Rightists march in Tel Aviv: Protest anarchistic
Boaz Fyler
Published: 07.08.11, 23:03
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1. it is a leftist attempt
fad egypt   (08.07.11)
to bring the government down the left is abusing the people needs and the problems of the middle class in order to make a public protest to bring the government down by forcing populist parties like shas and UTJ to bolt the coalition so the government will be finished but i dont think that they will succed shas will never bolt the government for many reasons 1- they are getting the money they want for the yeshiva 2-they know that if elections held today they might find themselves 7 seats only after ariah deri enters politics 3-if the left won the elections kadima wouldnt give them the money they want so the government will go nowhere and i am sure if netanyahu decided to make a concession to the PA ( accepting 1967 borders) everything will be ok when BIBI was a finance minister he made cuts to the welfare budget and the middle class was harmed so much but the left didnt make such protests why ?? because of the withdrawl from gaza !!!!!!!!!!!!!! shalom
2. leftist attempt
Dan ,   uk   (08.08.11)
if so, why choose to use house prices and cost of living, why not show the world they want peace for example? thats why i don't believe its some conspiracy to overthrow bibi, tho there may be a small element out to hijack the demos. this is a real problem that affects all citizens left and right. these few on the right should join the protests, show the world the true democracy of israel, arabs, jews, christians, muslims fighting together!
3. More BS from the extrem right
Haim ,   TA   (08.08.11)
What a bunch of loosers, they need to take a reality pill. Game over , the occupied terrotries will become part of Palestine whether they like it or not.
4. to #2
fad egypt   (08.08.11)
the left exploited the social problems in israel and the gap between the classes and they organized these demos especially in tel aviv the leftist city to bring down the government by forcing social parties like shas and UTJ to leave the coalition yes the housing prices are high but also in judea and samaria (the west bank settlements) there is housing shortage but there is no protest there the second possiblity is that the let has hijacked the demonstrations to bring down the government i want to tell you that netanyahu is still popular in the street among the national camp according to the latest polls so these people arent netanyahu supporters and they just want to ring down the government not because of the social problems but due to the diplomatic situation it is just an opinion and i am not sure because there is no strong proof but why there was no demos like that when netanyahu was cutting the welfare money because the disengagement from gaza shalom
5. the only reason, to call it "leftist attempt", is the fact..
eporue ,   europe   (08.08.11)
that your government is RIGHTIST... the protest is directed against the governments policies... thats it... and not because it is a righist one, but because the government is dead wrong with its (non-)actions... so, dont call everyone a "leftist", only because YOU ARE A RIGHIST...
6. Ynet what makes them EXTREME RIGHT?
rachel ,   usa   (08.08.11)
are they nazi fascists trying to exterminate a group of people? ....what makes them extreme right .....
7. @Dan #2: "Few on the right..."?
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (08.08.11)
Dan. Have news fr you... The "few on the right" you refer to, are the majority of Israeli voters. That is why we have a right-wing gov't. Because The left did not have enough support to form a gov't. The right supporters simply tend to be generally more reserved and less prone to hysterical outbursts, and stomping and yelling and threatening to get their the left is prone to do...
8. I agree with #1
Steve Grasso ,   Newburg   (08.08.11)
This IS an attempt by the angry left to overthrow Netanyahu and give the terrorists the entire west bank. This will lead to the destruction of Israel by the terrorists gain of strength and independence as well as support by iran & hizballah. Watch out Israel this may be the "tribulation".
9. Nothing to do with leftist
R ,   Israel   (08.08.11)
I'll say it again: Most of the kids sleeping in tents were and will be the ones on the front lines in any confrontation with Hamas and Hizbollah. They want affordable housing and they're absolutely right. So does the rest of the middle class. There were plenty of rightist marching last Saturday night.
10. Why are they "extreme" right wing.
PS ,   @   (08.08.11)
Its obvious the bias in this reporter.
11. Anti-government anarchists-right wing called anti-democracy
Adam Eliyahu   (08.08.11)
Welcome to Israel where you can lie and get awayu with it as long as you are left wing. Left wing is anti-democracy as these protests demonstrate. They are onloy pro-democracy as long as they get what they want.
12. biggest anarchists are far right
R ,   Israel   (08.08.11)
It wasn't the left throwing paint at IDF soldiers in 2005. The right has its share of people who don't think the law has anything to do with them.
13. #12
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.08.11)
Was it Right who protested in support of IHH and condemned Shayetet 13? Was it Right who spread lies about the IDF during "Cast Lead", so that the action would stop before Shalit was released? Is it Right who throws rocks at IDF in Bil'in and Na'alin?
14. anarchy means confusion.
ABE THE BABE ,   ISRAEL-USA   (08.08.11)
A state of anarchy means that there is a state of confusion. Anarchists want to destroy their core ountry while the opposite is true of loyalists. Anarchists believe in violent revolution and they therefore support terrorists and call them freedom fighters. Loyalists will fight to the last drop of blood to proect their country and to protect freedom. An example of the above would be Patrict Henry who said:"give me liberty or give me death" Therefore number 12 is using a typical leftist tactic against theIr opponents.namely to project unto those they hate what they the left realy are. It is called a smear tactic but it is not going to work with most Israelis who are able to see the truth for themselve. By the way. who were the protesters carrying red flags. Hmmm could that have something to do with the communist flag of the formersssr.
15. Actually this government is pretty central
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.08.11)
It's just not left enough for the left to consider it OK so therefor it must be radical, (all the bad names one can think of) rightest. So says the left and democracy be damned.
16. "Extreme" right-wing???
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (08.08.11)
What EXTREME bias in the title of the article by the author. Just because the demonstrators are considered right-wing the far/extreme left must label them "extreme" to delegitimize them. rights=loyalists leftists=anarchists seeking destruction of state. Everyone with a brain- the real academics not the "faux academics" of the screwy left who don't let facts get in the way-knows that this demonstration is financed by anti-Israel and foreign organizations, with their agenda to to bring down this centrist government.
17. They don't know what they say
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.08.11)
they want to bring down the rightist government." Is said by those "rightwingers" . Generally they say that Bibi's governement is a leftist one . Do they know what they say ?
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