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Jewish anti-Semites do exist
Tzofia Hirschfeld
Published: 09.08.11, 08:10
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1. All the F-16's won't erase that
joey   (08.09.11)
If we were loved, we'll be loving people ---- If we experieced hatred, we'll hate. One of the reason, the main reason we will NEVER have peace with the arabs. Their hatred start in the womb, ends in the tomb. I am only guessing of course, I can only assume that it is no dfferent with Jews.
2. Not true.
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.09.11)
"The Second Temple was destroyed because of the hatred of one group of Jews toward another group of Jews." The second temple was destroyed because Jewish rebels kept attacking Romans. At first, it might have been reasonable, but it became suicidal. Something like 600, 000 Jews died because people thought Bar Kochba was Messiah (combing the two strains we always repeat in Judaism-self destruction because we believe God will save us, and believing that people are messiah).
3. Hating your heritage.....
tiki ,   belgium   (08.09.11)
Jewish Anti Semetism should be called the 'Political Oedipus Complex. It's the HATE for the (in your eyes) 'small heritage of the Father (which won't let you fit in with the rest) and the 'obsessive wish to REPLACE it with the LOVE of Mother GLOBAL earth.
4. Self-hatred ???
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.09.11)
Self-hatred is a ridiculous and childish concept. Hate is directed not against oneself, but rather towards people who attempt to impose their views on others and implement their attempt to do so coercively, irrespective of whether they are Jews or non-Jews
5. Baseless hatred
Paul S. ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.09.11)
When a secular eats a pork rind on Yom Kippur in front of an Orthodox Jew, he is called every name in the book. When a Haredi zealot throws stones at the Intel plant because of some imagined slight, that is called exercising his rights. Oh I get it, it's baseless hatred when seculars display it, but it's called doing God's work (or some such tripe) when the Orthodox do it. Oh I get it! The frummies win all the arguments. The Haredim get their Mehadrin buses, but if I want integrated buses where people sit in available seats and (gasp!) behave themselves, I'm called a monster! Oh, I GET IT!
6. #2 no Gabriel
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.09.11)
Learn your history. The Romans and their Jewish collaborators already decided to end the Jewish culture when the Bar Kochva revolt started. They saw Judaism as inferior and wanted to replace it with the "enlightened" Roman culture. Amazingly, the Jews almost defeated the most powerful military machine of the time (and their Arab allies), but lost because of the assistance the Romans received from Jewish collaborators, mostly from the "elite".
7. @ 5 paul canada
your post is a fake because you write as if you are living in israel but posted that you live in canada i guess you lost again for lying!
8. may there be peace
jew ,   ISRAEL   (08.09.11)
amongst all the Jews amen!
9. 3 tiki,i think it is the result of...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.09.11)
ignorance of our wonderful 3000 old heritage.
10. you have destroyed it yourself ???
eporue ,   europe   (08.09.11)
11. Self-hatred is not only Jewish
... but Jewish self-hatred is amplified because it co-exisits with Anti-Semitism. They nurture each-other. Non-Jewish self-hatred is very visible too: in the West, the extreme Liberals, Communists, demonize Christianism - which is the heritage of most of them - while ironically, they support Islam. Again, Islamism/Jihadism and anti-Liberal/Communist Christianism nurture each-other because they have they have the same goal - the destruction of the foundation of the Western world. Of course, they will clash and fight each-other to death, once supposedly the West falls. Islam cannot coexist with Liberalism and Communism - they are complete opposites of each other. One theoretcally promotes Atheism, protects the weak, protects human and humane rights, the women rights, and rejects corruption - all theoretical - while Islam promotes racism, rejects coexistence and pluralism, enslaves women, promote pedophilia and rejects Atheism. They are only similar in blind extremism and indoctrination, and the desire to control the world. So we are witnessing malicious, genocidal forces cooperating towards creating chaos, only to go to each other's throats once that's done. I hope that everybody sees why we have to resists ALL of them at ANY cost.
12. #7 You're seeing things my friend. Take your pill on time.
13. Don't forget today's Jewish hero of the Muslims
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.09.11)
Today's Islamic headlines: "Renowned Zionist archeologist Israel Wanklestein claimed Monday despite Israel’s claims there is absolutely no historic proof for presence of Jews in Jerusalem (occupied Holy Qods) in the past." Gee, I wonder who they mean.
14. Whom we're talkin' 'bout...
G. Fränkl   (08.09.11)
Chomsky, Finkelstein, Atzmon, Dalit Baum, Ilan Pappe, Shlomo Sand, Esti Misenmacher, Jeff Halper, BGU Social "Science" "Professor" Neve gordon, David Newman plus 1000 other such cre*ps.
15. Best examples of Jewish anti-Semites are RIGHT HERE on Ynet
Chaim ,   Migron   (08.09.11)
Except for most MKs in the Knesset and most judges in Israel's Judicial system, Ynet, Maariv & Haaretz journalists and talkbackers are the best examples of self-hating Jewish anti-Semites.
16. it does exist
look at # 5 and 12
17. # 12
you must work for ynet if your post wasn't censored.
18. 15 is correct!
just look at # 12 for a classic example!
19. they exist
in the heart
20. #5 paul
jew of israel!   (08.09.11)
are you really jewish or do you pretend to be?
21. #14.G.Frankl & #11. you are correct
Thomas ,   USA   (08.09.11)
It goes back to Marx's antisemitism and the anti-Zionist movement of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. "Yevsektsiya" (Jewish section of the Communist Party) "Birobidjan" (Jewish "homeland" in Siberia) all were created by Bolshevik Jews. As neo-Nazism still exist today so does Stalin-ism in Jewish circles so we should not mystify this almost 100 years old characteristic of the Jewish existence. So called "self-loathing" moniker is misleading, the proper adjective would be the un-PC "Bolshevik" but this word is till revered by many thus prohibited to use.
22. self-hatred
moron ,   galut   (08.09.11)
i think intermarriage can compound negative attitudes...also 'progressives' claim you must agree with them or be a facist is anti-semetic
23. I just wanna express..
Avigdor ,   Belgium   (08.09.11)
how I love every jew, I have been recently a victim of anti semitism occurence here and makes me realise how i should appreciate more one another..whatever the differences/oppions that we jews have amongst us. One Love!
24. Silliness from pseudo-intellectuals....
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (08.09.11)
It is interesting when 'professors' cannot draw the obvious conclusions from their 'research' and instead promote the same old prpoganda to their fellow travelers. Althugh I do agree with one point of the article: that the so-called 'antisemitic' Jews have their reference group as the world, rather than the small subsection defined as the 'majority of the state'. Neither Atzmon nor Shahak have ever condoned or appaluded the destruction of synagogues nor pogroms. Instead they attempt to understand such phenomena and why such actions actually occur. For instance, after 1948, numerous mosques were either razed or converted to other purposes by Jews in Israel. In fact, even today, a mosque, which was converted to a 'museum' has sytill not been returned to its worshippers because, as the mayor put it, they cannot have a mosque in the center of town. So, why should it be deplorable when others destroy a synagogue or convert it to other purposes? Merely because one is Muslim and another Jewish? The strangest and most deplorable aspect of those in the 'Antisemitism Industry', who continually thrive on ad hominem attacks upon all critics, is their curious reluctance to attempt to understand the part that Jews have played in bringing oppobrium upon themselves. This idea that they are not actors, merely innocent bystanders, and that somehow they have been 'singled out ' without examining the obvious question of 'Why'. Instead we are treated to the rewriting of history. Why did the Jews revolt in 70 AD against the Romans? Why didn't all Jews join the rebelliion? Was this 'antisemitism', the hatred of Jews simply because they were Jews, or were other political forces at play? Was it because many Jews were either apathetic to the revolt, or did not want to see the rebels succeed for they felt that their lot would be harmed by the success of a 'false' messiah and therrefore sided with the Romans? Are 'Zealots' extinct or are they still a central to Jewish Israel albeit under a different name. The fanatics who belive thye must impose their own 'values' upon others, no matter whether the consequences of their actions will be suffered by these others? Such questions are never asked by these propagandists. I wonder why?
25. Indeed Kapo instincts are born of a few variables
Jeff ,   Tempe US   (08.10.11)
Good article and very relevant. The psychology of people changes very little even over a few thousand years.
26. 24 - Brilliant ,...
split ,   US   (08.10.11)
Nothing to add except don't hold your breath expecting an answer to your last sentence from the hasbara crew on this forum,...
27. Argument is easily settled
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.11.11)
Refer to the writings of one Jerrold Cohen, our in house Kapo on some of these boards
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