Tourists nabbed with cocaine inside stomachs
Eli Senyor
Published: 11.08.11, 16:06
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1. Is this news?
Froike ,   Brooklyn NY   (08.11.11)
This type of smuggling has been going on for years....What's news about this?
2. a pity one of those condoms didn't burst!
that would teach them mules a lesson and make them eligible for a darwin award!
3. Too bad those condoms didn't explode in their stomachs.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.11.11)
Drug dealers are the scum of the earth. I hope they get long sentences with no possibility of parole for trying to poison our young people.
4. #1 Froike - It's news!!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.11.11)
It could have been liquid EXPLOSIVES that had passed inspection when they boarded the plane, that was intended to blow up the plane while it was in flight Remember the Underwear & Shoe bombers,? if you don't you should
5. Actually it's better they *didn't* explode
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.11.11)
Dead couriers can provide no intelligence about their handlers and contacts. A long sentence served in a tough Columbian prison will serve them right.
6. #1
Hanna ,   Tel Aviv   (08.11.11)
hmm... you live in Brooklyn where you have a Jew go and kill a nice Chasidish boy... here is Israel we don{t have to worry about that kind of psychos, and I am glad about that...
7. No. 6 Hanna
NYC Girl   (08.11.11)
Unfortunately, psychos like the one who killed that little boy in Brooklyn exist in every society. And believing that somehow any country is immune to it can result in people becoming careless about their own safety and the safety of their children.
8. 3
zionist forever   (08.12.11)
Susan I agree with you 100% When I was in school a friend of mine who was only about 14/15 at the time died while experimenting with drugs. I was amazed it was announced to the school what had happened. We should adopt the Saudi policy on drug dealers which is execution by either beheading or stoning.
9. kick into Israel's ass
observer ,   Egypt   (08.13.11)
Bolivian couple? really. In the air port, they wouldn't stop tourists and subject them to questioning unless Jewish. Stomach? a misnomer for the colon.
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