2 rockets fired from Gaza
Ilana Curiel
Published: 04.08.11, 06:41
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1. Another Terrorstinan Peace Proposal Delivery
emanon ,   USA   (08.03.11)
2. Iron Dome does not work
Brod ,   USA   (08.03.11)
It is time to shower rockets on Gaza. Let the terrorists get a taste of their own medicine.
3. Iron Dome
David ,   Denver, CO, USA   (08.03.11)
Iron Dome works very well. It only intercepts a rocket IF it computes the target as an occupied area. It lets rockets through on trajectories that will cause no damage. Each round is tens of thousands of shekels so it makes sense to only use if a danger exists.
4. shelters for this population
dave   (08.03.11)
they dont have shelters there???????
5. #2; Brod, IT WORKED FINE
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.03.11)
I don't know how many times this has to be said, but here we go again. The system tracks the trajectory of each rocket fired and only responds to rockets that would hit a military base or civilian population. It works fine. You don't waste expensive rockets at every $600.00-$1000.00 missile fired at Israel. Doesn't that make sense? Why shoot down a rocket that will land in an open field? The fuel though to power these rockets, soared in 2008 to $630 per gallon. So the fuel to power the rocket is probably is more expensive than the rocket itself. Which is great for Israel, since Hamas and Hezbollah can't target very well, they waste a lot of money, sweet!!
6. No funds for shelters
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (08.03.11)
The funds went to the ultra-orthodox students and the settlers.
7. Seems like the Islamist are busy spending the Ramadan
Srok   (08.04.11)
Delivering missiles and terror. Sadly, the best the IDF can do nowadays is bombing a sand dune or an empty building. Israel must strike and kill the terrorists without compromises, it's proven itself in the past. The IDF must strike terrorists night and day, that's the only proven way.
8. Not really dangerous rockets!
Emma ,   London   (08.04.11)
According to the anti-Israel detractors, they are only "home made" rockets so should not be taken seriously. Try telling that to the traumatised population of Sderot.
9. One Qassam Can Ruin Your Whole Day!!
Doug ,   Delta, Canada   (08.04.11)
10. #8 to pro-Israel advocates; Sderot is Najd
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
On 13 May 1948, Najd was occupied by the Negev Brigade as part of Operation Barak, before Israel was declared a state and before any Arab armies entered Palestine. The villagers were expelled and fled to Gaza. In 1951, the town of Sderot was built on the village's lands. According to UN Resolution 194 and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 13, Section 2, the villagers of Najd have a right to return home to their personal property and to their native village.
11. Isn't it high time the heads of the terror organization...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.04.11)
...Hamas - part of the Hamas-PLO Union that seeks state recognition at the UN, mind you..!! - were the target of Israel in response to these on-going and intensified rock attacks at Israel and its civilian population...??!!
12. Fear is the demage, also
Husain ,   RUSSIA   (08.04.11)
13. For the residents of southern Israel
John ,   Alaska   (08.04.11)
People are praying for your safety. I know that is not a shelter, but at least you know you haven't been forgotten. I also pray that the IDF - or a tree, whatever Ha'Shem wants to use - gets rid of the savages spending their so-called "holy month" trying to kill Jews.
14. Grads from Gaza
Michael Garkawe ,   Madison,NJ USA   (08.04.11)
Forget about Iron Dome. The only thing the Arabs understand is a disproportionate response. Israel would not have had this problem if massive retribution was exercised when the rockets were first used
15. We forget the bottom line: proof the Palestinians want war
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.04.11)
Oh right...isn't this rocket from the same Palestinian leadership in Gaza that said: a) they were enforcing/respecting the "lull" and wouldn't fire rockets at Israeli civilians and b) that announced multiple times in the past two years that they 1) will "never" make peace with Israel and 2) armed jihad is their only way of liberating "all of Palestine". Just in case you forgot that September is about the Palestinians pretending to want a state, but really saying they want war to replace Israel with an Islamic/Arab "Palestine".
16. #f6 Ameridane
BEN JABO ,   ISRA EL   (08.04.11)
Easy to say, now go PROVE it !! Of course you have access to all the monetary transfer documents, including checks and wire transfers Let's see them !! ----------------------
17. #8 Emma - try asking some old timers
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
that experienced the V1 & V2 during World War Two
18. shelters
IlanaB ,   AShkelon   (08.04.11)
In my town some homes have shelters-it is a requirement for all new buildings. Many dont and schools dont. Not fun. Most people run to the stairwell for lack of better shelter. Kids hide under formica desks. At least it is holdiay now-and night..,
19. Warmin'up increase in expectation of PLO-PA's bid at the UN
Joseph.E ,   Givatayim-Israel   (08.04.11)
20. The Iron Dome
Eyal ,   Israel   (08.04.11)
batteries are not stationed in the Gaza area these days. Probably due to battery drills in other parts of the country.
21. 2 rockets fired from Gaza
Niss ,   uk   (08.04.11)
Why dont Israel try for a change to fire first instead of only reponding every time there will be a lot of respond from the world but it may help. Israel can say that is what Gaza is doing and the world dont say nothing put yourselves in our shoes
22. #3,5 but why do rockets target only open fields?
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
I'm afraid that the iron dome will never be used till September.
23. #21 Israel already did
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
24. Israeli warplanes bombard Gaza City
Niss ,   uk   (08.04.11)
This is how it is reported as usual in they dont say why its bombed that it is in respond to rockets from Gaza read the readers comments and judge for yourself
25. Iron Dome
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (08.04.11)
So according to some, Iron Dome only shoots if there is a threat to Israeli civilians. Guess, the woman injured yesterday wasn't considered an Israeli civilian since Iron Dome didn't shoot down that rocket. Or she wasn't considered worth the expense since she wasn't Jewish. You Iron Domers should at least get the hasbara logical. Did it work today or yesterday? Or was it consciously not used yesterday? Make up your minds. To its credit, the IAF didn't shower Gaza City with WP or napalm as some posters would have preferred, the disproportionate response.
26. we sleep at the shalter, instead of run to it in the middle
Ashkelon mum ,   Israel   (08.04.11)
of the night....
27. Sderot
Emma ,   London   (08.04.11)
Actually the whole of Israel is according to you, Arab land, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem etc. You want everything. Whole parts of the West Bank were Jewish land until the Arabs slaughtered the Jews there and expelled them. Jerusalem was declared an international city until the Jordanians expelled all the Jews whose families had lived there for centuries and blew up 48, then banned any Jew from entering the Old City. Your version of events is at best suspect and anyway does that justify firing rockets at unarmed civilians and school buses? Many Egyptian lands were once Jewish lands until they were expelled would that justify firing rockets at the people living there today? I don't think so but no doubt you would.
28. @25 close but your facts are off a little
Joe ,   St Louis USA   (08.04.11)
Nobody said iron dome protects civilians, rather it protects population centers. The woman injured the other day was out in an unpopulated desert area at the time.
29. Something forgot to be meantioned!
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.04.11)
Hamas has told other militant groups to stop firing rockets into Israel. However, Al Qaida affiliates said no. Hamas wouldn't waste rockets in open fields. The Al Qaida group is clearly the group responsible for the recent attacks. Like I said, accusing Hamas with no proof is foolish.
30. What a lame comment.
Observer ,   US   (08.04.11)
Hamas is the de-facto government in Gaza. Hamas is to blame for any hostility towards Israel that is launched from Gaza.
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