Spectacular Hercules statue found in Jezreel Valley
Shai Zamir
Published: 16.08.11, 08:02
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1.  Jezreel Valley Rail Line uncovers Hercules
Jerudavid2000@yahoo. ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.16.11)
New rail line uncovers more history of the Jezreel (Armageddon Valley)
2. Hercules was a Palestinian ....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.16.11)
His real name was Abu Mamzer & he was Arafat's boyfriend, I mean, body-guard. This is a Zionist plot to cover up Palestinian history.
3. #2
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (08.16.11)
Terry, Terry, Terry--how dare you "steal" Salma's proclamation. ---but then again we steal everything according to her ( and those like her)
4. second century A.D.
Mark ,   USA   (08.16.11)
second century A.D.
5. That's not Herc!
Steve N ,   Dallas texas   (08.16.11)
Ummm... Beefy muscled torso, holding dead lion, found in a dig in Israel, seems Just like a statue of DAVID to me! Perhaps a political bias is causing a case of mistaken identity. Just sayin'.
6. Hercules
Scamp ,   Baltimore, USA   (08.16.11)
He is Greek....any other claim shows stupidity of mythology.
7. Samson
Mike ,   Texas, USA   (08.16.11)
It would make more sense that it is Samson and not Hercules being that it is in Israel. He also had an encounter with a lion.
8. A curious omission
Kevin Killion ,   Chicago USA   (08.16.11)
Uh, it has no head. That seems like a surprising omission from the text of the article.
9. Hercules
Anton ,   NY,USA   (08.16.11)
It was Putin who dsicovered that historical statue.
10. #4 It is CE, stranger.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (08.17.11)
This is once YNET got it right.
11. #10 no, it's not.
ha'Navi ,   golan   (08.17.11)
according to all scholastic and academic writing styles, it is A.D. C.E. is just a silly annotation used by overly politically correct people who are afraid of admitting that it is "the year of our lord." do some research next time.
12. 5. That's not Herc!
Liana ,   Athens Greece   (08.18.11)
Left foot in front is typical for Curoi and standing Greek statues!
13. No Head
Barzilai ,   Chicago, IL   (08.19.11)
Hercules' head wasn't really important, pretty much just a vestigial organ, as is the case in most body builders. Same thing with Venus. Who needs a head?
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