Turkey issues 'final word' to Syria
Published: 15.08.11, 20:47
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1. turkey issue...
les ,   canada   (08.15.11)
"out of touch with reality", or TOO MUCH IN MUCH IN TOUCH? all assad have to do to watch bbc (the garbage) network, and take a good look at the mubarak family......ENOUGH SAID!
2. assad living in his father's murderous insantity with help
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.15.11)
from fools like obumma who sit on their hands and wonder what they should do.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.15.11)
Look out!! Darthvaderglu is coming. THREE CHEERS OR ISRAEL!!
4. The son of David
John ,   Seychelles   (08.15.11)
Davutoglu means the son of David
5. Turkey will be bombing Assad soon. A movie script.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.15.11)
Turkey is a member of NATO, knowing what to do, how and when to intervene in Syria. The first thing Turkey will need is Israeli drones for taking pictures of Syria from high elevation overflights. Israel will be glad to sell the pilotless drones, thus resuming its friendly relations with Turkey. Once Assad is gone (to Spain?), a friendly government will come to existence in Syria and a tripple alliance will ensue: Turkey + Israel + Syria. There will be a huge hafla next Purim time. A script for a movie? Call it "Syriana Two -- the Nirvana."
6.  Make your move, Turks
Cameron ,   USA   (08.15.11)
Roll right into Damascus. Oh I definitely want to see whether Erdogan can do more than run his mouth & play games. Lets see if Turkey really is a player.
7. Excellent
Yoav ,   Vancouver, Canada   (08.15.11)
With Turkey having legitimate reasons for pursuing a military conflict with Syria, a regional war will erupt. Sadly, Israel will be hit with missiles from Gaza, Lebanon, Iran and Syria. While everyone else is keeping their eyes on the major conflict with NATO and the axis of evil, Israel will have an excellent opportunity to do: 1) Annex Judea and Shomrone. Deport the Jordanians back to their homeland. 2) Liquidate Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist entities in Lebanon and Gaza. 3) Retain national unity and belief in the government that has been damaged. 4) Restore relations with international community. Many people will die.
8. Get ready...
Vlad   (08.15.11)
For Turkish intervention in Syria and Syria's absorption into Turkey's sphere of influence.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.15.11)
David had plenty of them and they weren't all wise and good,by any means. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
10. Thats what they said two months ago
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.15.11)
Talk tough and do nothing and then repeat the same threat again and again so that the masses think the useless global community is serious. It's easier for them to push Israel around and tell them where they can't build homes than to arrest Sudan's genocidal Omar al Bashir or the murderers of Lebanon's ex P.M. Rafik Harari.
11. the only thing turkey is good for.......
Robert ,   farmington,usa   (08.15.11)
Ye I can really see turkey bombing or attacking syria , Ye right . the only thing Turkey is good for is thanksgiving.
12. 'Final Word'?
Steve ,   USA   (08.15.11)
Tomorrow Turkey will announce 'No more final words' then the next day they will announce 'Syria must stop', then so on and so on.....Actions not words Turkey!
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (08.15.11)
Meaningless hot air .Turkey will not do jack .
14. its a set up!!
jeremy ,   Canada   (08.15.11)
At the end of all these "protests", One demand from all these arab countries will be made loud and clear. They will all say that the only way to calm the situations both past and future will be to allow for the palestinians right to return. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and so on never accepted palestinians into their country's fold (like any civilized country). they will all start to blame Israel (as per usual) saying that these protesters are terrorists and many come from the refugee camps. Just wait and watch. All these protests will be blamed on Israel. whether they be in arab countries or western countries like the U.K.
15. # 5 Michael Drones
Atilla ,   istanbul   (08.15.11)
Turkey has unveiled its new drone made in turkey which is better than Israel's.Its name is ANKA.You can search.
16. To #15
Marty ,   Toronto Canada   (08.15.11)
Somehow I doubt Turkey has the tech savvy to develop "better" drones. So far the only tech from Turkey we see here in North America are crappy Turkish dried figs in the grocery store.
17. Atilla#15--
Pazzi Mann ,   NY NY   (08.16.11)
Sorry Mr. Attila, but the technology for the drones was invented in Israel. So even if the Turks can develop their own drones....the technology is still ours! However, we would be delighted to see the Turks kick the Pushtt Assad's got!
18. Atilla , istanbul#15
john   (08.16.11)
Turkey's drones should be known as ANKA Kites.No wind no fly
19. #15 Atilla
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (08.16.11)
Copying someone elses' invention is not something to be proud of. Chinese are copying everything. Do you think any country respects them for that? Please think about your posts before you write them. Erdogan will not do anyhting to stop the killing. He should ask for Assad to be tried in court for murder if he was serious about it. He's just all talk and a good showman. You guys are just getitng played by him and Mahmood. You have to face Iran if you attack Syria. You need our help more than ever now.
20. Turkey's drone are as good as the
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (08.16.11)
Turkey we cook every Thanksgiving.
Mark ,   t.a.Israel   (08.16.11)
22. #15 Atilla -- I found reference to Turkish drone on YnetNews
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.16.11),7340,L-3920887,00.html Three cheers to Israeli journalism, but really I don't understand YnetNews censorship policy (some time.)
23. Damascus in ruins ???
Galutia ,   Selah   (08.16.11)
could it come from this direction? a prophcey yet to happen Isaiah Chapt 17 time will tell
24. Turkey, the genocidal maniac of several proud nations,
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.16.11)
such as Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, now the champion of human rights? I don't believe it.
25. Yaniv,Israel#24
john   (08.16.11)
You mean phoney human rights!Just pretending to be champion.
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