PM's wife appeals to Yishai over child's deportation
Omri Ephraim
Published: 16.08.11, 22:23
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1. Better idea
Michael Pielet ,   boca, Israel   (08.16.11)
Instead of deporting the child deport Sara. Every Israeli who objects to deporting an illegal immigrant should be deported with the immigrant. I hope the P.M. is not influenced by his spouse.
2. Travesty
Jack ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.16.11)
The mere fact that the Interior Ministry headed by Eli Yishai has decided to deport Israeli-born children; whose parents were here legally, lending their labour for a "better Israel" is reprehensible. The Shas party should grab some towels, encircle their heads and come out as the people they seek to emulate - Ayatollahs. Bibi, shame on you for not standing up for anything, even children. How is it you can even look your wife in the face?
3. Sorry #2 no dice
a work visa is a conditional agreement that stipulates giving birth to a child nullifies any right to reside and work legally in Israel. She's no longer an illegal worker the child isn't a citizen it isn't canada that's not our law.
4. Deport Eli Yishai instead
Haim ,   TA   (08.17.11)
How hypocritical of Sh-ass they were the party that brought foreign workers here in the first place to do the jobs that Israelis dont want to do. Eli Yishai who openly encourages Sh-ass supporters not to work is a hypocrite. Sh-ass MK Shlomo Benizri who is curently sitting in jail on charges of accepting bribes worth thousands of sheckels from Man Power contaractor Moshe Sela in brining in foreign workers illegaly.
5. Deport Now Obey the Law!!
Eli ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
Tell that lady she was not elected to the Government and mind her own business!! Israel is a nation of Laws, I expect my country to uphold the Law, no exceptions. If they wont evict I will vote for someone who will next elections.
6. Who leads Israel? The PM or his wife?
Rachelr ,   US   (08.17.11)
7. #2 Spare us, please
Tahl   (08.17.11)
I am a secular Israeli who never votes Shas, and I'm with Yishai 100% on this issue. A law is a law, and must be enforced. Just because a parent has a temporary visa to work in Israel, does NOT grant the child automatic permanent status here. Regardless of the child speaking Hebrew, going to Israeli schools, etc. This is not only in Israel but in most Western countries as well. Only in Israel though, the media makes such a soppy story from each deportation. But anyways, who the hell are you to preach to us from Canada? We do not interfere with your laws, so you do not interfere with ours.
8. It is hard to believe S.N. is sincere.She's selfish,exploitr
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.17.11)
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