National upheaval: More than 300,000 protestors hit streets
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.08.11, 00:43
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1. You see?
Dketstov   (08.06.11)
2. Well...
zvi   (08.06.11)
Expect mass Yerida in the future from Olim who can afford to. Especially if these morons get their way. And then you can expect the country to crumble and regress back to the 1950s where no one has A/C or even refrigerators. They don't have my support or respect. This is not the way to get what you want.
3. I marched and protested the settlements in Yesha.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.06.11)
Israel cannot continue investing in Yesha and choke the rest of the people.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.06.11)
What I suggest is nobody buy a house for the next 3-5 years. If I understand it right, now your country is sitting on a housing bubble. Prices at all time highs, but if the government starts streamlining the process to build 10's of thousands of new houses, then the bottom will fall out on prices. So really anybody who buys a house for the next 3-5 years will either lose a lot of money, if they paid cash, or will be upside down on the mortgage. They will owe more than the house or apartment is worth. That's similar to what happened here in the USA, but for different reasons. Those who have purchased homes in the last 3-5 years are probably going to take bath, financially speaking. losing a lot of money. Those who bought home 15-20 years ago will be fine, they may lose money on paper, but there homes should still be worth more than they paid 15-20 years ago.
5. demonstrations
moron ,   galut   (08.06.11)
the free stuff isn't going to remain free--reduce beaurocracy first and subsidies second and taxes too
6. well Michael
Elieazer ,   Lod Israel   (08.06.11)
I don't think yesha has anything to do with a rising real estate market or inflation. For that matter Last I heard about things in California was you folks are broke. Why don't you concentrate more on California, and the people that live here in Israel will work out whats going on over here.
7. Israel is in the MiddleEast among protesting Arabs after all
Chaim ,   Migron   (08.06.11)
8. #6 Eliezer, We take donations now from Lod kiosks.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.06.11)
By Tahana Merkazit in Lod they will sell falafel and donate the money to California. We are broke here, as you correctly observed. When Californians want to buy some grass, they go to Lod and save enough to pay for the airplane ticket. Did you know, a small bottle of gazoz costs here three dollars? But I really don't understand those protesters, why don't they buy apartments in Lod? It's the cheapest real estate in Israel, less than half of what an apartment costs in Shhunat Hatikva. Yesha apartments costs more than in Lod and the g protects you there for free.
9. it would be nicer if they were there for gilad..
Ester   (08.06.11)
10. Those are not children strollers
David ,   On this planet   (08.06.11)
Those are grocery or store carts for shopping inside the stores. What have they done? stole the carts to put their children in them.Something is very fishy about those protesters, who is fueling them and paying them to go out on the streets, I ask
11. Aliyah not yeridah number 2
Avramele   (08.06.11)
I hope to see Aliyah from the settlements to the state of Israel.
12. Hilarious...When Jews are being bullied by the goyim
Al   (08.06.11)
and taken in cattle cars to be gassed, they take it in the ass. But when they finally have their own country where they can call the shots they piss all over themselves 24/7 in spite and envy.. Way to've become a nation...hahahaha....In your dreams. Once a schnorrer always a schnorrer. A collection of schnorrers who want others to pay their way. Israel is tiny, surrounded by killers who want you dead dont have that much. Grow up...get to work and be a people instead of a bunch of whiners. The majority of people in Israel understand this..These lefty petz are in it for regime change. They tried to sell you PEACE now they sell you SOCIAL JUSTICE. What Bullshit!
13. The majority of people in Israel are against these demos
Al   (08.06.11)
Ynet along with other rags censor these TBs. What are yiou afraid of? The TRUTH.
14. why y'all mentioning Arabs?!
NOUNA ,   !!!!!   (08.06.11)
I am reading more more comments that we r " following the Arabs" we are NOT following the Arabs as we r not following Spanish, and Greeks. we as Israelis r demanding, as any nation who protested, our rights! unfortunately to the world ,the mid class is pleading for the same things more or less . but here to compere to a dictatorships?!! it has nothing to do with RACE OR RELIGION! its about the haggard mid class, its about the pure core of POLITICS AND RIGHTS!!! its about a level in the society that is fade up! AND IF WE R FOLLOWING A NATION THOSE WOULD BE THE FRENCH.......... LEARN SOME HISTORY!
15. Missing the point
Cosmo ,   Israel   (08.06.11)
To all those who want to tell us how to manage the housing market here ..... You have missed the point. Housing (or even cottage cheese) was the genesis. Now, this is about so much more ..... It's about the whole social fabric of Israel today
16. way to go nif !
ynet fan ,   zurich   (08.06.11)
finally we Europeans are getting the government we want. Good move New Israel Fund our Euros are well spent
17. to #4; Unlike the irresponsible banks in the US
the banks in Israel give mortgage only to buyers that have 30% of the apartment worth in cash. Meaning, that the price of the homes will need to be slashed by nearly half for the buyers to own a house that is worth less than the mortgage.
18. Very good !
Jules   (08.07.11)
A lot of red flags, practically no Israel's national flags ... The fifth column plus "useful id***s" - that's the major content of that crowd. Which means: Bibi is doing the right things - the puppet-masters of those "demonstrators" are really scared.
19. #18: No Israeli flags? You need new glasses!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.07.11)
Or were you watching Syrian TV?
20. And what's the right way #2?
Bar ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
You don't understand the purpose of this protest. Changes don't mean regress. If humanity always thought like this we would be still hunting to have what to eat.
21. i totally agree with u nouna as i always did :-)
Noun ,   !!!   (08.07.11)
22. Irrealistic demands..
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
but let's say that students could ask for. But it's a shame to see politicians or pseudo-intellectuals supporting them. It's pure demagogy
23. @#2
Zvi   (08.07.11)
Really? I don't understand? I'm pretty sure I do. Yes, there is a major problem with corruption and ridiculously high prices. And it started out protesting that. And they had my full, unabashed support. But the protest has now changed. There was an article where one of the organizers said very clearly that my generation wants a welfare state. That one statement speaks volumes more than any other slogan and it is something I cannot stomach. If you really want change that will be fair and just, you can start with ending protexia and paying your workers a fair salary. You can press the Knesset to reinstate the anti-trust authority's teeth so they can tear apart the oligarchies. You can annex the West Bank and build like mad in the Yishuvim as well as in the Galil and Negev. Or you can vote out all of the politicians currently in the Knesset and start anew. But you don't want to do any of that. You say, protexia is a vital part of Israeli society. You don't want to break the monopolies because it will "create chaos", which is the point of an anti-trust authority because it levels the playing field and has the effect of forcing prices down. You don't want to annex and build even though it's our land because you have delusions of peace with genocidal maniacs. And more importantly, you'd rather use the Parliamentary system of government rather than direct representation where you can vote out anyone who isn't representing your interests when elections come around. Instead, you want to be taken care of. Cradle to the gave support. I'm sorry pal, but that isn't free. If you want that, the government will raise the taxes to fund those services. I didn't make Aliyah to be faced with this socialist crap. If I wanted to do that, I would have moved to Europe or just stayed in the US. So yeah, I understand this real well. And they don't have my support. I'm not going to support laziness.
24. #13 is completely wrong.
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.11)
A new poll today showed that 75% of Israelis support the protesters and 14% oppose them. I know this is difficult math, but which number constitutes a majority?
25. " Bibi, you pig, give back the country to us." ????!!!!"
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Brazil   (08.07.11)
Us? Who us? Israel is a democracy, you had free election! The government is legitimate! Spoiled little children! Get a second Job or go live in the Galilee where the prices are houses are lower? And you will have as neighbors your beloved Arabs! Band of sh...ks, Israel is still in better economic situation than many Europeans countries! Continue with these demonstrations, investments will go down and unemployment rate will increase! They still do not understand that there is no free lunch!
26. I agree with the protesting, BUT, ...
Jonathan   (08.07.11)
Please allow the government the time to make changes. People ARE working on these... such fundamental changes don't happen overnight. And it's not personally Bibi. It's the system, that got bloated... high taxes, and rich men's heaven. This needs to change.
27. Foreign Investment will Shrink
yaakov ,   TA   (08.07.11)
No investor wants an unstable environment---so as TA resembles Cairo, people will once again wonder if its safe to be in Israel...#2 is right, the future of Israel will see these very protesters emigrating...and only the poor and weak will be here,,,no good will come of this!
28. Idiots...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.07.11)
If you want better lives, you should work hard to accomplish your goals. Israel is not and will never be a welfare state. Get off your lazy asses and start earning a living instead of asking for charity... I have earned what I own working for more than 50 years as a successful lawyer in one of the best law firms in New York City. I am smart and you can be too...
29. Here's why the costs are high :
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.07.11)
The cost of living with arubs is high for individual Jews & the state. The cost of a vigilant military is why your taxes & real estate rents & buying costs are high. And it's costly for a business in Israel unless it has a unique appeal to purchasers in foreign nations too. Global antisemitism will never abate, so the place for Jews is Israel . . . without the arubs. It's best to send arubs to the other 22 arub states to enjoy the the conflicts there, as peace & arubs are antithetical concepts. .
30. We in America agitated for Change
John ,   Alaska   (08.07.11)
And the candidate that promised exactly this was elected President. The US hasn't been the same since. Look at how America has changed under the Obama Administration and you may have an idea of the likely outcome if the agitation for Change in Israel becomes actual change.
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