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Tutu's war on Israel, Jews
Giulio Meotti
Published: 11.08.11, 21:47
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1. Desmond Tutu
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.11.11)
Giulio Meotti is all too wekk known for his strident apologia for Zionism. So now he takes it upon himself to write calumnies and libels against one of the world's truly great Christian leaders, Rev. Desmond Tutu, in the service of the Zionist cabal. I will acknowledge that Rev. Tutu's language does get a bit strong at times, but in principle, this Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is right about the basic illegality of the state called Israel, as is his prediction that like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, Israel, the illegitimate state, will bite the dust.
2. man or monkey? we report you decide
Yanni   (08.11.11)
i say monkey...
3. This Idiot is not worth my time.
Mike ,   Canada   (08.11.11)
4. A man of honor!
David ,   San Francisco   (08.11.11)
Tutu lived through apartheid! He knows what it is and what it isn't. And if he believes that there is apartheid in the Palestinian areas, the world will believe. He isn't trying to destroy Israel, but end Israel's oppressive ways! Jewish only settlements, roads, ect built on privately owned Palestinian land seems like apartheid to anyone with a brain! He isn't trying to stir up hate, but end oppression. Boycotting Ben Gurion University isn't the same as the Nazi's boycotting Jewish Universities. Nazi's boycotted JEWISH EDUCATION, not an end to Israeli apartheid!
5. Surprised!
James Falk ,   Maryland   (08.11.11)
So "Barack Obama awarded him the US highest honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom"? You don't say? Before 78% of Jewish Americans voted for this extremist, Obama was buddies with the flaming anti-Zionist, Jeremiah Wright. 78% of American Jews only have themselves to blame.
6. WOW! The hard hitting truth!
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (08.11.11)
This is bound to rock tutu's boat. He is the epitome of darkness masquerading as light. There are few such influential people in the world as corrupt as this wolf in sheep's clothing.
7. The african Queen Tutu...
cj ,   paris france   (08.11.11)
is the most venimous Christian I know.
8. "We will not be free until the Palestinians are free"
Nour ,   One-State   (08.11.11)
Thanks for making me even more interested in this great man who helped rid his country of the evils of racism and apartheid. We can only thank him and remind everyone of Mandela's words: "We will not be free until the Palestinians are free!" Enough said.
9. Tutu and Mandela?
Yisraeli   (08.11.11)
Wasnt or isnt Nelson Mandela of the same ilk? ie best buddies with that filthy disease ridden swine Yasser Arafat?
10. Tutu
Leon ,   Australia   (08.11.11)
This bloke is a extreme nutter, why any government listens to his vicious ant-semetism is beyond comprehension. G-D Bless Israel,
11. Rewarding Anti-Semitism
DavidM ,   USA   (08.11.11)
Bishop Tutu has learned that there are rewards for being a vocal and visible anti-Semite. There are countless honorary degrees and paid speaking engagements waiting for the person who can bash Jewish people the loudest.Tutu is not alone in bashing Jewish people. In a recent New York Times column Roger Cohen repeated the monstrous falsehood that South Africa's tiny Jewish community benefited from apartheid.Mr Tutu is a spent figure who has nothing to offer but bitterness and bigotry.
12. Tutu himself shall also bite the dust..way before Israel....
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (08.11.11)
13. The clownesque Archbishop from SA.
tiki ,   belgium   (08.11.11)
How can 'anyone take this 150cm, ridiculous laughing clown with the name of TUTU serious? It sais more about his followers than his course. But.....idiots never die, they only multiply.
14. Nr. 7. He is no Christian - but a Fake !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.11.11)
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (08.11.11)
16. Tutu and Israel
Ian ,   Israel   (08.11.11)
I don't think anyone gets it here, nobody! Israel is holding millions of Palestinians prisoner. Israel refuses to let go - what is it with you people ? When Israeli's are awakened then maybe they will see the light. I do not condone what Tutu is trying to do and then again maybe if sanctions hit this country hard enough as they did South Africa maybe someone will see the light.It is time for the arrogant, selfish, self serving people of this country to get the proverbial crack on the head.
17. No. 4 David
NYC Girl   (08.11.11)
Don't be naive. Tutu's anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Israel, apartheid or Palestinians. Rather, it's all about replacement utterly malignant belief system which also counts Jimmy Carter among its adherents.
18. If Tutu is a 'great Christian leader'
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.11.11)
Then Christians should be very concerned for having such a racist as Tutu among them. He is a racist as the moron writing in #1.
19. Bishops antisemitis part of old Vatican teaching..
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.11.11) is quiet normal for Tutù to' be' antisemitic;most priest ,bishops in Rome and in the world Are anti-semitic becouse of this "old theology".And Tutù is endeed a poor old bishop.... Priest and bishops in many churches stil preach today in 2011 against the Jews and Sionism,most of them Jesuites....Catholic Vaticanic antisemism is everywhere,starting from Rome churches
20. #8
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.11.11)
Nour... if Israel would be an apartheid state, do you think, you could write your stupid remarks in Jewish paper?
21. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.11.11)
Both these men know what aparthied is and both these men know the wrongs Israel has commited against the Palestinians. However, as expected, they are labelled anti-Semites for speaking the truth. Israel was a supporter of South Africa's aparthied, so you wonder why these two despise your country and what you are doing to the Palestinians? Stop eating your own hasbara.
22. #13, excellent argument!
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.11.11)
His name is Desmond Tutu, so clearly he knows nothing because.... His last name is Tutu? However, Tiki knows all. Lol
23. #1 - Israel is as legal as any other state in the US
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.11.11)
Israel was declared a legal state by the UN in 1948 when the land under British mandate was divided by the UN between the Jews and the Arabs. But the Arabs did NOT (you hear me Graczek, did NOT!) accept and attacked the fledgling country hoping to throw the Jews into the sea. But they failed! And that is why we have the situation you see today. Please stop your antisemitism distort history and facts!
24. Tutu's antisemtism is nothing new!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (08.11.11)
This goes back a long time. He has always been a Jew and Israel hater. But who cares about what this less than human creature says or thinks! Israel is here to stay and thrive!
25. Sheep Goat Judgement
David ,   New England   (08.11.11)
The late Messianic teacher, Zola Levitt, interpreted the sheep goat judgement at the End of the Age, in Matthew 25, as pertaining to those countries that aided Israel, and those that did not. Whatever the interpretation is, unless they are seriously misinformed, all true Christians support Israel.
26. Hypocrite
Mike B ,   London   (08.11.11)
The Christians have oppressed billions all over the world, forcing their religion on unwelcoming converts. The black African converts to Christianity are some of the most aggressive proselytizers of all.
27. Tutu
Joshua ,   USA   (08.11.11)
By awarding this malicious idiot the Nobel Peace Prize - that organization put him where he belongs on the world's hipocricy podium, right next to the peace lover Yasser Arafat. If Tutu really wanted to find out how racist Israel is, he should try visit the country and find out. I truly hope that one of these days this moron will be elected pope - than he will learn something real about racism from his Christian brethern. My wife always say: "Those who thump the bible hardest - have the most to hide". Compare Tutu to Jeremiah Wright and some other black Mega Church self appointed reverends in the USA.
28. Giulio is pouring gasoline on smoldering fire...
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.11.11)
what is his agenda?
30. A "Christian" whom his Lord will have to spit out ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.11.11)
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