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Netanyahu urges: Oppose Palestinians' UN bid
Itamar Eichner
Published: 15.08.11, 09:20
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1. the receivers should ask him for a copy of the 51st letter..
eporue ,   europe   (08.15.11)
...the one to abbas...
2. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has no credibility
Haim ,   TA   (08.15.11)
The former child beater / night club bouncer from Moldavia currently under police investigation for money laundering is seen as some what of a joke amongst international diplomatic circles. Instead of sending Liberman the clown the Israeli goverment should reconsider its options.
3. Tzipi?
Oniel ,   London, UK   (08.15.11)
Funny how Tzipi Livni's name wasn't mentioned. Oh yeah, of course - this initiative to defend the State of Israel will do nothing to further her own personal career goals. She is like a thick plank of wood seperating the country in two at a time when we desperately need to be united. The sooner the people of Israel see through her, the sooner the country will move forward.
4. Very Good !
Jonathan   (08.15.11)
Of course this bid is just a way of NOT negotiating... trying to take it all. Glad we are clarifying that...
5. What happens to them if those forty....
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
...heads of state do not react to Bibi`s letter? Nooooothing !
6. Oh, this should do it...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.15.11)
I mean, sending out Lieberman, Ayalon, Yaalon, etc. should DEFINITELY turn the vote around. The fact that it is exactly BECAUSE of these men, the positions they have taken, the things they have said, etc. that the vast majority of the nations of the world will be voting FOR Palestinian statehood is totally of no consequence.
7. #2 libel
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
Why do you invent a lie about "child beating"? If you believe in what you write, have the guts to give your full name and address so that Lieberman's lawyers can serve you papers for a libel suit. As for "police investigation", why don't you mention that the "investigation" has been going on for years, the police haven't found any evidence, and the court forced the AG to close most of the investigations?
8. When Ayalon travels, does he bring
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (08.15.11)
the famous short legged sofa with him?
9. Israel's NEW friends (all of a sudden)!
August 15. 2011   (08.15.11)
Israel tell all of your new so-called friends to go to Hell. If you need their help, you can call them. With G-d on your side and taking very good care of His chosen people, why is Israel lickin' the A.... of those filthy arabs? Israel, look up! not down to trash - put a match to them! Bet this won't see the light of day!
10. to # 7- this is an easy one.
Daniel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.15.11)
If Lieberman wants to sue for defamation of character (how on earth could there be such a case when he HAS no character?), Lieberman need go no further than Wikipedia. They're pretty easy to find. From Wikipedia: "On September 24, 2001, Lieberman acknowledged in the Jerusalem District Court that he attacked a twelve-year-old youth from Tekoa, who had hit his son. The incident occurred in December, 1999 in the Nokdim settlement. His son told him that three boys hit him. Lieberman located one of the boys in a trailer and hit him in the face. After the boy fell and was injured, the defendant grabbed him by the shirt-collar and arm, took him back to his parent’s home in Tekoa and threatened that he would attack him again if he returned to Nokdim.[109][110] He was charged with assaulting and threatening him. Lieberman was convicted based on his own confession in the context of a plea bargain. His attorney asked the judges, in the context of the arrangement, to restrict his punishment to a fine amid the defendant’s promise that he will not commit such an act in the future. The judge ultimately ruled that Lieberman must pay the child a compensation of 10,000 shekels, and an additional fine of 7,500 shekels."
11. #10
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
You admit that you used "child beater" out of context to denigrate Lieberman. You now admit that what really happened is that the Israeli police failed in their job in protecting an innocent boy so the boy's parent had no choice but to take the law in his own hand. And you forgot to comment on the Court ordering the AG to stop persecuting Lieberman with fruitless investigations looking for non-existent evidence of non-existent crimes.
12. A waste of time
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (08.15.11)
Why bother? Israel has a history of flouting UN resolutions and international law. Why would this one be different?
13. to #11 Thank you so much...
Daniel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.15.11)
for revealing to a new group of readers just how far gone you are (as if being a supporter of Lieberman were not indication enough!). If it was necessary for this child beater to "take the law into his own hands," then why did the court find that he BROKE the law and order him to pay the child a significant sum of money? Oh, and perhaps you missed it, but the AG IS prosecuting Lieberman. Don't know how you didn't see it. It was in all the papers and on all the sites. This time next year, he should be in prison. Finally!!
14. #7 Israeli Israeli apparently on a cruise in Egypt
Haim ,   TA   (08.15.11)
When you come back from your crusie holiday in Egypt" In De Nile" i suggest you look up Liberman in google its all their for the world to see, Child beating , money laudering well what should we expect from a foreign minster whose resume includes former night club bouncer. Guess the old saying is right, show me your friends and i will know who you are. Hopefully Liberman will be behind bars soon where he belongs, not before he explains to the atorney general how all those millions appeared in his daughters bank account. Still it makes a change from beating a 12 year old dosent it?
15. Israel should stop letting the PA jerk her chain
Isaac   (08.15.11)
The more that Israel hyperventilates about the PA going to the UNGA for a vote (forget the Security Council attempt; the US is going to veto that attempt.), the more that the PA jerks Israel's chain and proceeds.
16. #13, #14
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
I am not a Lieberman supporter, but that isn't the issue. Last I heard was back in April police recommended (for the tenth time) to charge Lieberman. I guessed I missed the AGs decision since then. Please send a link. As for the child-beater. Do you guys call Shai Dromi "a murderer"? His story is exactly the same.
17. #13, #14 the coin dropped
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
After I sent off a first response to you, I realize that we can never agree because of the different world views between Left and Zionists of what a Jew should be. Leftists condemn Lieberman and Dromi for breaking the law to defend themselves, and praise Arik Karp (zl) for being "a good Jew" and depending on the police. Zionists praise Lieberman and Dromi, and regret that Karp did not have the means to defend himself.
18. #17- You REALLY are ignorant.
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.11)
I and many other individuals who genuinely care about Israel and are wise enough to be on the left have served Israel. (I wonder if you do anything "for the state" other than post ignorant, misguided talkbacks.) I was, am, and always will be a Zionist. It is a jaded, ugly view that deems persons of the left not to be Zionists. I can introduce you to many disabled veterans who are leftists and parents of soldiers who were killed defending Eretz Yisrael who are leftists. You are not worthy to carry their garbage out.
19.  recognition of a Palestinian state will harm the
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (08.15.11)
peace process" writes Bibi. Don't you think some of these leaders will know that there is no peace process to harm and thus the UN initative?
20. #18
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.15.11)
What is your opinion of what happened to Dromi? What is your opinion of Israelis who took foreign money to stop "Cast Lead" before Gilad was free? What is your opinion of protesters who condemned Shayetet13 and supported IHH? What is your opinion of Professors who demand international Boycott of Israel? There used to be Leftists who were Zionist, but I haven't seen them in years. Answer these questions and we can see if they still exist. And before you talk, maybe I was a commander or soldier of your disabled friends?
21. a form of a palestinian state etc.
(a) wonder ,   (free) world/globe.   (08.15.11)
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