PA eyes 'protest blitz' ahead of September
Elior Levy
Published: 14.08.11, 17:06
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1. Too late ? For what ?
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.14.11)
Can Abbas take by force what Israel has not accepted to give? No. Can the UN take by force what Israel has not accepted to give? No. Can the UN resolution be applied while the US veto is in force ? No. So what`s all that fuss about ?
2. UN Recognition
Marcel & Sarah B ,   Florida / U.S.A / IL   (08.14.11)
Enforcing this decision will never go thru thats for sure. It will open up and cause a pissflap of delays shafting deepnhard like a train piston thru the batttycleft.
3. Protest all you want....there will be no "Palestine".
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.14.11)
Except in what is known today as Jordan.
4. We should have a Global Protest Blitz Against Giving Any
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (08.14.11)
more money to the Palestinian Authority/Hamas terrorist organizations. Not one more dollar to PA/Hamas! America, Europe, and the UK have very severe financial problems, but instead of taking care of our nations' peoples, the money is given to the PA/Hamas instead. It is immoral and evil. Palestinian Authority/Hamas fill their war chests, build mansions and laugh all the way to the bank with free infidel money. Whilst Americans who have lost their jobs are homeless and live in tent cities. Spend tax dollars instead on planting non-gmo, organic fruit, nut and avocado trees and berries in all of our nations' parks to help Americans, Europeans and Brits in need of nutritious food.
5. The post at No. 2 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.14.11)
Mine is forthcoming shortly.
6. they live for this kind of stuff
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.14.11)
they won't actually try to accomplish anything constructive on their own, but rather they can only try to tear down what others do (must come from years of living on the dole of the international community).
7. no reason to continue oslo accords; time to swap of refugees
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (08.14.11)
annexation and then a swap of jewish and arab refugees. The jewish refugees from arab nations has already taken place, it is now time for the balance of the exchange. Israel needs to concentrate for on weaning itself from dependence. It must be ready for sanctions which will occur whatever the appeasers wish to give. Israel now only needs energy independence and self interested alliances with foreign govts. Israel must be ready to use its military in a bold fashion.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.14.11)
With these losers it's always PR, isn't it? Pallywood is more important, than achieving their goals. They can say 6 words and sit down and talk peace with Israel. But then that wouldn't get the PR they need. As the Palestinians said themselves in this article: ""If we look at it from a certain angle, you Israelis brought September upon yourselves," a Palestinian official said." That "certain angle" is lying to the world and to demonize Israel. Making it appear as if Israel is at fault. So again I'll start class. I call it Pallywood 101. Go to the top of your page and type in the word, "Pallywood", into your address bar, press "Enter". Watch the video, then apply that concept to every story you have ever read or seen from Palestinian sources. There is no rebuttal from the Arabs, why? Because Israel tells the truth, they don't have to lie to get sympathy. The truth does just fine. So this is just another cheap attempt to distract the public from the truth (the Pals are at fault for the failure). The Pals know this bid is DOA, just like the this summer's 2nd phony "floptilla". All talk, but the world learned the truth from last year (2010), and they weren't going for it. Only the most hard core anti-Israel crowd jumped on that doomed bandwagon. CASE CLOSED
9. Nora #1: Another Obvious Question
American Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (08.14.11)
is whether Israel can keep what she has and continues to take by force without any international support including our USA? Reality will prevail! Please return to true Judaism ...
10. No other palestine
Ken ,   Australia   (08.14.11)
After this fails , that will be the end of it, they will have to become absorbed into the arab world and we must see to it, Israel is only for the jews, we can no longer entertain anymore of this , jorden will have to absorb the west bank and egypt the gaza strip.
11. No one is gonna give you a country, make it yourselves
D   (08.14.11)
12. arafat was a fool not to take what was foolishly offered.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.14.11)
Now Israel is in a position to offer any terms and the arabs are not smart enough to take even that so they will have nothing.
13. Palestine
Andres Bachrach ,   Kfarsaba il.   (08.14.11)
Free Palestine will solve the refugee problem all arab refugees.will have their own country .to return and settle down. Andi mihakfar
14. ****************initiative**********************************
I LOVE ISRAEL ,   @   (08.14.11)
this is for somebody who speaks english and lives outside israel: please open a FB group and organize non- violent pro- israel demonstraitions. where you and the people who will join you 1/sing for peace (hevenu shalom aleichem, od yavo shalom alynu....) 2/ carrying the israeli flag 3/ explaining to the public the palestinians chose war over peace 4/ bring a camera and documente it so pro- palestinian activist wouldn't make stuff up like they always try to do!!!!
jews 4 israel```````   (08.14.11)
16. if you come across such a demonstration where you live....
Barbara ,   Florida, USA   (08.14.11)
just sing!!!! sing hatikva, hevenu shalom alichem, song for peace, yachad ect. sing laud and proud!!!!! sing 4 israel!!!!!
17. if you come across these protesters just sing hey jew:
JEW 4 ISRAEL ,   CA, USA   (08.14.11)
And any time you feel the pain, Hey Jew, refrain Don't carry the world upon your shoulders For well you know that it's an arab fool who plays it cool By making your world a little colder na na na na na na na hey jew
18. Annex
mary snow ,   usa   (08.14.11)
If the PA gies through thier threat to go to the UN and Declare a state annex all of Area B and C. Doing nothing as Barak the US puppet suggest will be the end of Israel it will be suicide.
19. observation on #9
daze ,   US   (08.14.11)
Poster #9 is obviously tony jutner
20. All agression must end completely
Tom Bressler ,   Omaha usa   (08.14.11)
Or you will be nothing more than a defeated , occupied and restricted Nation... All attacks on Jews and Israel must end ... The consequences will be much more severe for a Nation.
21. Abbas should send Lieberman a gift basket
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.14.11)
He has done an excellent job isolating Israel. And some of you want him as your PM, then claim the left wing wants to destroy Israel... Lol
22. #9 American Jew
Rachel ,   US   (08.14.11)
You're definitely part of the problem.
23. I DARE SAY ABBAS......
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.14.11)
...will get ANOTHER new suit for the occasion. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
24. give them
jews of israel   (08.14.11)
give them an inch and they will want a mile!
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (08.14.11)
Console yiourself, your hot air will ignored by all parties Nobody thinks very much of anyone that refuses to go home to help out
26. Gog and Magog is taking place
hadad ,   U.K   (08.14.11)
27. to no.21
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.14.11)
I wonder what makes you so proud of what has become of Lebanon... Is it the fact,that it has been run over, destroyed, occupied and ruled by hisbollah for almost 2 decades now, "Lebanon Pride" in Canada ? Are you proud of the hisbollah for murderring Hariri and turning this beautiful country into a terror state, holding the Lebaneese people hostage ? If you are, you need to adjust your screen name...
28. #25: Ben Jabo
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.14.11)
That's the best you can come up with for every single comment, huh? Seems you can't argue what I say, hmmmm.... I win :) but keep trying, okay.
29. Ignorance of the UNGA is shared by E. Levy
Daran ,   UK   (08.14.11)
"Palestinians may have wider support within the General Assembly, but its decisions are declarative only" opines in this article. "“those who believe that the UN General Assembly’s deliberations are of a solely declarative importance are mistaken.” Gabriela Shalev, the former Israeli ambassador to the UN, told a rival newspaper. You choose whom you think more authoritive
30. to.21
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (08.14.11)
Your criticism of Lieberman, is nothing but another confirmation, that He is doing something good and necessary. We have been isolated and singled out for hundreds of years...What else is new, #21 ? Trying to appease our enemies has never worked for us and never will. It pleases me to get thru you, that Lieberman is doing something good for our Jewish Nation and our Homeland ! Thank you very much...And Yes, I don't see a better candidate, then Avigdor L. for the office of PM of Israel at the moment...
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