Abbas, Peres held '4 secret meetings'
Published: 14.08.11, 08:30
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1. democracy, something that palis do not
ghostq   (08.14.11)
understand, president can't make any move against the gov decition, and the palis system do not act democraticly, so they think Peres was the one who cancelled.
2. His friends are our enemies.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.14.11)
That just about sums up the career of Shimon Peres.
3. Silly Abbas! Next time, he should try the Israeli government
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.14.11)
And Peres is sillier yet. He should have just turned Abbas around and point him in the right direction - to the Israeli government. Both of them - SHAMELESS.
4. Vision, Courage and Trust Building
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (08.14.11)
There are some lines of communication open between the parties. The Palestinians haven't submitted the bid to the UN yet. The bid hasn't been vetoed by the US on behalf of the Israelis just yet. A Third Intifada has not broken out just yet. Thousands and then millions haven't been sucked into the vortex of evil resulting from lack of vision, courage and trust building at the top just yet. Either the people at the top can do the job or they can't. If they can't, find someone that can !
5. Old intrigant.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.14.11)
6. Negotiations?
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (08.14.11)
All the press releases say that Netanyahu wants talks between Israel and the Palestinians. But this says he doesn't and put a stop to attempts to have talks. Which is it? Is Peres not Israeli enough for Abbas to talk with? Or was the problem that Peres was listening too, instead of just dictating? What does Netanyahu mean when he says the PA should show up for talks? Last time he refused to allow his reps to even tough the envelope that contained PA ideas. Now he says everything will be peachy if just the PA abandons the UN effort and returns for talks. He must have some new definition of what talks means. Maybe there is an Arabic word he should use; the Palestinians sure don't understand his English anymore than I do. Maybe he's using something other than American English? Who knows?
7. Abbas worried about Peres.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.14.11)
Rumor has it that Abbas is worried that Shimon Peres has ambitions to become the President of Palestine. After all,Peres has done much more than Abbas to further the creation of a Palestinian state. While some analysts discount these fears because Peres is Jewish, others are not so sure. They point to posters showing Peres wearing a keffiyah & the growing number of Israelis who call him Abu Peres. Besides being President of Israel, Peres has long been the chief Palestinian negotiator to Israel, a position that gives him an advantage over Abbas. Only Obama is seen as a more credible rival, available after 2012. A spokesman for Peres in Ramallah denies the allegations.
8. According to the Basic Law to insure the apolitical
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.14.11)
nature of president role the "president may neither intervene politically nor express personal views on issues that devide the public."
9. I am confused about something.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.14.11)
Is this article supposed to discredit Peres or to discredit Netanyahu? I mean, normal people will find it pretty awful that Peres, who occupies a purely ceremonial & unelected position, is trying to usurp the authority of both the PM & the FM - both elected democratically. On the other hand, the small & marginalized minority of the Leftist persuasion might understand this as a criticism of Netanyahu for not allowing someone with no authority whatsoever to make deals with an enemy political entity. In some countries, most notably among our rather undemocratic neighbors, such behavior would most likely be condemned as treason & the person imprisoned or shot. In the more enlightened world, such a person would be dismissed from office. But, in Israel's bizarre political world, such behavior is par for the course.
10. Meeting with Peres
Mike ,   Rehovot , Israel   (08.14.11)
Defines the meaning of an exercise in futility.
11. Why am I not surprised?
Sandy ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
12. Peres and Abbas -which is the greater enemy of Israel?
Yanni   (08.14.11)
I'd have to say Peres, because he's an internal enemy
13. To quote Itzhak Rabin:
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.11)
Peres is a tireless backstabber.
14. Israels left has alot to thank Abbas for
zionist forever   (08.14.11)
The protests currently going on in Israel will almost certainly result in a rebirth of the left in Israeli politics and up until te protests started all the polls were showing the left loosing even more seats. These protests have turned it all around. One of the main reasons the atmosphere which allowed these protests to take place is because there is no peace process taking centre stage in Israeli politics.. No peace process distractions has allowed people to think about other things which have been bottled up for years because the peace process has taken priority over everything. As for Peres holding his secret meetings, its pointless. Abbas has said straight that unless Israel agrees to every one of his demands which he will be making of the UN in advance then negotiations of no negotiations he is going to the UN. Poor Peres can't accept the final nail is going to be hammered into the oslo coffin September 20th.
15. Peres is very dangerous for Israel...
Amir ,   Netanya, Israel   (08.14.11)
That guy would do anything for public attention... Have you noticed that every time he had a meeting with president Obama, the U.S. had a new demand for Israel? It's just amazing that people in Israel are so blind...
16. 9
zionist forever   (08.14.11)
Terry If Peres is holding all these secret meetings he will be doing it because he was sent by Bibi who will have also laid down the guidelines which Peres much adhere to so he can't offer Abbas anything Bibi would reject. Bibi is desperate to stop Abbas going to the UN because he knows if he does this region is going out the frying pan and into the fire but unfortunately not even senile old Peres will be able to stop Abbas.
17. In any case, for an Israeli voter(stupid enugh to think that
tom ,   tel aviv   (08.14.11)
he/she is "influencing" our collective fate) this means, that our gov. does what it wants through "back-doors" or can't control the same doors so intrigants like Shimon won't be able to do their tricks. Next voting day: take a hike in the Nature!
18. Treason
sbenard ,   Bountiful, USA   (08.14.11)
Do Israelis not consider cavorting and negotiating with the enemy to be an act of treason? Even today, the PA has reaffirmed that it will never accept a two-state solution. Peres is a traitor to his own country!
19. Just wondering
August 14. 2011   (08.14.11)
when that silly old man peres was going to open his mouth. Can't some body please take control and tell Peres where he should be... with the cows at pasture!
20. "abbas, peres met".
(a) wonder ,   our entire world.   (08.14.11)
in this case, it has to can/it has to be possible (although (president) shimon peres has not been elected by the zionistic population/electorate, to represent them. the present zionistic cabinet/coalition of likud, yjsrael beiteinu, labor, shas etc. was elected by the zionist population in 2009, in an election, which was organized by zionism in the western-asianic world-region.) the elections on the palestinian side until now were also human work, and also have/ can (to) be better from now on, according to real, full and maximum (possible) democracy. the behavior of the entire population/people (on a certain territory) is the (basic) written law/ rule for a just and good functioning democracy.
21. Just take a look at them!
August 14. 2011   (08.14.11)
Three (3) old goats trying to get the last word in. At least Abbas can't get his say as old fella Peres seems to be doing all the talking as usual. Can Bibi not put a bitt in the mouth of Peres. And why is the silly old trottle allowed to interfere with what is going on??? Ach, menschens kind!!!!!
22. Peres is a TRAITOR...
Ash ,   Army of darkness   (08.14.11)
23. What did Peres ask Abbas to deliver and he refused...??
JBI ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
And, with their on-going refusal it is time to set up a new Jewish city, this time in the Jordan Valley, one that would be able to serve the agricultural communities there and will make the simple statement: we are here to stay.
24. Whole article only about a anonymous Palestinian official
Rebecca Johnstone ,   Modiin   (08.14.11)
Who says they actually did meet? And who suggested it? And did Netanyahu know? So many questions from an article that might have no truth in it at all.
25. There is a term for extra legal
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.14.11)
formulation and engagement in individual self actuated foreign policy and diplomacy, sans the assignment and prior approval of the legally constituted elected government. I readily admit that my Ivrit is not advanced to include that word. There are some places where separate but equal is really, REALLY not on the menu. Cchef Peres appears not to realize that he is not the serving Prime Minister. Sanctions are due.
26. peres meets abbas
moron ,   galut   (08.14.11)
oslo again only this time peres isnt elected..israeli press says bibi gave peres nothing for abbas but why should israel pay anything just to talk?what did abbas give and when is his election?...when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas!
27. Peres is not the government
Brod ,   USA   (08.14.11)
Peres should stop meeting with Abbas. He is not the government of Israel. It is time the PM takes control of his government and not allow Peres meeting with the scoundrels.
28. Preparing the ground for Oslo II
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.14.11)
Peres and Beilin, contrary to Israeli law and without authorization, carried out a series of secret meetings with Arafat and his henchmen, later presenting the agreements as a fait accompli to Rabin, ultimately leading to the Oslo Accords - perhaps the most bone-headed agreement since Munich. This time it would appear he's operating with some authorization from Netanyahu, perhaps laying the groundwork for talks based on the "Obama guidelines" and another formal construction freeze. Netanyahu showed some backbone months ago after meeting with Obama. *That* was the Bibi the country needs. What happened to him?
29. PM Peres - another exercise in futility
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.14.11)
30. Peres undermines security of Israel
RAYS ,   USA   (08.14.11)
Meeting secretly with another head of state would not be tolerated in any sensible, self respecting country.The President surely means well , but acts as though he is about all other mortals. No such meeting should be conducted secretly in a democratic country.
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