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Netanyahu meets Medical Association chief
Tomer Velmer
Published: 02.08.11, 23:07
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1. B
Scott ,   USA   (08.02.11)
2. Really bad article -- what are the strike issues?
Scott ,   USA   (08.02.11)
Why are the doctors striking? The article provides no information whatsoever.
3. I am appalled
An old woman ,   ISRAEL   (08.03.11)
I am appalled by the Netanyahu's arrogance and inhuman remark today. It was said to one of his political crony__How long it takes to die if you fast? 1 week.... 2 weeks...? Mr. Prime Minister, Shame on you. What kind of a person are you?
4. # 3
Ehud ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.11)
You should know the answer already,just follow current events. Do tent cities ring a bell ?
5. to #3 What the Judge expressed is very surprising!!!
So some of them don't want to negotiate just strike and create chaos. Just like the Housing movement. They started a movement with not even knowing their demands. They started by making chaotic tent cities in the Main Cities of the country The two movements have been hijacked by extremists.For me it's clear the intentions are to bring down the goverment not to fix the problems. The hunger strike, even though very moving and touching is a blackmail. Nataniahu asking him to stop the strike, NO government can negotiate under blackmail. If he ceeds all the country will start getting crazy by negotiating through blackmail. The doctor's Union from the Hisdtradut had already reached an agreement three weeks ago and the doctors decided to desauthorize the Union agreement with the government. After what the Judge said we have to see things from other pespective.
6. israeli doctors
zichron   (08.03.11)
Get the israeli doctors in the rural galus . There is big money there . Even in the cities ,Hatzollah will fill the gap..
7. No. 3 - your sources please
Shaul R   (08.03.11)
if you are unable to provide the source of this vicious libel you are just a troll
8. Why should one assume that if .....
Malone ,   Hfx   (08.03.11)
......they choose to starve themselves to death(it never goes that far),that anyone would care? Your decision...go for it.
9. Scott #2
me   (08.03.11)
if you clik on *health crisis* in blou in the first paragraf..........
10. hunger strike
tiki ,   belgium   (08.03.11)
As a dokter, Dr.Eidelman should know that hungerstrikes are bad for you and as an intelligent man he should know that 'disputes should be negotiated. I've always learned that HEALTH is the 'most important thing in life, not. money. This dokter is squandering it away.
11. #5
Ehud ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.11)
"For me it's clear the intentions are to bring down the goverment not to fix the problems. " So at least you do admit that there are problems.Lets see if the present government can solve most of them quickly and some of them within a realistic framework ie 2-4 years. Lets hope so for the benefit of everybody.
12. As Health Minsiter, Bibi has a legal responsibility here
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (08.03.11)
In this case it is not only the Prime Minister that is being requested to intervene, it is the Minister of Health. Bibi kept that portfolio for himself and now needs to fulfill it.
13. to # 7__Shaul
An old woman   (08.03.11)
Arieh Eldar from Haihuod Haleumi quoted it during their yesterday's meeting. It was broadcast on TV.
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