Pollard's ex-wife: I'm starved for food
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 14.08.11, 12:11
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1. Why wait for handouts ? Isn't this lady
miri ,   israel   (08.14.11)
capable of getting some type of employment ? I wish her the best.
2. she isn't a smooth operator is she?
3. Never enough...
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (08.14.11)
Don't we all know, the money is never enough? Now, how much a pensioner from USSR gets to cover the rent? I've heard, it's about 800 shekels, which covers about a third of a rent for delapidated 2-room app in Rishon. What is a monthly provision for a pensioner to live on? Again, as I hear, it's around 2000 shekels - if you are lucky. So what's the problem with this woman? Has she got an unalienable RIGHT to live in the very center of Tel Aviv? Has she never learnt to count her money before spending it? Blame Netaniyahu for this as well!
4. pollard
colin   (08.14.11)
Mrs Polard thought she can live above her means and then cries that she lives in poverty !! Damn filthy liar. She gets what many pensioners can only dream about-ten thousand a month ? and her flat paid for by the government Someone must tell her to go to hell and ask for more money.
5. We take care of OUR Pollard, Israelis
Cameron ,   USA   (08.14.11)
You drop the ball with yours?
6. This story does not add up
Israeli grandma   (08.14.11)
I think this report is a jumble of disinformation and distorted facts. Unless Mrs. P's health problems are mental, she is a responsible adult and must be concealing essential details about how she got into this situation, if it truly is as presented in the article. And why should she require to live in the centre of overpriced TA, when she has access to an apartment in Ramat Gan? The whole story does not make sense. Is it just more attention seeking behaviour? And as another writer points out, she can get some kind of paid employment to help herself. English is a very useful skill here for a start.
7. 6 Israeli grandma: Trying to get a job when you are old is
Rivkah   (08.14.11)
difficult. Try it and you will find out how hard that is. Obviously, you haven't had to look for work as a single old woman with a name like Pollard. Spies are despised in the country they betray and in the country they spy for. General Benedict Arnold learned that sad lesson when he went to England after betraying the Americans in the Revolutionary War. He was hated continually in England and sure didn't die appreciated or rich.
8. Show Charity to Her
Brod ,   USA   (08.14.11)
The well-to-do in Israel should show charity to this lady whose husband sacrificed his life in defense of Israel. Why should her fridge be empty? Where are the charity organizations in Israel? Where are the Judeo-Christian organizations there? Surely, they could help her too. Meanwhile, She deserves a pension from the government of Israel for the work and sacrifice that her husband did for Israel. You have to take care of your own people who are in need.
9. Why are you in TA?
Gil ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.14.11)
For half that rent you can have a lovely place with a view in Haifa. Not that I want you up here, but still. You live in TA you make your own poverty.
10. This should be published in every American paper so
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.14.11)
That future traitors of there country should no that this could happen to there spouse. Pollard is an American and will die in an American prison. It would be wise for Israeli's to focus on Galit Shalit because he is an Israeli. Take care of your Israeli citizens and leave American convicts alone.
11. Ex Mrs Pollard
roxie ,   israel   (08.14.11)
She should stop crying, she gets more to live on then most of us make for the same time frame. Let her try living on what we do as a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 teens) we struggle on 750 sheckles a week having to cover all our bills from that too. So Stop complaining Mrs Pollard If we had the help that you get we would be happy!
12. Welcome to Israel honey
Hellooo ,   Tel Aviv   (08.14.11)
Do you think maybe you need to WORK? Or at least find a cheaper place to live?
13. wait a minute....
Ita ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
she gets what? let's see: 1. NIS 10,000 a month for herself 2. an additional NIS 5,000 a month for her father 3. a free apartment 4. free medical care 5. handouts from her supporters and she's divorced from Pollard? Does this woman know that she has a better benefits package than the benefits package which the IDF gives to the widow of a general (aluf) who fell in the line of duty? and she's stilly winching and whining! oh that's just too rich for me! pack up the ungrateful one and send her back to America!
14. This is nothing new.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.14.11)
There are many living on the edge in Israel. Unfortunately, the wealthy elite did not create a fair country for all Jews to live in. Don't expect justice there.
15. Roxie #11
Brod ,   USA   (08.14.11)
Is your spouse in prison by AntiSemites?
16. Stuff for thinking
Yoav ,   Germany   (08.14.11)
A good friend of my, which served in IDF told that his salary was lower, to compare to arab (so called palis) which are in the Israeli prisons. More over the state spend money for their education, good food etc. Meanwhile we see that the hole Israel is shaking by the Demos, were the people claim the better social standarts. The funny story is, that no mankind in Gaza is starving. There a lot of thing going wrong right now in Israel and they must be change that the JEWS have a better life.
17. Pollard's wife
Debbie ,   Israel   (08.14.11)
Something is very very fishy with this story. The area she mentions, the corner of Nordau and Dizengoff, happens to be an extremely high rent area. Although it is not fancy by American standards, in Israel it is considered a very swanky address. The rents here are atrocious, because it is considered the center/north of Tel Aviv, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Why does she not move to a different area? There are plenty of other neighborhoods, even other towns, or moshavs, where she could live quite nicely on that amount. Of course I don't know all the details, but if this is the problem, MOVE!!!
18. Pollards's ex wife
debbie ,   israel   (08.14.11)
First of all, Roxie, how in the world are you living on NIS 750 per week for a family of four? This is not even one minimum salary paycheck, and you are two adults, plus two teens who can work. I don't get this at all. If that is what you're earning, you surely qualify for some type of aid? Also, someone here asks "where are the charity organizations?" Well, there is no way she will appear on any of their lists, since she's living one person in an apt where the rent is $1,300. She does not qualify for charity. The first thing they will tell her is MOVE. Move, to another cheaper neighborhood, cheaper city, or even a moshav. This is one of the highest rent districts, in a very very expensive city. I'm not sure why this article was writen or why it appears here.
19. Nordau/Dizengoff?? Why??
Noa   (08.14.11)
You can hardly find a more expensive place to live. Move and you will have money left.
20. Yoav & this has to do with this
Yoav you are completely off point. Further your IDF friend is telling you a story. Professional soldiers and officers make an excellent salary with excellent benefit package - it is the main reason that the Defense budget is so large! So if he's claiming he's poor he's telling you a story! and by the way don't preach at us we'll manage on our own!
21. has anyone every actually determined if she's Jewish?
I mean for years there were stories that her mother isn't Jewish and we all know what that means! So what's the real story here? Is she still looking to bleed the State of Israel dry for her husband's two bits of information? gees...some people!
22. mrs pollard
moron ,   galut   (08.14.11)
when he is released expect even more demands--these two are a pair...govt should not waste political capital on him or support her more than at present at expense of others..
23. Jonathan ,...
split ,   US   (08.14.11)
stay where you're, at least you got a roof over your head, a comfy bed , three square meals a day, a medical and dental care,...
24. should have saved some of..
phil ,   the free world   (08.14.11)
.. the cash her ex-husband was PAID for betraying his country free vanunu
25. Stop it with the "dumb blonde" photos...
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.14.11)
if you turn her upside down, you will find that she is a brunette... with bad breath.
26. Debbie #17, 18
Brod ,   USA   (08.14.11)
How does she move when she is new to the area and does not know the places there that well? Someone who cares should give her proper advice and guidance.
27. To #21
I know Mrs. Pollard was active in both Jewish and Zionist organizations during her childhood and teenage years. She comes from a wonderful Jewish family. Her mother was a Cohen. Next thing you'll write is that Mr. Pollard is not Jewish. Where do you live, and are you Jewish?
28. my mother,z"l would say "She's ducked in the mind!"
and then she'd add: "sorry to the ducks, I just can bring myself to say the other word" I miss my mom and you know she was a lady, and that lady thing is something I have a feeling that the first Mrs. Pollard has no idea about!
29. Brod this is her 2nd attempt at aliyah...she's been here b4!
We've been here b4! when she was first released she came to live here and left because we didn't give her all of the honors that a traitor's wife deserves. this story just tires all of us out. woman's a sick sick she can't even write puppy papers!
30. Mrs. Pollard's treatment from the government
Israel   (08.14.11)
The government destroys her life, she sits 5 years in prison, has years of medical problems, no electric, lost an American lifestyle and the prime minister's answer to her life is she should live in a cramped, run-down one bedroom apartment with her father in Ramat Gan? How come the other people from the "Affair" who never sat in jail for 1 day are all multi-millionaires and own homes, and she's supposed to share a one bedroom apartment with her father?
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