A new socioeconomic agenda for Israel
Momi Dahan
Published: 04.08.11, 19:38
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1. No!
G. Fränkl   (08.04.11)
This should be the death row of the anarchomarxist aggressive subversives and traitors!
2. How about deportation?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.04.11)
Israel should deport the illegal aliens that are a constant drain on Israel's social services. There is nothing wrong with putting the interests of one's citizens ahead of a welfare class that does not belong in Israel to begin with and contributes nothing to the well-being of the State.
3. there needs to be a big change here
SAS ,   iuarael   (08.04.11)
begining with the fish that smell from the top........... bibi, your son can do what he wants when he wants - but who is paying for his trip. not a salary from the army............... help the needy and let your son finish his tour of duty without another trip abroad. give me numbers of soldeirs that travel more than nce abroad during their years in service.
4. changes in israel
sas ,   israel   (08.04.11)
a must and soon. otherwise my children with grandchildren will leave (they have several options) and i will support them finacially and morally in anyway. what is happening hee is disgusting and YOU R RUNNING THE SHOW! cannot do it. QUIT.
5. To hugely boost ..........
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.05.11)
education, economic output, social mobility, cultural strength (for sabras and olim) a very simple measure is overdue: Hebrew has to be split up into on the one hand Traditional Leshon Kodesh and on the other hand a truly modern and practical medium for info&communication, Hebrew (or better still Yisraelit) with a spelling system (adding a few letters for the vowels, not nikud; put a few specialists in linguistics, ICT and graphic design together and presto, at long last we have a modern language and really get on with life!) that gives 100% pronunciation clarity for words and names, also foreign. From a cognitive psychological perspective we don't read letters or words, but whole chunks of text at one glance, not so much reading as recognizing. For pronunciation clarity (ergo learning without having to look up words, but rather via context and repetition) and quick reading, proper vowel-letters are sorely lacking in the word image, text image in Hebrew, it is a visual matter also! Anyway, I feel like I am talking to the wall here. Nobody is waiting for me (except for my kids in Israel maybe), but the moment there is a proper spelling system, I will go on aliyah. Language accessibility is as important as the air we breathe, dn't ygr wthm?
6. You Get What You Pay For
Alan ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.04.11)
Teachers don't make a living wage in Israel. That translates into a poor educational system. Is this guy the Great Grandson of Karl Marx?
7. Socialism is disease which almost killed Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.05.11)
Socialism is the disease that almost destroyed Israel. Bibi is a good part of the cure. A resounding "NO" to socialism. Israel is infinitely better off under a free market economy. Every state is far better off under a free market economy. History has proven this conclusively.
8. Tax increase will create poverty
Frank ,   Canada   (08.05.11)
Increasing taxes will not solve any problems. On the contrary, increasing taxes will create poverty.
9. Dodging the most critical issue
Canadian Dude ,   Canada   (08.05.11)
Why don't you run some numbers to see which segments of Israeli society are paying most of the taxes, and which segments are receiving most of the spending? If you're going to over-complicate the issue, at least go about it with some pretense of intelligence and start with the most obvious problems first. Even the US would have a tough time spending its taxpayers' money on the actual taxpayers, if most of that money were funding an expanding colony of militant white anglo Americans living in the heart of Mexico. Maybe ask "God" to pay taxes for a change, since the crazies who claim to speak on "God's" behalf have their fat snouts buried so deep in the trough.
10. there is something between capitalism and communism...
eporue ,   europe   (08.05.11)
between socialism and free market... you may have a look at e.g. germany... social market economy... it has social aspects, and a little restricted market, but a controlled one... the state and the central bank are using tools, to counteract certain effects, which naturally occur in every economic life cycle... as unemployment (if you export a lot, you are also dependend on other countries economy), interests (to motivate e.g. private construction) etc etc... im not sure, why you are always talking about socialism, also im not sure that israel has actually capitalism or a free market system... just shift the free market system a bit more to the social market, not to socialism... you are always black or white...
11. To #9: speaking of tax cuts
Frank ,   Canada   (08.05.11)
Arabs are the ones receiving most of the welfare. There is a real place to take money.
12. #10, only someone as ignorant as you
Danny   (08.05.11)
would be unaware that Israel is basically a welfare state.
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