. These are PeaceNow & Leftists kind of people (read animals)
20. Liar
canada ,   canada   (08.02.11)
The bit about threatening another murder if his family would not help him. What a load of garbage. They would have helped him plan the murders and celebrated with him afterwards. The devil protecting his own.....
21. In any other country he would receive the death penalty
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.02.11)
and therefore, here we must ensure that he enters prison for several life terms that follow each other, never to see the light of day outside of the prison gate, never!!!!!
22. Death penalty - they did not have mercy
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (08.02.11)
WE MUST HAVE NO MERCY ON THEM Otherwise - our justice system will be guilty of supporting and encouraging murderers
23. #4, #6, #7, #16
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (08.02.11)
We all want them dead If the court want them alive the court should support them But in such case both the court & the murderers should be deported our country There should be no place in our country for murderers & their supporters
24. those terrorists are pure evil~! they say the kids were
Liora ,   Israel   (08.02.11)
looking at them with fear and they still stabed them???? they are inhumah!!!
25. The family helped hide the evidence, crime
William ,   Israel   (08.02.11)
as did the entire village. Surely they can also be held responsible for aiding and abetting criminal activities and inhibiting police investigation. I would arrest the families and bulldoze their houses. Then I would drag Abbas to court because he tried to cover up the Fogel's murder by claiming a "Palestinian would never do such a thing"...despite there being 91 years of evidence that "Palestinians" definitely DO commit crimes like these.
26. #3
Jane   (08.02.11)
Murdering Jews is not something with which Islam seems to have a problem.
27. More one to Hamas ask for to change for Shallit.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (08.02.11)
Kill them. The arabs do this every day.
28. hang him X 5 times
Tony ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.02.11)
Hang him ,that 's the only punishment for mercy.
29. If not the death penalty
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (08.02.11)
Use them as shooting targets for the IDF to practice with And them bury them in a tub of pig lard. They wanted to be martyrs anyways. Israel, show some balls for a change!!
30. release the palestinian at once!!
johnny ,   Paris, France   (08.02.11)
why should israel waste its tax payers dollars on convicting and jailing these criminals, if in a couple of yrs hamas or islamic jihad will go and kidnap another israeli soldier and demand their release, if he isn't already on hamas's list for shalit
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