US chides Israel over new east Jerusalem project
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Published: 10.08.11, 00:28
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1. Just Theatre
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (08.10.11)
This is just theatre. The US should know by now that this happens every time there is a US effort to bring the PA to the table. Two-states is about dead. Even the PA will give up eventually. The real problems will be when the mass expulsions of the Palestinians start.
2. US chides Israel over new east Jerusalem project
E ,   Los Angeles   (08.10.11)
when will the israeli govt state implicitly that jerusalem is non negotiable and that building in israel's capital will continue unabated? the u.s.govt, the p.a., the euros, the russians, the chinese or anyone else should just shut up.
The US is falling, the Euro is falling, London is burning, the "Arabs" are falling, Chinas ceiling is getting closer, the world is in turmoil but Israel is rock solid, stable, can protest in a sophisticated fashion without violence, solid credit ratings, the world leader in R&D, Start-ups, medical discoveries, Green Technology, etc., etc. Yet THIS is all Clinton and the "state Dept" can babble about as it's world collapses around it? How silly, purile and outright STUPID. Chai Yisrael! BUILD, PROGRESS and SECURE. Ignore the ignorant; they have no place saying anything to us.
4. they want a one state with no Jews.
roger ,   Sbdno, USA   (08.10.11)
AAAh what peace process, we stopped building ONLY because of the Freeze and we are now only getting back into the building of things.. they wont talk to us, they want to go to the UN and Pledge for a state. which is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the OSLO occords which is what this whole peace thing was based upon. if they want a state and peace, they sure have a funny tactful way of showing that.
5. annexation
rogerlen ,   sbdno,USA   (08.10.11)
That si what we should do when they appear before the UN and demand a state. annex back the west bank we gave them as a gesture for peace only to get them closer to murdering us. , annex golan heights, east jerusalem and any where else we have a Jewish presence. then no matter what the world claims, the land is ours by annexation. other countries do it .. we can too.
6. # 3 Ezra
Jules   (08.10.11)
I would add to the list of problems: tens of thousands of people in Somalia who are already dead of starvation and 3.5 million about to die of starvation soon. Nobody cares, even the brave Arab League and OIC.
7. Jerusalem
Erudite ,   Australia   (08.10.11)
"Jerusalem was built by Jews for Jews" So who the hell is the State Department telling Israel what they should or shouldn't do with Jerusalem. Go pay your 14 Trillion debt far more important for the U.S.A. then sticking your nose into Israeli internal affairs. While your there fix up your Katrina disaster zone.
8. There is not freeze on building so stop whinging
John ,   NZ   (08.10.11)
When there was a freeze for 10 months the pals refused to have peace talks so obviously there is no point in having a freeze anyway.
9. revisionist zionism.
wonder ,   our world/globe.   (08.10.11)
terrorist, nationalist, revisionist zionism is playing again for it"s own judge/it"s own all-mighty from above in western-asia, accordingly to this article in the palestinian people (seperate from islam) is also a party concerned and have the right to decide about the problem/issue and the un, as a representative of nearly all governments of nearly all countries, has also a form of authority, ability, mandate etc. to mediate to act if necessarily. the un has been established in 1945, not for nothing and with a reason.
10. har homa.
wonder ,   our world/globe.   (08.10.11)
zionism, in a certain form/way, can be/has the ability to be a blessing for the world-region western-asia. it is to be hoped that it will be realized as soon as possible and that it will be confirmed by all countries and peoples of that region (and in the rest our world).
11. US Chides Israel
nadya ,   Garden Grove, CA.,US   (08.10.11)
What Peace Talks?? It's apparent to all concerned that Israel is not interested or willing to negotiate via peace talks or any other means!! What was our State Department thinking, silly people.
12. Thieving Jews will pay with expulsion, again
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.10.11)
...get your passports while you still can.
13. ( US ) arrogance is followed by downfall ( of US )
Jaacov Baumann   (08.10.11)
14. Jerusalem belongs to us....
Mattan ,   Cocoa Beach, USA   (08.10.11)
who else has jerusalem in their prayers, thoughts, and hearts? the arabs already showed how tolerant they were of other religions when they controlled the city, as sovereign israeli land, it is open to tourists of all religions. building is good for everyone, i am sure the building will provide jobs for all kinds of people. israel should listen to no one except their own people, and clinton and livni can go marry eachother and run off to syria and live happily ever after. just as syria was the first stop for nazi war criminals after the holocaust, it can be a perfect place for those two jew haters aswell.
15. BLAH BLAH BLAH Mr Hussein Obama
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.10.11)
go fix yuor AA Credit rating. The arabs have Aman
16. Dear America
Eli ,   Israel   (08.10.11)
Please tell your leaders that maybe just maybe the global economic meltdown along with waves of Riots everywhere might be connected to your arrogant President telling Gods Children not to build in the land he promised us. I know many wonderful Zionist Americans are against Obama's polocies but the Dow dropping 600 points, England Riots, Norway massacre, and Japan Tsunami are no coincidence.
17. oh, but
ed   (08.10.11)
the pa telling their people to riot on friday -ramadan. that doesn't hinder peace!?
18. #1-3 if only you weren't American
observer ,   Egypt   (08.10.11)
19. When the US ceases contraction of housing in Washington, DC,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.10.11)
then and only then will Israel will consider contraction in its capital city of Jerusalem. Expecting of Jews, only because they are Jewish, to refrain from residing, anywhere, in certain villages, towns and city neighborhoods is nothing short of racism, anti-Jewish racism. To expect Jews to do so in the capital city of the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years, in the capital city of Israel's ancient kingdom, and in the capital city of the modern liberal democratic nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is a double insult. The Obama administration, appears to have learnt nothing...!! P.S. Before all else, the US should insist that the Muslim-Arabs accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. Sadly, to date, the US has never made a statement strictly focused on this point, never, a point that is the very core of the Arab Israeli conflict. Isn't it about time the Obama administration - despite its connections to the Rev. J. Wright... - make such a move, if only to appear to be reasonable and even handed...??!!
20. Hahahahahahaha!!!
Devorah   (08.10.11)
First, Catherine Ashton was "profoundly disappointed," and now the U.S. is "deeply concerned." Hahahahahahaha!!! Catherine, go play a game of Pass the Orange (you know, from neck to neck) with Assad hahahaha!
21. #3: Very ungrateful
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.10.11)
Where would Israel be today without America's aid? What would your military be like without America's aid? You are a welfare state funded by another nation. Now you brag? Why don't you brag so much you cancel all aid from America? since clearly they need it more than Israel
22. But the PA paying terrorists w/USD must be defended
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.10.11)
And if Congress says that this is illegal (which it is under US laws) the US State Department gets defensive and threatens Congress. I wonder if the 4 wars that the US is currently fighting (2 of which Odumba won't bring before Congress in violation of US laws) isn't an issue that needs to be addressed. How about the Somalis that are being starved to death every single minute? More Somalis are dying as a result of famine per minute than 'Palestinians' have for the last 63 years combined. Since of course none those professional refugees have ever starved.
23. Current US Presidential Administration ...
John ,   Alaska   (08.10.11)
is not doing the US a favor by siding against Israel. We should be on the blessing side of Genesis 12:3 - the cursing side is just not good for us. Hopefully G-d sees us as individuals, as well as nations.
24. Our White House boob has yet to denounce Gaza GRAD attacks
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (08.10.11)
So apartments that won't be built for 2 years are an "obstacle to peace", but last weeks repeated and stepped up firing of Iranian rockets from Gaza by the Abbas-Hamas unity government are no cause for comment by Obama or Clinton. This is the same regime that won't withdraw the US ambassador from Damascus, as even the Saudis have done, because doing so would be admitting it was stupid to reward Assad in the first place by returning the ambassador without demanding Syrian reciprocity. America now realizes Obama is an inept boob who needs to go, all the more so for his preposterous deer-in-the-headlights mishandling of the US economy ("America is still a AAA-rated country", this jackass announced after the S&P downgrade caused by his failed leadership). Bibi is wise to pay lipservice to Obama, but to ignore him and do what's in Israel's interests until America can oust this clown in the next election - another Jimmeh Cahtuh boob.
25. Tell Washington DC to give the land back to
BJL ,   usa   (08.10.11)
the Piscataway indians and then we'll talk. Jerusalem has ALWAYS been Jewish but the USA STOLE the land from the indians. Bibi....tell the occupiers of american indian land to take a hike....
26. Yoel Esteron: US chides Israel over Jerusalem
Steve Klein   (08.10.11)
What is wrong with you? Wake up.
27. Jerusalem will not be divided. Period.
Vlad   (08.10.11)
28. HA! HA! HA!
zorro ,   Far Away   (08.10.11)
"All settlement activities are illegal under international law." So now building houses in our own country is illegal?! PATHETIC!
29. Mark ben Jusuf no 2
JUDAH THE LION   (08.10.11)
mass expulsions of the Palestinians start. How about when the Arab world have expelled all the Jews from their countries with nothing? It is OK for you Arabs to expell Jews and confiscate their properties etc,. IF it is OK for you, then it is OK for the Jews to ecxpell all the Palestinians. to Arabia. Israel JUDEA & SAMARIA are Jewish land for thousands of years before Islam was born.Judea stands for Judah, Judah stands for Jews. End of story
30. Time for Israel to chide U.S.
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.10.11)
The meddling of the U.S. in Israel's internal affairs is deeply distressing. The arrogant empire should be more concern about it's collapsing economy and the ensuing empire rot. It's time for the trampling of Israel's sovereignty to end. and for Israel's prissy leader Netanyahu to make it loud and clear that Jerusalem is not up for discussion. He should threaten the U.S. with a promise to end all no peace process talks unless his warning is heeded.
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