Half of gov't to form 'social' team
Ronen Medzini
Published: 07.08.11, 12:04
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1. Kadima party <- really annoying
Instead of moaning and whining - join forces and find a solution to the real problem!
2. oh! & what was it last week?
1 of the people ,   Israel   (08.07.11)
Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu, are admitting that last week you made "spin" promises? What guarantees are you giving us that this week you are making real promises? We, the people of Israel, are monitoring the situation - good luck with the work at hand!
3. crisis 15 Ministers
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
Its real ''Chtuzpah:"to create a committe of those responsible for what is happening, it would be wise to use non political experts. The car should not watch the milk
4. Please notice .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.07.11)
Kadima has not offered a single proposal, no detailed program, nothing but vague generalities plus a lot of posturing accompanied by plenty of bitching & moaning. What's the ''real change'' that they are asking for? Regime change? Is it ''Hope & Change'' like Obama's disasterous collection of policies? As for Mr Netanyahu, why not fire some bureaucrats, get the government out of the way, clear the road, so to speak, get rid of the road-blocks of over-regulation, and I assure you, private citizens will fix the problem faster than paper-pushing bureaucrats.
5. Trains: Invest in periphery with transport
R ,   Israel   (08.07.11)
Make the centers accessable. If we can live in the periphery and work in the center, it will stimulate growth in the periphery, the people living there will be able to find work so they'll have the money to buy more and pay taxes, and the demand for housing in TA will decrease and thus rent prices will decrease.
6. #2 shut up, last week a comitee was form for the Housing ..
This week is a bigger comitee that has to deal with several things every one delicate, probably each of the 15 will The PM never said that the rpblem will be solved in one week. What empty promisis. If you think that if the government falls any new comer will dealtv with this crisis in 24 hour you are also wrong. So try to be logical
7. 35 ministers in the government. Start by getting rid of 15
Dan   (08.07.11)
8. #3 Chutzpah is your that you dont understand ....
about how to govern. Those in today's government are no wholy responsible for this crisis, this comes from last 20 years starting with labor governments.
9. Kadima-shut up.
mark ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
Just let the PM get on with his work
10. committee members
sas ,   israel   (08.07.11)
should not be politicians. at the end of the day they are only interested in their seats.......n jobs. take people from universities/ retired lawyers/ ministers. these people have insight are not interested in their career but in the future of the country.
11. 15-man team
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (08.07.11)
How much is this going to cost us? Extra salaries, drivers, security men!!!! How much more wasted??
12. limor livnat
fiona ,   jerusalem   (08.07.11)
I'm assuming if Limor Livnat is there, they won't be discussing the issue of free education........or anything to do with education......
13. No need to Invest in propellers
Yitzchak ,   TA   (08.07.11)
Rabin insisted that as long as he had a majority in the Knesset he would ignore the protests and the protesters. In this context he said, "they (the protesters) can spin around and around like propellers"
14. 15 clowns and jokers...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.07.11)
these people are going to solve the problems? There are not 15 members of the Knesset much less 15 ministers who could operate a lemonade stand successfully. Livnat- an utter fool who has failed at everything she has ever done. This is an obscenity!
15. The protestors are calling for Zionism.
Jerusalem   (08.07.11)
The availability to live this way of life is incumbent to be able to see this "Halacha" happen. The religious should know how it should go even if you were to go with the simple moral value. This Light has to shine for the beacon. All the inconsiderate comments assuming these peotestors can just manage themselves are in error. The management comes from the government and religious leaders. And though, as much as there may be individuals who would consider anyone not directly associated with Israel as having no right to any say in any matters concerning Israel, there is still "helper", diaspora "blood" and then even the righteous gentile words that bring the interest of outsiders in to see to the fullfilment of the Scriptures. The "Light unto the nations" is at hand. Different proposals can be generated, even by only one person or one party and then choose one or maybe even a combination of them. It can be done and it can be fair.
16. wow! #6 what bee got under ur hat!
So hateful, not willing to hear out someone who disagrees with you. What's that all about?
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