US: Online pedophile network dismantled
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 04.08.11, 08:42
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.04.11)
Since we know the recidivism rate with these kinds of crimes is close to 100% just execute all the individuals involved. By doing that you'll save literally thousands of children from being victimized by the same people, and secondly, these victimized kids have a high rate of becoming child molesters. So you'll break the cycle saving thousands more.
2. Agreed - Death penalty needed
John ,   Alaska   (08.04.11)
The article says: "offered to trade images and videos of infants and children" My apologies to everyone on this board for quoting that. In light of this, what these evil people did to _babies and kids_, reasonable people should agree that there isn't a punishment strong enough, much like the murderers of the Fogel family. Because these particular savages do not have the sick, twisted martyr concept, they can be killed without playing into the hands of other evil people. They should be executed soonest.
3. child abuse
Paul ,   Hungary   (08.05.11)
No. Death is not a deterrent. Mutilation - surgical removal of genitals and both hands, maybe even one leg - would probably do a much better job. That way these guys would always remain vulnerable and dependent on others. They would be put in a special home for those sentenced to mutilation and be fed and cleaned by nurses. Their lives and "lifestyle" - how they are fed, helped to do their teeth etc. - in institutional care would be tracked and shown in the media every month or two months - now, I wonder who would not be made to think at least twice before ending up in a nursing home like this. Murder and other nasty crimes could carry similar sentences. I would bet anything that the crime rate would down to fragment of what it now in a couple years.
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