Top Sunni cleric: End Syria's tragedy
Roee Nahmias
Published: 08.08.11, 18:22
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1. 100 dead was "too far" so why did it take over 2000?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.08.11)
stude ham   (08.08.11)
3. It's all about Sunni vrs. Shi'ite.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.08.11)
Not a humanitarian bone in their bodies. Did they have a problem with genocide in Darfur? How about starvation in Somalia? Never a condemnation of terrorism, not a word about persecution of Christians. Do they care about fellow-Muslim Kurds? Of course not. They talk about ''Palestine'' as a tool against Israel, otherwise they don't give a damn about Palestinians. If Assad was not an ally of Shi'ite Iran,these hypocrites & fanatics wouldn't say a word.
4. Are a "few" murders acceptable in sensitive situtions?
Joe ,   Canada   (08.08.11)
5. So, less than 2000 murders is acceptable?
William ,   Israel   (08.08.11)
I didn't realize that it took 2000 brutal deaths, days of tank shells hitting villages, and 4 weeks of global condemnation and UN sanctions to get Islam to finally take a stance. In retrospect, Islam accepted hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocents during its expansion in the 7th century, and oppression in subsequent years. But there was also no TV and no UN then.
6. In my not-so-humble opinion ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.08.11)
... the Arab world should feel free to address Arab issues, instead of waiting around for the West to take care of their problems. Enough Westerners have died for the sake of Arabs. Let them handle this one by themselves. As if ....
7. arab patience
alexi   (08.08.11)
regardless of assad's brutality and sickening relations with the pedohiles of iran, the league of arab nations counts for nothing, zero. their outrage is worth nothing as they quake in their boots under a long name. The alawites are fighting for their lives as they will be executed like saddam and they know it. Better still, how long willl the persian masses be intimidated by hezbollah and the basigi before they grab the reins of the army and squeeze the life out of kameini, ahmadinejad, larijani and the entire clerical hierarchy?
8. Arabs and Assad
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.09.11)
If I were in Bashar Assad's shoes, I would not worry too much about what the Arab League thinks of me and my government. Iran and the Revolutionary Guard Corps has my back.
9. #9 - Graczek
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.09.11)
So, "might makes right" in your book--except when it comes to Israel. Nice to know what page your on...
10. syria.
wonder ,   world(-wide)   (08.09.11)
after the arab-league, it is now the term for the conference of islamic countries to condemn the assad dictatorship in syria and also to take real action in the entire arab/islamic world.
11. It can happen
Dan Flood ,   twickenham   (08.09.11)
Assad may well be headed for the same treatment as Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife . Will the next leader also be a puppet for Iran and the chief supporter of terrorism in the MIddle East ?? Hosni Mubarek replaced his Defense Minister and we know where President Mubarek is now.
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