National upheaval: More than 300,000 protestors hit streets
Ynet reporters
Published: 07.08.11, 00:43
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31. Commies
Danny ,   Lakewood usa   (08.07.11)
You guys have to stop. Quality of living wouldn't be so bad if you would drop all the socialist/ communist faulty ideals. Look around at Europe and look back at history. Socialism does not work!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.07.11)
Does anyone have a body count of how many demonstrators were shot for demonstrating ? If they had tried this in Syria,our Northern neighbor, the count would have been at the very least, in the hundreds
33. Releasing land, building housing everywhere is the solution
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.07.11)
and for too long the government has been afraid of what US presidents and EU presidents say instead of taking care of Israeli people. Let the world deal with it's opinions, go build housing for Israelis and when the world complains, tell them to mind their own business.
34. Brought to you by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Dan ,   USA   (08.07.11)
35.  "never before in the State of Israel did so many people com
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.07.11)
They came together but forgot who really has all the power and has raised the misery index in Israel. You forgot G-d Do you think that by throwing your brothers and sisters in Judea and Samaria to the wolves that you will not suffer directly for your treachery and sin ?
36. A poison attack on Israel on Av 9 is what the people should
Rivkah   (08.07.11)
be concerned about and praying and fasting for YHWH to avert or delay. The year is not known from one ELS Torah code matrix: "Atomic holocaust on Av 9, poison, armageddon, Assad, holocaust, army, Israel, code will rescue, Ramallah, USA, Egypt, Libya." That is from Michael Drosnin's Bible code books. Another ELS torah code matrix at has the words, "pulse, electricity magnet, rocket, war, you shall eat, the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters, 5771". 5771 on the Moses calendar began Spring 2011 and ends Spring 2012.
37. here is a good idea
Artyom ,   seattle   (08.07.11)
build in Samaria, it is right next to the coast and it is full of open space!
38. Obama created the upheavals in the region
Brod ,   USA   (08.07.11)
Obama caused 14 trllion dollars national debt in America, he caused the upheavals and chaos in the Arab world, he caused the usurpation of Christian countries in Africa by Islamist-Jihadists like Ivory Coast, Kenya, etc., and now he is causing the upheaval in Israel by Leftists and Islamist-Jihadists. He is doing all this, while the fanatical Ayatollahs are working on their nukes so that they could knock Israel off the map of the world. It is time Israel does not get fooled by the dark forces marching in their hysteria over nothing except to overthrow the legitmate government of Israel so that Israelis will be caught with their pants down when the Ayatollahs nuke Israel. Israel should detain the ring leaders of all these plots and treasonous moves. Meanwhile, Netanyahu and his government should not wait for the fanatics in Iran to nuke Israel. Defend Israel now as Begin did against Saddam's nuke. Defending the nation of Israel from nuke incineration is a top national duty and responsibility of Israel's government. Those demonstrators are paid agents of external forces underminding Israel.
39. insane
nva ,   jerusalem   (08.07.11)
this is insane. what is this "WE DEMAND"... i'm telling you that if these idiots get their way...Israel's economy will fail just like the rest of the world's.. Yes, prices are too high here...we are a young country and need to work through the details...but mark my word - Bolshevism is NOT the answer.. Most of Israel is NOT in agreement with this, but you would never know it by the media.
40. ..and in case
nva ,   jerusalem   (08.07.11)
other readers think i am a "rich capitalist pig", let me tell you that i am probably 100 times poorer than any single one of the protesters.. i truly have to choose between toilet paper and groceries...but i have no intention of DEMANDING THE GOVT. TAKE CARE OF ME...what is this? the funders of this madness have no real interest in changing the situation. because they reject many obvious solutions, and don't understand the source of the issues... For one, it is NOT Bibi.. and that's their only goal..getting rid of him. i wouldn't be surprised in OBama and Livni are the real co-sponsers.. Disgusting.
41. It's all political. They hijacked protest.
Nameless one ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
None of my friends (who all have jobs) didn't support it. Working people simply don't have time for this. Though I agree with some of the demands, this is not a way to change anything. You can't change anything if you just want it, and don't won't to create a solution or at list try. That better than everything describes those people - unwilling to work and create, but willing to demand and protest.
42. #9: Ester: Whar Channel were you watching?
Davud ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.07.11)
Maybe you don't read Hebrew or you are vision and audio challenged. The Gilad flags were all over the place and right in front of the stage. The Chairman of the Students Union and Shlomo Artzi refered to Gilad that he also deserves a home and family! What was evident that the Shalits weren't there although they don't have the support they would like because they want Netanyahu to release murderers so they can kill gain! Free Gilad yes but not at any price and not if it will endanger the lives of our children!
43. #2: You way is the rich get richer and screw the rest!
David ,   Israel   (08.07.11)
That's Netanyahu's way? You don't see the poverty in this country because you look away! 300,000 children living below the poverty line! Elderly people, survivors of the Holocaust who fought in the War of Independence living in squalor! 10 old people, Israeli citizens not illegals, living in a one and a half roomed apartment! This is your Israel not mine and not the Israeli who has any pride in our Jewish heritage and our history of looking after one another. Ever heard of "Al tashlikeinu be zikna" - Don't cast us away in our old age? Even in a capitalist state, which I believe in, the state has a duty to take care of those who cannot, not will not, take care of themselves! Those who work hard deserve to live decently, but in Israel, if you were a black coat and hat and leech off the state, the state finds all the money you want!
44. To Ester
Indignado ,   Romania   (08.07.11)
What do you mean?? Are you saying that they can´t protest about the economic disaster that is going to engulf the world ?? Have you asked every one of this individuals to know their opinion about Shalit?? You are embarrasing for the state of Israel. There are more problems than the palestinians or a piece of land in this world. It´s a shame that the same people that has been prepared to die for Israel(young IDF soldiers), can´t live in Israel(and this repeat in a lot of western countries). Your childish behavior is shameful, and you will realize it sooner than you think.
45. #18
Bar ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
I'm sure you're not talking about the same protest I came from... I can understand if your salary isn't enough for you to buy new glasses and see how many Israeli flags are up in this protest...
46. the message? reduce demand from foreign investorrs
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (08.07.11)
limit ownership of housing to two flats. dont alllow muiltinational corps. to buy up real estate and control the market. This will reduce the demand on housing without making a socialist state.
47. #12 I think they need to monitor your internet
access at the home. You miserable old fart
48.  No to Socialism !
Tzipile ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.11)
Ynet forgot to mention that this is mostly organized by the left. Instead of Socialism now they are calling it "Social Justice".. They want the government to provide solutions. Yes.. we can see what happened in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece and now the troubles in the US. how government interference and socialism ruined them. Churchill once said: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
49. Ynet...
Tzipile ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.11)
ynet is the propaganda mouth piece of the protestors... where is your balanced reporting? where is your journalistic integrity? Its becoming like haaretz.. oh well.. I' ll be getting my news somewhere else from now on.
50. Israeli Unity against the Coalition of Religious Freaks
Marcus Silverman   (08.07.11)
Hopefully that will be reflected in the ballot box, consigning Netanyahu and his coalition to the dustbin of history. The Israeli electorate then has a chance to vote for real democracy, not some pseudo-theocracy with laws based on religious nonsense.
51. #8-Unemployment in Lod lower than in California
haha   (08.07.11)
52. support from overseas..
msl ,   Berlin   (08.07.11)
this video has been circling the net as well:
53. Absolutely Not!
@43   (08.07.11)
You're so far off the mark, it isn't even funny. 1 and 2) I live way below the poverty line and have to use savings to get by. But I sure as hell prefer that to having the government taking my money away and hand it to some Tel Avivnik earning 14,000 NIS per month, but has a spending problem and can't make ends meet and won't be financially responsible. Or for that matter handing it to some Charedi guy with 8 kids who refuses to work because he's brainwashed and doesn't realize he's not part of the top 10% who should be in the Beit Midrash all day. (Btw, Bibi has done a great job of changing that, judging by the number of Charedim who I now see in the Army and working). 2) Yes and I agree that we absolutely shoul, but that doesn't include taking Robin Hood-esque actions that border on blatant theft. Landsmanschaft organizations serve that purpose in addition to Tzedakah. But again, that's by choice - not forced upon you. 3) Maybe you should start with "Vahadarta Pnei Zaken" and not push old people out of the way when getting on the bus. Once you got that handled, then you can try "Al Tashlichenu." 4) Don't start with the anti-Charedi canard. It's old. And you have a responsibility to take care of yourself. As I recall, it states in Ethics of the Fathers - something these protestors should learn - not to trust the government or politicians because they take advantage of you and don't help you when you need it.
54. justice for all
zahid tanvir ,   high wycombe, bucks   (08.07.11)
Guys, your talking about social justice and house prices being to high, you need to also address the real issues - that's gaza and the west bank is it not time to get someone in power that's not a military leader, you don't have democracy! You have a military state - I have a lot of friends from isreal and let's face it we all want change but for the better! You keep forgetting was not the arabs that harmed you in WW2 was a german, the arabs offered you shelter - look how you are repaying them!! Enough of the politics - life is too short , everyone wants a better life - You have the power
55. Why does Bibi not resign ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.07.11)
Where are his sermons to Arab leaders ?! Is he A Hypocrite?
56. Left paid to make trouble
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
You said "Sheves, who attended the Tel Aviv rally, said: "The only meaning of such protest is that they (government) failed to do the job. " All goverments fail to do their job. I have never seen any one after 2years happy with any goverment. The interesting facts are that this all started by the left, people especially paid to do the job, yes they sat in tents and were being paid to start against the goverment and as we can see it worked. Another amazing fact about the organizer of last night, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she refuses her parents help. What sane person refuses their parents help?
57. Protestersn still have NO answers - WHY?
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (08.07.11)
58. Homes & renting?
Moshe ,   Beit Shamesh   (08.07.11)
I'm sorry but these protestors do not have a reasonable plan. THIS IS TOO EMOTIONAL. We are leaving in a free country. In a free country the way to help residents would be to LOWER TAXES. Wasting less money on unwanted by the public services could make it possible to make the taxes MUCH lower. Another idea could be a TAX return for the cost of MAONIM, GANIM, TSAHARONIM. This could show that we care about the future generation & the future of the country.
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.07.11)
And more : No windows shattered , no cars set ablaze , as always happens when "they" demonstrate in Europe .
60. to salma #55 Here is why
nva ,   jerusalem   (08.07.11)
Bibi doesn't resign because he is a good PM...makes mistakes? of course...but far less than sooo many others... Most of the people protesting are the ones who are hypocrites..and ignorant. The rest have been duped. Got it?
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