Knesset okays housing committees' bill
Zvi Lavi
Published: 03.08.11, 13:52
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1. sad day
Nate ,   Israel   (08.03.11)
What a shame that the MKs can't even listen to the people who put them in power. This is definitely a slap in the face, the protests need to be increased further. There mus be consequences to every action made, it is not possible for the MKs to support the rich because they paid for their campaigns when the majority of voters disagree with their decisions. This is not a democracy, this is pure corruption. We need to remove all MKs and remove Bibis Government. We as the people, deserve more rights and a true Democracy.
2. Freedom:1, Commies:0
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.03.11)
3. Nate, you ignorant fool.
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.03.11)
The law enables more housing. More housing means more supply. More supply means lower sales and rental rates. You just don't get it. These protesters are against everything. Even what will help them. Their cause is just political, not social.
4. Knesset
Nate ,   Israel   (08.03.11)
They may want to vote no confidence for Bibi, but if it were possible both Bibi and the MKs deserve a no confidence vote. The government and it's absurd laws need a restructure of behemoth proportions. Where is a Constitution for the Israeli's when we need one, not a vague Basic Law.
5. Basic Law:The Government
Nate ,   Israel   (08.03.11)
29: "the Prime Minister... may, with the approval of the President of the State, disperse the Knesset ... and the Government shall be deemed to have resigned." No PM will disperse a Knesset knowing that his own Government (including himself) shall be deemed to resign. This is a loop hole in keeping all MKs. Bibi needs to grow some hutzpa and do this. The President understands the people of Israel are not happy, the people have spoken and the MKs and PM have spoken against the people!
6. Housing Protest is a Sham?
Mo ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.11)
Bibby has today given you a Golden opportunity to leave your tents and build a home for you and your families. Pool together your collective recourses, find a plot of land, apply for planning permission and build yourselves a home fast. All Banks would be delighted to fund a group of your size and spirit. Stop whining - Go for it.
7. #1 maybe the MKs are listening to their voters
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.03.11)
and not this noisy minority.
8. #3
Nate ,   Israel   (08.03.11)
That is the basics of Economics but sadly that does not work in Israel, it does not change the fact that Israelis pay more than most countries in rent and housing, so more expensive housing? More money to the Elitists that run this country? I may be ignorant in your simplistic view but I see beyond the facade that the MKs have created for simpletons such as yourself.
9. Am I missing something
Ehud ,   Haifa   (08.03.11)
Why are the protesters not happy with this proposal, a quick planning response to build affordable housing.Or do they simply want essentially cheap housing in expensive and established city areas.
10. sad day indeed
kougnou ,   rehovot   (08.03.11)
100 percent with you man////
11. #9 yes you are missing something
i love Bet shemesh ,   Bet shemesh   (08.03.11)
Attias is using this to push through the building of haredi slums in some of the most beautiful areas in Israel. He intends to destroy the second most popular bicycle route in the whole of the country to build cheap housing for haredim only. our grandchildren will have no green areas at all. What is happening is a national tragedy. the area that will be bult will be a slum-
12. # 11
Ehud ,   Haifa   (08.03.11)
OK but what do you suggest as an alternative, apart from forced contraception?
13. #11 ,,, good grief.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (08.03.11)
Atias has done more to alleviate the nationwide housing crisis and prices than most, if not all politicians to date. And you're whining because some of his efforts include building cheap houses? And that some of those houses are intended for Haredim, who are suffering from the housing shortage and inflated prices just as everyone else is? What next, shall we bash Atias for both fulfilling his party's promises to their voters *and* for helping all Israeli citizens in the process? What you have here, sir, is a smokescreen. You have "bash the Haredim" to mask the efforts to reduce the housing crisis by members of the current government. I'm sure *someone* is benefiting from this stuff, but it's definitely not the vast majority of the Israeli populace. Get your priorities straight.
14. Nate, please stop.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (08.03.11)
Your arguments don't make any sense - the protesters are *not* the entirety of the Israeli public, their demands don't entirely make sense, and basic economics of supply and demand mean that, yes, even if one *does* build lots of expensive stuff, the fact that there's more of it available than the demand for it translates to a cheaper result overall. For everyone. Due to the sudden lack of shortage of said product. But your assumption of "building more expensive apartments" is wrong, by the way. Just saying. It's an assumption that's based on the argument itself, in a kind of closed loop - as in "they'll build expensive stuff... because". Well, we don't take silly arguments on face value around here, and giving a way to cross through the bureaucratic mess of construction in Israel *today* until such a time as the process can be well and truly repaired (by, say, firing anyone who has more than one relative in the same municipal council, to name one issue) is a step forward.
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