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Decade later, Sbarro attack still haunts victims
Omri Efraim
Published: 10.08.11, 12:06
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1. It's about time
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (08.10.11)
we had an article about the survivors, largely swept under the carpet in Israeli society's collective urge to forget about these monstrous suicide bombings. I remember these outrageous attacks, all, and never stopped wondering, praying for, those who lived. We must never forget.
2. Very sad
Rachel ,   US   (08.10.11)
About time the story of terrorism victims are told.
3. painful to remember because we were all terrified
mike1947 ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.10.11)
As a psychotherapist, but also someone who lived through that dark period, I understand why we must never forget the victims of the intifada, but I also understand why people need to repress these memories. Like Yom Hashoa, perhaps there should be a way to remember and commemorate those that were more directly affected like Shvuel. Unfortunately, are Israelis ready to take on another dark traumatic experience that was inflicted against the nation and bring it out of the emotional hidden closet-it may just be too much for people to bear.
4. May HaShem
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.10.11)
guide the families to peace and Zdakkah. May HaShem extend his shield over all of us and strengthen our sword arm to defend us against these "people" who kill innocent women and children. Baruch HaShem!
5. Gilad Shalit
EM ,   Ra'anna   (08.10.11)
Is the pain felt by any of the victims of the terror attacks alleviated because of the perpetrators remain in prison? What if one of Schijveschuurder's siblings were taken hostage at the time of the terror attack and the only way to release them would be to free the perpetrator? Would he feel differently. But releasing prisoners might be the only way for Gilad to come home. It also isn't right to keep Gilad in prison as a 'prevention' to further terror. He and his family have already paid a heavy price 'protecting' us. Every method to free Gilad has to be used.
6. I feel safer in Israel than anywhere
Richard Krulak ,   Oceanside USA   (08.10.11)
During my 3 visits to Israel I felt safer there than any other place I have ever been. I felt much safer in Israel without a gun than I feel in the United States where I constantly carry a gun. Israel does a superior job of keeping the incidents to a minimum. The United States does not. Israel uses superior intelligence in Airport Security but the United States just puts on a clown show . People all over the world laugh at us.
7. I am not a victim! I am a survivor!
a survivor of terror ,   Israel   (08.10.11)
and as such I am having a really difficult time with the voyueristic needs of people living abroad who are wondering what happened to this one or that one... I am left wondering why do they "need" to have my personal life and survival story or the personal lives and survival stories of other survivors of terrorism looking up at them from their internet page! If these people are truly so concerned and caring why aren't they spending part of their vacations in Israel volunteering with survivors at one of the various organizations that work with us? Is that too real for the concerned and caring readers? (I understand that this post is a bit raw and probably too demanding of TBers who "like" reading stories about 'terrorism victim'. And please do forgive me for being offended and annoyed by your comments) I do wish all of you well and may G-d from His good heaven continue to bring healing light and goodness into all of our lives.
8. Palestinian culture and policy haunts us still
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.10.11)
Remember that this brutal attack was simply standard Palestinian policy, supported by the vast majority of Palestinians. Despite the "peace process", the Palestinians continued their policies of attacking Israeli civilians and committing outrageous crimes against humanity. The people who carried out the Sbarro attack are in power in Gaza, and have let the world know that their intention is to take over the west bank. The Palestinians continue to embrace violence.
9. @3 your words are wise, it seems 2 me u have 4gotten....
Rafaela ,   Jerusalem   (08.10.11)
...we have Israeli Memorial Day. In the past 15 years we have changed the tone of memorial day to include all those killed either through war or through terrorism. In fact this past memorial day at the ceremony for those who fell in terrorist attacks here at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem, young Mr. Schijveschuurder verbally attacked Ms. Dominicini (head of the National Insurance Institute). As a victim of terror from the first intifada, I understand this young man and my heart goes out to him. However, his verbal attack was a very foul & heinous verbal attack. It was out of place and it basically ruined the memorial ceremony for me and for many others. Since I am his equal I will say to him: "Shame on you! Your behavior was unacceptable and yet it was accepted because you are a victim of terrorism and we are are constantly told that we must reserve judgment of those who speak from the pain of their loss. However, it strikes me that N-O-T-H-I-N-G short of the arrival of the Moshiach and the ressurection of the dead will satisfy this you! I feel for you but I do not accept your behaviors or demanding position. Who are you to place yourself in the place of saying that Gilad Shalit should continue to suffer? I don't agree with you, Mr. Schijveschuurder. The scar burns on my understand the cost I am speaking about...but Gilad Ben Aviva Shalit MUST BE BROUGHT HOME NOW!
10. I heard that one loud and clear ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.10.11)
from my (then) apartment in Nachlaot, a 1/2 kilometer away.
11. no. 7 what is wrong with you
this is an interest news article and for your info not all of of can make it to do the things you suggest. you sound like an angry mean person at heart
12. A Yad Vashem equivalent is needed to remember victims
Avi ,   Modiin, Israel   (08.10.11)
Every time I pass one of the dozens of locations in Jerusalem and other parts of the country where acts of terror took place, I can't help but think about the forgotten victims and their families and loved ones who still live with the pain and sorrow. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs used to have a site which described each of the attacks and wrote a few words about some of the victims, usually quoted from a newspaper article. But it is a far cry from how a person's life should be remembered. During the period of 2001-2003, more Israelis were killed from terrorism than road accidents. Yet, amazingly, there still is no location, no funds allocated to a museum that tells the personal stories of the victims. The 13 year old son of our close friends was brutally murdered during that period but there is no public place that tells his story. We must do more to remember these victims other than an obscure link on the MFA web site. Many locations around the country where attacks took place don't have any sign at all commemorating the victims. Every single one of them has a story that needs to be told.
13. Second coming of Meshiah, if you have forgotten...
or ,   @ rafaela   (08.10.11)
My dear, I don't understand why people like you concentrate on secondary issues like resurection of the dead, when your heart is dead to welcome Meshiah? Why - as Talmud says - do you criticize a straw in your brother's eyes and you don't see a log in your own? Poor boy's heart is filled with pain and sorrow and is bleeding because of of loss of his parents and his sister... He might have been a victim himself, probably have been wounded too. It is his right to tell his opinion. And you know what - I do agree with him. Because there are 1000s of others just like him, grieving their beloved, hurting for their lost lives... Meshiah came to give freedom to prisoners! Spiritual freedom. And not fear and spiritual terror and devilish deception like nowadays guru Rav Zamir Cohen brings... Find the freedom in HIS word and not in those of your HOLY RABBIS (N_O O_N_E is holy but Hashem himself!!)... Why do you follow the dead deeds hoping THEY ALONE will let you the eternal life? Oh foolish! Turn the eyes of your heart and turn your soul to THE HOLY ONE and seek HIM with ALL YOUR HEART, with ALL YOUR MIGHT! And you will find the eternal life! Get ready for comming of Meshiah, so that you would recognize Him when He comes... He will come as He departed and the whole world will see and will bow down before Him!
14. I will never forget..
Anna ,   Wroclaw, Poland   (08.10.11)
...that time. The suicide bombings, the raw footage of the buses blown up, the stories of survivors... Every event would touch me personally, although at that time I never had been to Israel...Had known no Israeli... I would spent nights looking up for articles and pictures. I would collect all those terrible pictures and store them to show as a pro-Israeli prove in pro-palestinian discusions.
15. no name @11 y r u picking @ the survivor @7?!?
Avi ,   Rishon   (08.10.11)
Is it because according to you a victim/survivor is not allowed to express their feelings especially if they are different from yours? Or is it because you are "an angry mean person at heart" who has no compassion for someone who went through a terrorist attack and busted buns to get back on track and got to the point of being able to call themselves "survivor"! What's wrong with you! Really your comment is so thin it is transparent!
16. I lost half of my family in the Sbarro attack and a decade
Noa ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.10.11)
leter nothing has changed. we are still afraid to do certian things as israelis: taking the bus, sitting to many time at a coffee shop, for people in the south of israel, it's sometimes scarry just walking down the streets... and for kids in shdert staying at home is terrifing...
17. Avi the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still has that site....
go to their main page and scroll down to "Terrorism" its all there. further the National Insurance Institute also maintains an internet site. further there is a memorial at Har Herzl dedicated specifically to victims of Terrorism all of them prestate days to the present. In Israel we remember via memorials and we remember via acts of charity in memory of the murdered.
18. Avi doesn't the Mandel Foundation memorialize him?
19. nu. 7- i'm a terrorist attack's survivor as well
Shely ,   Israel   (08.10.11)
on july 2008 a terrorist driving a tractor almost run over me and I almost died. it was the start of a new generation of terror attacks.... this man killed 6 people and wounded 29 people including myself. today, his family is getting a " Shahid (=terrorist, for normal people) pension" from Hamas. and believe me nothing is about to change....
20. or r u a so called "Jew 4 Jesus" on a roll!
Jared   (08.10.11)
you people are so very amusing! go on then shuuuuuu...........
21. Noa #16
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.10.11)
my wife and just shed a tear for you and your family... I no not what else to say... other than to cry. I am sorry.
22. this story breaks my heart. We must ERADICATE terror !
This kind of terror is a Crime against humanity. No mercy ! We must seek and destroyed all the terrorist infrasctrures (Fatah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, etc).
23. to - 6 Richard
Dino Domingo ,   Vancouver, Canada   (08.10.11)
I call bullshit on your comment! I trave to the US once a month and have never felt an ounce of danger...also, you said " I felt much safer in Israel without a gun than I feel in the United States where I constantly carry a gun" must be some ridiculous hick...carry a gun??? come to Canada if you feel scared...we dont know what the feeling of unsafe is!
24. to # 15 i too am a terror abuse survivor
listen, i am also a terror abuse survivor. my beef is not with that fact that no. 7 has had this happened to him /her in life,**** it is that not all of us can make it to Israel to do the things he/she suggests to do****. and no one has ever helped me any at all, not in the usa nor in israel either. dont go judging what you dont know. and just because people have crap like this that happen to them in their lives doesnt mean they can be put on a pedistal. these things happen all the time because bad things can happen to good people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time all over the world, and yes even in america
25. We can thank...
A ,   Belgium   (08.10.11)
PM Rabin for most of these terror attacks, for through his weakness as prime minister, he allowed himself to be pushed into a corner by Shimon Peres (who SO wanted to be elected Prime Minister, but never was and never will) and shook the hand of another fading "leader", Yasser Arafat.
26. #23 - Seriously?
Yoni ,   NY, NY   (08.21.11)
Me thinks Dino crosses into New Hampshire every month and doesn't venture south once he picks up his resale maple syrup. LOL. As one who has been to Israel over a dozen times (4 between fall 2000 and spring 2003) I can say with authority that you don't know what you are talking about. I have been frisked walking into a Promenade McDonalds - and with reason. That was months before Mikes was attacked. Keep your head in the frozen ground friend. Those who know how to handle this situation have it in control.
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