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Netanyahu to Clinton: No apology to Turkey
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.08.11, 17:10
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1. thank you no mr hussein.. 2012!!!
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.17.11)
2. apology
gregg bowman ,   Parksville, Canada   (08.17.11)
no reason exists for Israel to make any apology whatsoever. Please do not make an apology because you are being goaded into it by other countries. You did nothing wrong, period!!!Protecting your country from terrorists and morons is your right. Never give in to this moronic rhetoric. warm regards and blessings....Gregg Bowman
3. Hussein O. is a traitor to Israel and to the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.17.11)
US...he is worse than the Turks...!!!
4. Weak American administration
Sam ,   Canada   (08.17.11)
The problem with this American administration is that it is all about appeasing Muslim leaders for them. This makes them look week with people they can't afford to look week. Obama,Clinton and all have made America look like a second rate power with their appeasement policies.
5. Do not apologize
R ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
With all due respect to the U.S., this is wrong. Sometimes you have to do the right thing despite the consequences (sp?), and not sell out. Turkey should be apologizing to us.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.17.11)
7. anyone surprised ??!!
fad egypt   (08.17.11)
i am speechless if i opened my mouth i will say very difficult words against the US and its people for electing that walking disaster called hussein obama shame on the US for throwing its ally israel under the bus to appease the radical islam and rewarding turkey for supporting terrorism the US is supporting turkey in its goal to bring down assad and replace him with the MB i cant imagine what damage hussein obama can do more than that in the remaining year this man must be replaced in NOV 2012 shalom
8. Israel, have you any dignity at all?
Tor Gnon ,   Njamena, Chad   (08.17.11)
I'm despaired at these developments. If Israel issues an apology before or after the panel report is published, you would have dismantled the vibe from the heart of millions and millions of people who support you around the world. Just waiting to see how this plays out. Israel, it's your call.
9. Yeah, right
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.11)
Rollicking good laugh. Israel apologize to Turkey? Oh, yeah, that will happen. Turkey SERIOUSLY needs to watch itself, because Israel can vaporize it pretty much at will. Apology. Oh, yeah. Sure.
10. obumma's approval rating is the LOWEST ever. He will not be
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.17.11)
re-elected. IGNORE him. He is flailing in the wind asking for, demanding anything a REAL president, with REAL power could get. IGNORE him, he is just another mubark.
11. we deeply respect our friends in the US but, no
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
we won't apologize for protecting our soldiers lives! this mob on the ship are just terrorists.
12. we all know obama is a fan of the turkish PM
Diana ,   CA, USA   (08.17.11)
but he always forget the journalists ardughan put in jail, his friendly ties with the iranian regim, the occupation of kurdistan, the occupation of cyprus, and the ethnic cleansing of the kurds and the armenians. turkey is a bully!!!
13. Turkey has little influence
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.11)
If Turkey's influence would have that much impact, then an apology might be a useful diplomatic tool. But, Turkey has minimal influence, and therefore an apology would not serve the intended political purpose. Issuing an apology, when one is not deserved, is useful only when a substantial gain, political or otherwise would be realized. I don't see that here.
14. The US should apologize to Pakistan!
David ,   Karmiel   (08.17.11)
The US sent in a Seal team to kill bin Laden and invaded Pakistan's territory. Turkey put IHH terrorists on the Mavis Marmara so if Israel must apologize to Turkey then the US must do the same with Pakistan where their forces have literally killed thousands of innocent Pakistani men, women and children! No doubt Barak has a hand in this absurdity!
15. Obama and Clinton try to humiliates Israel
Turkey's responsible ,   for flotilla attack   (08.17.11)
What does an apology to Turkey has to do with the killings in Syria???
16. i have no doubt this administration hates israel
jason ,   israel   (08.17.11)
no this is not paranoia, this is a sad truth, and i only pray and wait anxiously for this administration to go away and for the US to get back on track, find its footing in the world in confidence, and lead once again by courage, integrity and example, not by weak knee apologies.
17. It's Called "Appeasment"
Michael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.17.11)
It didn't work in the last century with nationalist zealots, nor in the 15th through 20th centuries with the Turks. It won't work now, either. Israel should reinforce its relations with the Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, Circasians and help whittle this barbaric and stagnant empire down to the little fiefdom it should be. When has Turkey ever apologized to anyone? They certainly have more than enough rape, murder and pillage to account for.
18. To Sarah-#9
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (08.17.11)
You said: "Israel can vaporize it [Turkey] pretty much at will"- I remind you about the following little details you intentionally omit: Turkey and Pakistan have a Nuclear weapons sharing treaty. Turkey and NATO too have a nuclear weapons sharing treaty. I'm sure you are aware of the implications of this. Shalom and L'Chaim.
19. I am sorry I love Israel but this time Israel must say she
Mark ,   usa   (08.17.11)
is sory, they are trying to defen the undefensiable, Israel made a big mistake killing them even they are not wanted bunch, State can not kill protesters, and it will be called Murder and Turkey can take Israel to international court and sue, IDF has to testfy, and It si not Turkey asking to report to be dleayed i is Israel ,even report will say blokade is legal but it also will say Israel comitted murder by killing protesters,Israel in big trubble in this one,as aTurkish jew l say Israel should say I am sorry and move on,
20. #9 Did your parents skip the love part?
Observer   (08.17.11)
You sound like an incredibly bitter person. Good relations between Israel and Turkey is in the best interest of both parties. What I find fascinating is your juvenile calls to "vaporize Turkey" - how do you plan on doing that, especially that Turkey is about 200 times larger than Israel and 10 times as populated? Your childish arrogance is just mind-boggling. What's even more perplexing is how many sheep on this forum that have signed your fan list.
21. to #16 your really sugar coating it
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (08.17.11)
Your really sugar coating it , hate Israel is a nice way of putting it , this administration wishes israel was not in Existence and if they have there way israel wont be in Existence this is the most anti-administration israel has ever faced when you speak of the usa...
22. Israel, 2012 coming, Imam & Hellary will be gone!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.17.11)
so be patient, wait.... wait..... wait.... you should see Obama on his desperate bus-tour yesterday, and was targeted by Tea-parties supporter questioning him about "why do you call us terrorists?" and you see Pres. Imam sweat and paused..... before you need any apology, he is, will be apologizing to the Americans, for the debt ceiling, 14 trillions.... lay back, and watch the show, enjoy!
23. Dear Mr. President,
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.17.11)
if you want to apologize to the Turkeys, then do it. But don't tell us what to do.
24. Dear mr ergodan
Harvey ,   London   (08.17.11)
Please accept the humble apologies of the Israeli government on behalf of the IDF for preventing its soldiers from having their skulls caved in by Turkish terrorists . Is that ok?
25. Apologize
Sheik rattle & roll ,   Usa   (08.17.11)
Israel should swallow it's pride and apologize. You Israelis think you are invincible with your 125 dollar and 125 pound soldiers. If the us would abstain Palestine would be a country so we are only trying to make it easy for you. We can't fight the world for Israel. 90 percent of the world wants a palestinian state. Swallow your pride and just apologize for the people that died not for blockading the ship.
26. The US should mind it';s business
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.17.11)
and let Israel handle it's own international affairs from now on. No more security council VETO'S. Israel thinks it can take on world opinion let it do so. Israel needs friends in the region and if it thinks for one minute it can survive without friends it is mistaken. Enough of the arrogance it is getting old.
27. Turkey does not want apology it wants blockade to be stopped
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (08.17.11)
Turkey does not want apology it wants blockade to be stopped and Israelis to be tried in multiple courts of law for doing the right thing. Edrogan has not said relations will improve with an apology - just that they can not start until afterwards. Since his attacks on Israel started more than a year before the flotilla there is no reason to believe that this will help and every reason to believe that it will hurt Israel to apologize.
28. This is an Obama setup and charade
Devorah   (08.17.11)
just like the chopper that allegedly was shot down by the Taliban in Astan, killing 38 members of Seal Team Six - the same team that allegedly killed Bin Ladin.
29. sorry still laughing lololol sorry "turks"
gali ,   lmao   (08.17.11)
no can't keep a straight face!!! obuma gone and screwed himself up b4 next election lolololol oh so so sad and funny i guess
30. i have said before
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (08.17.11)
you will apologize either you want or not and you have to mean it :) usa wants relations at least goverments level to be good for her own interest but both public does not like eachother anymore i wish turkey state this clearly and let israel be alone in their dream in conclusion dont apologize the way things are good :)
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