Over 70,000 protest in Israel's periphery
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.08.11, 00:13
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1. you need to change demonstrators slogan
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.13.11)
New protests mean mean Bibi's government would issue a tender for new homes the West Bank, this will only prolong the life of the present government : (
2. Last week 150,000 was 300,000 so does that mean 30,000 today
Yitzchak ,   TA   (08.13.11)
Do the numbers always get inflated by the same lie factor or do they change it?
3. Get off your lazy asses and work for a change...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.13.11)
I did not become filthy rich as a successful lawyer for over 50 years by sitting on my ass. Unlike you people, I worked and worked very hard...
4. Will the "famous artists" cut the prices of
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.13.11)
tickets to their performances? Let the minimum wage earners be able to afford to go to the concerts and plays. How about demanding that the labor courts are replaced by criminal courts and owners and management that steal from workers go to prison as well as pay fines?
5. To SARAH B, I love your posts ,I remeber your son, but
Jeffrey ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (08.13.11)
The prices of housing in Tel Aviv are outrageous. I make NIS 12,000 a month a new immigrant here, and still, I can tell you with certainty, the prices aren't acceptable, but mostly it's just Tel Aviv's housing prices that are the problem. Many of the demonstators are potheads, but their cause is just, relating mostly as I said, to Tel Aviv housing prices.
6. #2 Last week 300,000 was ONLY 65,000!
Chaim ,   Migron   (08.13.11)
It's no more than about 25% of what ynet is trying to convince the public.
7. Move to Yehuda & Shomron where the prices of cheaper
Chaim ,   Migron   (08.13.11)
Yehuda & Shomron is part of Israel like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba and Afula.
8. #3 in israel?
I doubt it.
9. The SALT of what?that frase is taken from Christian bible
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.13.11)
You Are the salt of the world,say Jesus..Are Leftish jews christians?otherwise they will offend religion... Telling Netanyahu that they will turn violent if he does not do what they want,is childish.... Who give money to' those spoiled leftish children?who is "the man" behind the future violence in Israel?he should be put in prison for incitement of violence...
10. to #3 There are plenty of us that work
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.13.11)
6 or 7 days a week. I only take off Yom Kippur and no other holidays. We want to be paid our salaries and not see the owners and managers steal our money.We want to buy products whether they are made in Israel or imported for a fair price. Why should we pay $100 or more for a pair of jeans? The same pair costs $25 in the U.S. Israeli products are sold overseas cheaper than here. Why? Tax the price gougers till they bleed. Tomorrow morning I have to go to work and ask them for the half of my salary that they did not pay me. I want to complain to the police and have that investigated as a theft. The hell with the histadrut and the labor courts!! Those of us that work should be paid fairly for our labor.
11. 'We are the salt of the earth"
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Brazil   (08.13.11)
Who is paying this guy? You are upset because you pay 2 US$ for the cream cheese? Here in Brazil it costs US$ 3 and the minimum wage is US$ 385. Demonstrators are spoiled children!
12. We're talking about a very small percantage of Israelis .5?
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (08.13.11)
The UK is collapsing because it gave much of what the protesters want. Imagine what will happen if the government sells cheap land and gives subsidies to builders. The present properties in TA will be worth less. Is that fair?
13. Ynet get real it was a small turnout
RealityCheckforYNET ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.13.11)
Police estimated the" mass" rally in Beersheva at less than ten thousand probably half from Tel Aviv Ahinoam Nin the arch leftist participation probably kept many away In all the rallies the police gave much lower figurers than organizers or you at YNET The TV reporters looked desperate as they tried to inflate the size and tried to pump up the enthusiasm . Credibility please YNET
14. Divide the organizers' claim by ten to get the real number.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
To get an idea of the true number of participants at leftist demonstrations; DIVIDE the attendance claimed by the organizers (and parroted by the leftist media) by ten. To get an ideal of the true number of participants at patriotic rallies MULTIPLY the claims of the leftist media by ten.
15. they spend 30% of GDP
Bob ,   israel   (08.14.11)
on security and another 20% on religion what'd they expect
16. To Stav Saffir
Ze'ev ,   Eshkolot   (08.14.11)
You said you were going to ". . . stop treating the center and the periphery as two different entities with different rights . . ." A good way to start doing that is to ask the State for land to build on in the periphery. There is plenty of land there, and it can be free (or almost free), for someone who sees that work, rather than complaining, is the fastest way to improve your condition. So stop being a protest leader, and start being a solution contributor.
17. 3-No way man. Sell them hot dogs and soft drinks
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.14.11) only.
18. #14, Chaim. So true. When protests were
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.14.11)
held in Rabin square (fortunally now it is under constraction) the numbers of reported participans in peace rallies, Rabin's memorials were much exaggerated. I am an eyewitness.
19. The protest has lost it's legitimacy and must end now
Zionist forever   (08.14.11)
Now it's not just about housing it's about tearing down barriers, for some I imagine this means an end to the concept of a Jewish state. This is fast turning into a political protest against Bibi personally & the bourgeois tycoons and a demand to bring back socialism. Notice the red flag in the top picture and the red banner saying העם נגד הממשלה ( people against the government ). This is politics of envy, people are jelous of the rich so they are turning them into figures of hate. If they do go through with the threats of violence then to hell with them. The government needs to tell them if there is any violence then it will not spend a single shekel because we cannot be blackmailed through use of violence. Whatever they think of this government they were democratically elected whilst not one of those protestors was elected by anybody and it's for government to pass laws not mobs. Time to end this whole protest because it is becoming counter productive. The people made themselves heard, the government has agreed to spend some money, they won't get everything because some demands are unreasonable or not practical but snome will be met. Now we need calm to let th government get on with it and not allow it to become political and turn it into a protest to bring down the government or else it will loose any legitimacy I started out with.
20. A few thousand magically becomes hundreds of thousands...
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
When the P.A. declares fictional statehood on September 20th., imagine the leftist claims about the numbers of Israeli pro-P.A. demonstrators! The ludicrous exaggerations of leftist organizers these days appear to be dry run for the P.A. statehood bid. Pro-P.A. demonstrators will be lucky to get perhaps 30,000 Israeli participants. That number will likely be juiced up to 1 to 3 million by the organizers and their friendly leftist media. A few thousand leftist demonstrators magically becomes hundreds of thousands...or millions.
21. why do they protest? There are elections in Israel.
alex   (08.14.11)
Win and change. What i dont understand is why if i smart and strong and made fortune, be panished? The whant money? Compite with me. No, they want to rob me, just like looters in London. I think we who are the engine of the word shout take stand - want live like us - compite and win.
22. Investigage the sources of the money
Brod ,   USA   (08.14.11)
Israel should investigate the sources of the AntiSemite money from the EU and the Obama machinery in funding the Leftists and Islamist-Jihadists spewing the venom of the dark forces. These elements are not loyal Israelis. They are colluding with the enemies of Israel. Israel is facing an existential threat from the Ayatollahs' nukes, and these Leftists are lulling Israel into a sitting duck position. It is time to stop these elements from becoming a tool of external forces trying to undermine Israel and its government.
23. Correct Your Focus
Joe ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
the numbersw are inflated or not is of less importance than the facts and legitimacy of the discontent. Fact: There exists a housing shortage. Fact: There is a widening gap between the "haves" and "have-nots"."Social justice" has not been a priority of the past several governments.
24. these protesters make me sick
nva ,   jerusalem   (08.14.11)
quoting: " we're in Israel. I warn you from this stage that if you fail to listen to the people, there'll be huge chaos here, the people will take over and use violence if needed." what the hell is this?? This IS ISRAEL.. ...who the hell r u to demand and threaten? in my opinion you should be jailed for incitement. A marxist revolution? Move somewhere else then ..Cuba, or Russia...but PLEASE get out of my country.
25. weird, but in a year and a few months will
ghostq   (08.14.11)
be elections, is really too late to demonstrate? as I see it Bibi is staling by the time he will seriously address the social topics you will have to go for elections.
26. Watch "The Revolution Business" youtube.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.14.11)
Is Israel next?
27. #6, Chaim. When a police officer was asked
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.14.11)
what maximum number of people Kaplan street in Tel Aviv can physically absorb the answer was 65000. Media reported about 300000
28. social activist threatens "violence".
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (08.14.11)
Beersheva "social activist" Sigal Keren threatened that there would be "VIOLENCE" if social justice demands are not met by the government. Really? Be'emet? Was she inspired by the LOndon riots, is this her vision for a new Israel? A viiolent revolution, soviet style? These protests are deteriorating into empty social demands and an attack on Netanyahu as if hecreated cost of living problems. Unemployment is 5.9% almsot half the U.S. average and the economy is doing well. Yes loosen up the economy with more competitiveness and some lower taxes but make clear proposals that might work!
29. wow
Jay ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.11)
what a heck? how can you judge from outside??? People here work much more than in U ASS A. Most people work 5.5 days in a week and earn much less. Plus what on earth you think that one can degrade someone and treat like a piece of meat just because they earn more and lead the business... my boss denied me a payrise crying that he has no money whilst next day when he did his tax return and I had to send it showed a filthy amount that was so so disgusting to see... are you surprised that people are fed up with people who treat them without dignity because the truth those who earn 6 digit salary can do it on the BACK OF THE OTHERS....that is the truth!!!! If those who work hard and earn well treat those who "serve their purpose" with dignity and give them enough to live than this would not happen!!!
30. No justice from the selfish Rothschilds.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.14.11)
They created the state just to profit from the conflict between Jews and Arabs. What has the Illuminati done for the bottomline of Israelis? Nothing! They are the primary shareholders at the Bank of Israel, and are raping the people in taxes.
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