Senior citizens demand social justice
Roi Mandel
Published: 08.08.11, 14:25
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1. They look very spry
John316 ,   USA   (08.08.11)
Enough already. They have to be getting paid. Somebody is putting out millions of dollars financing this. People are just marching to make some easy $$$$.
2. Oh dont worry about BBs father
Haim ,   TA   (08.08.11)
Im sure hes very well taken care of.
3. I saw them drinking tea in a beit Cafe
Avigdor Liberman ,   Occupied Terrotries   (08.08.11)
What are they complaining about ?
4. surely you mean $409 per week?
Bill ,   NZ   (08.08.11)
Nobody can live on $409 a month...
5. They also represent the robbed holocaust survivors
Israel   (08.08.11)
who starve IN ISRAEL while Israeli bank executives live it up on their diverted account funds.
6. Puzzled
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.08.11)
I understand why people are upset to be expected to live on $409 per month. What I don't understand is their hollering at and about "the government." Isn't that exactly "the government" they elected????? What am I missing?
7. #4 No it's per month
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.08.11)
I ahve been getting my government pension for a few years now. the basic pension is NIS 1,444 PER MONTH. that's if you've worked a minimum 10 years. For every additional year you work, 2% of that basic is added, BUT - only up to a maximum of 50% of the basid, i.e. the most a single person can get is NIS 2166 per month, with slight yearly increment to supposedly reflect the rise in inflation. When my husband reaches 67 in 2 more years, he will be entitled to the maximum, but he will h ave health insurance deducted (slightly under NIS200 I believe) which covers both of us for health nsurance. However, we still have to pay for all our medications, even chronic meds., paying the same price as youngsters. We are lucky in that we both have some private pension from our former jobs. I agree, no-one can live on state pension alone adn those with nothing more to supplement their income really are in dire straits.
8. 6 M.Hartley You are missing...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.08.11)
that the governments don t promise to keep their promises.
9. The Illuminati are not so bright.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.08.11)
10. Livni's hero obama's fed stimulus is reason for price rise
jason ,   haifa israel   (08.08.11)
Obama's fed has funneled trillion in the markets to pop up the u.s economy and this has caused prices to rise in smaller markets like israel. But livni loves her obama and is so excited about him and wants him to pressure israel more and during his inauguration she said we need an obama like me in israel.
stude ham   (08.08.11)
admission to the aida at masada was entirely controlled by a very small group of hotels in the dead sea area. you could not get to see what should have been a spectacular production unless you also booked a couple of nights with the few dead sea hotels. the packages were not cheap and began at the thousands of US dollars. this event proved that prices in israel for such things as housing are actually being controlled by a very tiny clique of capitalist vultures who should be declawed.
12. senior citizens
les ,   canada   (08.08.11)
how unfortunate we live in a upside down area. seem to me senility started with the young, and infected the old....there are way too many "gimmi more" types,, and no givers! we may just have to start earning what we need and want??? wow, this a weird idea
13. Being a senior citizen myself...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.08.11)
and with my experience as a successful lawyer practicing at a law firm in New York City for over fifty years, I say: Israel is not and can never be a welfare state... Get off your lazy ASSES and work...
14. #7 Madeleine I'm truly shocked.!
Bill ,   NZ   (08.09.11)
Something doesn't add up because I know for a fact its not possible to live on that little. The universal superannuation rate in NZ is $280USD per week. Medication is so heavily subsidised for poorer people you might as well call it free and hospital operations are free for everyone although rich people often take out private health insurance. The proportion of old people in the population is much lower in Israel than other countries including NZ. Until now I had the impression the standard of living in Israel was about the same as NZ but obviously there really is a very serious problem for old people if $409USD per month is all they get. In light of that , all the people here screaming about ''stop whining etc etc '' well they should be asked to live on $409USD a month. Its impossible/ The prices in Israel seem to be higher than NZ too, although we are not as cheap as the USA for basics. Housing is cheaper though and healthcare is free. Many older people in NZ would own their own house mortgage free too, although that may not be true in future years. What an eye-opener. Maybe in Israel old people get free housing ? You cant live on $409 a month otherwise. ???
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