2 rockets fired from Gaza
Ilana Curiel
Published: 04.08.11, 06:41
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31. @29
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (08.04.11)
So, Hamas has no control of Gaza, then? They are not in a position to impose their "law and order"? They are shirking their responsibility as a government, or they are impotent to impose it. Interesting.
32. Iron Dome
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.04.11)
As already meantioned, it didn't work on the last rocket which injured a woman. Maybe it's flawed. Maybe it's turned off. As Israel says, these rockets threaten the lives of civilians, something Iron Dome is suppose to prevent. So are they allowing these rockets to continue firing into Israel? I thought the mental stress was a problem for the people living there. Allowing rockets to hit won't lower the stress. It just seems really fishy.
33. Iron Dome is currently not deployed in the south
Ido ,   Israel   (08.04.11)
this is why it didn't work
34. observer 10
The Egyptian Jews who were kicked out of Egypt are entitled for compensation from Egypt. Jews from Arab/Muslim countries have lost more than the Arabs lost in israel. BIG CHANGE IN ARAB/MUSLIM FAVOUR. SHUT UP Mr Observer,clean up your home,before you open your stinking mouth
35. Iron dome jealousies
IlanaB   (08.04.11)
As much as you all try to refute the usefuleness of the Iron Dome, as much you show lack of knowledge.
36. this criminal leftist gangster regime will not defend Israel
chaim.s 54st. ,   brooklyn ny   (08.04.11)
in any other normal country,these traitorous leftist's would be put on trial for high treason,and marched in front of a firing squad or they would be hanging from the gallows
37. #22; observer, THE FACTS
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.04.11)
What makes it a "war crime" to use these rockets is that very fact. The rockets don't have any kind of sophisticated targeting system on board, it's point and shoot. So far, 24 people have been killed by these types of rockets. Hamas simply and intentionally aims them at civilian towns and hopes to hit them, again, another "war crime"., Each rocket fired, constitutes a separate "war crime", so far there has been more then 10,000 rockets fired at civilian towns. clearly the death toll proves they don't just hit "open fields" as you claim. They kill and wound people. They are form of "collective punishment" on entire towns.
38. #22 OBSERVER -AKA Baron Munchausen
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
From up high in your runaway balloon, you should be able to OBSERVE that the rockets are primitive, lacking guidance systems, it’s catch as catch can as to where they land FYI- It's estimated that it takes approximately 60,000 rifle rounds to down an enemy soldier Keep on writing, your lack of knowing anything about anything is vastly amusing, And what you don’t know, which is just about everything you write about, why you just go ahead and make it up, like baking a cake for every occasion I’m rather surprised you’re not at Mubarak’s trial, you should be there telling the Judge what to do Your balloon awaits, take off, you buffoon
39. #25 mark bj
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
She was isolated in a field herding sheep, NOT in the middle of some housing complex I know it's hard, stop trying to be an expert, when all you're noted for is lying Nobody cares if you give credit or not, you're a non-entity BTW- You never did respond to the facts I supplied concerning American Hospitals, what happened, did you choke on them ?
40. #28 Lebanon's Disgrace
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
Something you forgot to mention, Hamas is responsible for ALL of Gaza; they were elected by the people Hamas controls anything and everything that happens in Gaza It's old hat, anytime a rocket is fired that Hamas doesn't want to admit to firing, all of a sudden another group claims doing it If it came from Gaza, it's Hamas' baby, they're father of the terror from within the bounds of Gaza To think otherwise, wouldn't be foolish, it would be downright stupid, most especially since Hamas has vowed to destroy Israel (It’s in their Covenant) & to attack Jews inside & outside of Israel I really do admire your writings, I never knew that anyone could know as little or lie as much you do, while hiding in Canada
41. #27 in1948,Arabs of W Jerusalem Katamon, Malha were expelled
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
Jerusalem was the capital of Jews for 100 years (2nd – 1st century BC), and it was the capital of Christian Kingdom for 100 years, and a capital of a Muslim and Christian province for 1900 years, while it was the holy place of pilgrimage for all its history. Egyptian Pyramids were not built by Jews, for the good reason that Jews only appeared a thousand year after completing the Pyramids' construction. The entire Christian and Muslim population of Jerusalem was forcefully expelled from the Jewish occupation zone in 1948.
42. to #10 nop you lost the war of 1948 you
ghostq   (08.04.11)
started, there is no proff if the town ever existed in that place, in any map, not even the UN. Palis like to had villages that never existed in order to claim fake return, especialy when they didn't born in the area but in egypt. I noticed it lately.
43. to #29 it's hamas teritory it's hamas responsibility
ghostq   (08.04.11)
weird hamas hanged some gazans for less, they can't claim otherwise.
44. #37,38 do you expect Israel to fire precision rockets to hit
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
it own people. If I were in Israel's shoes I would certainly have targeted what causes the least possible damage, for example a open field.
45. #41 Observer / Baron Munchausen
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
Of course they were expelled, they were firing at the Jews in the surrounding areas Now, do us all a favor, stop copying and pasting, it's beyond being boring You never had an original thought in your life, and when you did, it was a lie, like the one you made up about the children NOT throwing rocks and assaulting cars driven by Jews Since you mentioned expulsions, you might want to look into what the Arabs did to Jews of Hebron & Silwan, among other places Your balloon awaits, fly off, you won't be missed
46. #41;observer, PALLYWOOD
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.04.11)
Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran. It's mentioned in the Old Testament (the Bible) 800 times. Jerusalem has no religious significance to Muslims that was not falsely invented. Muhammad never went there, and no Mosque ever existed there during his lifetime. CASE CLOSED
47. #41 Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Torah of Moses
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
I challenge you.
48. #44;observer, WHAT IS YOUR POINT???
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.04.11)
What are you talking about? Your remark is senseless. If your implying that Hamas is intentionally missing Israeli towns, that's a lie. The rockets they use, are just of such poor quality, from a targeting standpoint, they even kill their own people when the rockets fall short and land in Gaza. Of course Hamas tries to blame Israel for the attack (work accident). But for the most part Hamas gets caught lying, or like the man who lost his 7 year old daughter in Gaza to a Qassam rocket. He was interviewed by the news BEFORE Hamas could reach him (and tell him what lie to tell) and told the truth. His daughter was killed by Hamas, with a misfired Qassam rocket, its happened more than once.
49. #47 is directed to #46
observer ,   Egypt   (08.04.11)
The Jews conquered the land in 168 BC and ruled it for 100 years until Palestine was liberated by the Roman general Pompey the Great for they killed and pillaged the natives overmuch. Another 100 years later, there was not a single Jew in Jerusalem. King Herod (1st century BC) was as full-blooded Arab as Omar ibn Khattab (7th century AD) and as the Mayor of united Jerusalem, Ragheb Nashashibi in 20th century. Jerusalem was the centre of pilgrimage, and Arab, Muslim and Christian leaders came to venerate there, until being forbidden to enter by the Jews, while [first PM] David Ben Gurion went to New York before he came to visit Jerusalem, and [first President] Haim Weitzman hated the city.
50. Jerusalem in the Jewish bible
Emma ,   London   (08.04.11)
There is a difference between the Five Books of Moses (Torah) and the Hebrew Bible (Tanach). The first mention of Jerusalem in the Torah is The first mention of Jerusalem in the Bible is probably found in Genesis 14:18 where we are told that Abraham paid tithes to the King of Salem, Melchizedek. Although we cannot know for certain that this is a reference to Jerusalem, it seems likely because Abraham was in that geographical area, and the city's name, Salem, is the root word of the city's later name, Jerusalem. The first mention of the city by the name of Jerusalem is found in Joshua 10:1 (the book that comes immediately after Deuteronomy in the Torah) where we are told that the city's king, Adonai-zedek, led a coalition of kings against Joshua and was defeated in the famous battle in the Valley of Ayalon when the sun stood still. So you see it is mentioned in the Jewish bible. It was King David of Israel first established it as the capital of the united Kingdom of Israel in c. 1000 BCE, and his son Solomon commissioned the building of the First Temple in the city. Now I challenge you find me the references to Jerusalem in the Koran. The Muslims only want it because they know how important it is the Jews and that is why they are unsuccessfully and mendaciously trying to rewrite history by saying there was never a Jewish prescence there.
51. #47 Observer/ Baron Mucnhausen
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.11)
the Torah was written while Jews were in transit, they hadn't yet reached the Promised Land Mohammed, on the other hand, knew there was Palestine & Jerusalem, he didn't mention it, not even once You've been told this before, this time write it down so you'll remember Your Hot Air Balloon awaits, leave!!
52. Jerusalem
Emma ,   London   (08.04.11)
Sorry, I am very confused, just when were the Christians and Muslims banned from entering Jerusalem? After 1967 all faiths could go there between 1948-1967 no Jews were allowed. There was a wall built to keep them out. Another example of you rewriting history. If the Jews hated it so much, why did they fight so hard for it until they were expelled by the Jordanians led by the British Glub Pasha? Have you seen the book by the non-Jewish British photographer called "One Last Day" which illustrates the Jews being driven from the Old City? See if you can find a copy you might learn something although I doubt it as you appear to be too dim to learn anything other than the vile propaganda that you regurgitate.
53. #50: Emma
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.04.11)
Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is meantioned the Quran as "the farthest Mosque" (which translates to Al-Aqsa). The direction Muslims prayed used to be towards Jerusalem, and the direction was changed to the Kaaba which is also meantioned in the Quran.
54. To #10
John ,   Alaska   (08.04.11)
Assuming Najd existed (and information from other than apologists for the so-called "palestinian" Arabs is sketchy), it was part of land that the Arabs lost during their war of aggression against Israel, which they lost. Perhaps you'd have an argument after Germany is given back it's territory that it lost during WWII. I'll let you talk with Poland and the Czech Republic directly about that.
55. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran
Emma ,   London   (08.04.11)
Big deal so the mosque where he prayed is mentioned once, Jerusalem as a city is not mentioned at all. The land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem are NEVER mentioned in the Koran, not as “Palestine,” not as “Israel” and not by ANY other name!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.05.11)
The Mosque mentioned in the Koran is denoted as the” farthest Mosque being “A DAYS RIDE FROM MECCA”, Unless they had fast cars or airplanes in those days, it couldn't have been in Jerusalem You really should study your Koran before you attempt to quote from it, as usual, your wrong !!
57. #50 Jerusalem
Jerusalem is not mentioned specifically in the Pentateuch. Melchizedek, the king of Salem, or Yere as Abraham called it, who was ''priest of God Most High'' (Genesis 14:18), maybe or may not be the monarch of Jerusalem. It WAS long before the priesthood was instituted! Why Abraham paid a tithe (repeatedly) to the king of Salem if Abraham was recorded as owner of Hebron. If the bible were a logbook for recording real estate property could the bible have missed the house of G-d, the holiest of the holey and could not have the EXACT location and exact name that would be famous by it in the whole world.
58. #56 The Farthest Masjid
observer ,   Egypt   (08.05.11)
Medina, where Muhammad was ordered by God to change Kibla (direction of prayer), is north of Mecca, while Taif and al-Gi'irranah are south of Mecca. Muhammad was praying towards Al-Aqsa and that was a fact because all Muslims directed their prayer to AL-Aqsa, 10 years+ before Muhammad's Night Journey. Muslims spent half their time with Muhammad praying towards Al-Aqsa because Kibla couldn't have been except to a Masjid, Kaaba and Al-Aqsa were established Masjids (mosques). Taif area was inhabited by extremist pagans who would never allowed Islamic Masjid in their fortified district which had been conquered only about a year and half before Muhammad died. So how would the Kibla be changed from north to south at the 16th month of Migration to Medina, if Al-Aqsa was already south. Hadith mentioned Beit al-Maqdis and Al-Aqsa so many. Mohammad went to Levant in commercial caravans and had been in Al-Aqsa Mosque at least once. On the other hand, biblical scholars have often identified Temple Mount with two biblical mountains of uncertain location and both interpretations are disputed.
59. OK the Muslims win - Jews have no connection to Jerusalem!
Emma ,   London   (08.05.11)
You are correct, Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem or Israel, the Muslims have a prior connection (even though the religion evolved many centuries after Judaism). You are entitled to absolutely everything, Yasser Arafat, that teller of truth and all things good, was right after all. There was never a temple and as I say, no ancient Jewish links whatsoever (despite numerous pieces of archaelogical evidence to the contrary) to Jerusalem or Israel. You, of course deserve to have everything as is your right. In other words, it is pointless arguing with you because you constantly reinvent and manufacture history to suit your arguments and feel you are entitled to whatever you claim is yours. I will not waste my valuable time and energy trying to reason with people who refuse to listen and who lie and distort facts. You will no doubt claim that the whole world belongs to the Muslims just because you say so, you are already claiming that parts of Spain belong to you, can't wait to hear your fictional claim to London and Mohammed's connection to it but I am sure you will invent something.
60. #59 Adoni-Zedek myth
observer ,   Egypt   (08.05.11)
the only king of Jerusalem mentioned in the AMARANA letters is one `Abdi-Heba (whose name translates as "servant of Heba"), who is said to have succeeded Lab'ayu. Six of his letters to the king of Egypt (EA 285-290) are included in the Amarna letters, and he is mentioned in a seventh (EA 280). why not mentioned in the Amarna letter which were sophisticated diplomatic correspondence ? The King Adoni-Zedek which is mentioned in Joshua 10:1 did not exist from the archeological point of view, as did the exodus. The discoveries made by the new archaeology discredited a great exodus in the 13th century BC. Moses could not have led the Hebrews out of Egypt into the Promised Land, for the good reason that the latter was Egyptian territory at the time. And there is no trace of either a slave revolt against the pharaonic empire or of a sudden conquest of Canaan by outsiders.
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