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Al-Masri 'considering buying Nof Zion'
Shay Pauzner, Calcalist
Published: 16.08.11, 13:31
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1. There should be no building of apartments
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.16.11)
in any part of Jerusalem for illegal arab settlers.
2. Mr. White, in that part of town u r the illegal!
3. #2 - that part of town is still disputed
William ,   Israel   (08.16.11)
while the war crimes of ethnic cleansing and forced immigration of Arabs into that part of the city by Jordan is not disputed at all. Regardless of the advisory by ICJ (not actual ruling) UNR242 and UNR194 still hold weight dictating that the 1949 Armistice lines can never be used as a border (reiterated in 1967 by the UN) and only through negotiations. As intl law goes, Jews who were ethnically cleansed from that part of Jerusalem can indeed reclaim their property with sufficient proof. Claiming victims of this war crime are illegal is both wrong and morally reprehensible.
4. Just in time for Durban II
Nina ,   NYC   (08.17.11)
Way to go Israel. The chines can invest, but Palestinians can't.
5. battle of 2 peoples one having 23 countries already (arabs)
Justice Plz ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
the other having the one. lets not forget Jews were called the palestinians until 1948, and the arabs who moved in for work between 1900-1948 took on the name suddenly, conveniently, in 1967. They are arabs and they have 23 countries to enjoy. Those arabs who are accepting of the Jewish state, stay. Those that dont but are not violent stay with less benefits (residency versus citizenship), those that are violent go to jail , get deported, or moved to Jordan, the real country for so called palestinians.
6. Nof Zion - housing shortage mean anything to anyone?
Aliza ,   Jeru   (08.17.11)
After all that is going on here with the social 'unrest" you'd think someone would understand that if this were an affordable housing project - it would solve the problem ! ( instead of trying to send young couples out to the boonies - they could be 15 minutes from the city of Jeru....)
7. nof zion apartments
lauren drelichman ,   somerset, nj, usa   (09.14.11)
Really large and unbelievably cheap to rent, the best bargain in Jerusalem for large families, remember the Old City in 1970?
8. Free Market Rules
Eli G ,   St Louis MO   (01.26.12)
Nof Zion is the classic international monied location. With its view, Palm Beach residents and French language, its the next Rue Du Rhone of Geneva placed in South East Jerusalem. Now who would not want a piece of the glamour of Geneva at these low prices?
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