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Netanyahu to Clinton: No apology to Turkey
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.08.11, 17:10
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31. 9
anton ,   ist6anbul turkey   (08.17.11)
sarah as always good laugh but i can see the anger beyond your words and thats fun my question to you why dont you try it? :)
32. It's Turkey that should apologise
Ehoop ,   UK   (08.17.11)
for its PM's office's sponsorship of IHH terrorism.
33. Maybe difficult, but the US will still deliver on the "veto"
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (08.17.11)
34. caving in to blackmail
Jason   (08.17.11)
Israel,the US is blackmailing us. You must apologize to Turkey otherwise it would be hard to mobilize support in the UN. America should apologise to Tojo and Hitler for pearl harbour, the experiments on live GI's. the death marches, etc.. Don't mind Hillary, for a buck she would sell her mother.. The Palmer report, another piece of toilet paper to enhance Turkey's Game. I only hope that our dubious politicians will resist coersion
35. US, please explain something
Deebo_ ,   Holon   (08.17.11)
Do you want Israel to apologize because Israel did something wrong? Or do you want Israel to give out an empty apology for the sole purpose of restoring relations? Because, honestly, everything Israel did in that incident was by the book. Israel will never apologize for defending its people.
36. Everything is for Sunni Shia fight.
Borek ,   TURKEY   (08.17.11)
Sunni Turkey versus Shia Iran, Lebanese Shia Hezbollah and Iranian ally Allawi Syria. To protect whom or what ? Regards.
37. No, America should pressure Turkey to apologize
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.17.11)
We've suffered enough from the disgusting response of Turkish leaders. The Turkish agitators and warmongers who were on that boat were clearly (well documented) Islamic troublemakers. The clear tv pictures showed the Turks attacking Israeli soldiers with knives and bars. The ships were violating a legal blockade. Turkey needs to apologize to Israel. America needs to pressure Turkey to behave like a civilized country or be kicked out of NATO.
38. us presses....
sjoerd ruurd ,   a more free world.   (08.17.11)
the turkish government should also apoligize and give compensation to the armenian people, the kurdish people, the greek people, the cyprus people etc. the us-administration may not act in a unilateral, one-sided way. the united nations also can mediate and can give advice to the peoples in/of the middle east etc.
39. has the Imam & his Hellary not remember Goldstone's recant?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.17.11) read Goldstone report straight form UN Human Rights Council. "At the same time, the Commission inexplicably downplayed or ignored substantial evidence of Hamas’ commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of terror, including specifically its victimization of the Palestinian population by its use of human shields, civilian dress for combatants, and combat use of protected objects like ambulances, hospitals and mosques." You can Apologize now, Mr Obama and Mdm Hillary.
40. #9 Sarah
BDS   (08.17.11)
That would mean a NATO retaliation against Israel! Pouf!
41. NObama & No Turkey, Erdgn cosied 2 Assad
J Q Public ,   USA   (08.17.11)
let Turkey stew. Obama has lost in '12 anyway
42. If it is Turkey's interest it will move to pressure
Tony ,   us   (08.17.11)
Syria with or without Israel. Obama's policies are falling along with his public support. i see no good reason for Israel to apologize for protecting itself. I do think good relations between Israel and turkey are desirable. This democrat will not vote for Obama in '12
43. What really happened on the Flotilla Marmara @
44. IN AN ATTEMPT TO PROVE.............#18
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.17.11)
Herself as being the sole spokeswoman she forgets and sometimes underestimates everyone.Get used to it as her next post will be even more funny.:)
45. Obama needs Erdogan
zionist forever   (08.17.11)
If Obama does cave into pressure and decide to take military action in Syria he is going to need a coalition so it doesn't look like America butting in on the actions of a soverign nation ( he is only allowed to do that to Israel ). He won't get any military help from the arabs so the best he can hope for if he wants local support is Turkey and this apology is probably part of Erdogan's price. In 1991 Israel paid the price for liberating Kuwait because the arab price was Israel recognise the PLO and negotiate the creation of a palestinian state, now it looks like Israel is being told to pay the price for another American military campaign to help out the arabs. Bibi needs to tell Obama to go to hell, if we say sorry its an admission of guilt we did wrong which will open the flood gates to law suits and it will make it hard for Israel to justify the blockade and stopping future flotillas because we are saying we were in the wrong trying to stop you last time.
46. So Obama is resorting to extortion now?
Avishai ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.17.11)
I wish I could say this surprised me.
47. USA...apologize to pakistan for killing Bin Laden
Trevor ,   ISrael   (08.17.11)
USA you are our friend...but seriosly...we must apologize for protecting our borders and our people - the Marvi Mara ignored warnings and continued - who really should apologize????
48. Israel should apologize...
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (08.17.11)
... to the Israelis for not sending one missile and sink the damned ship to the bottom of The Mediterranean. now the " turkey chickens" are gonna make money out of the Showboat and turn it into a Museum (huh, of cause obmit the weapons IDF discovered on board). May be the only one single thing Israel may apologise to Israelis is for not kicking Zoabi to Hamas....
49. Apologize to Turkey?
NYC Girl   (08.17.11)
I never would have believed I could say this...but I hope the Democrats get their asses kicked in 2012. Otherwise Barack Obama and his puppet master, George Soros, are going to send America and Israel down the toilet.
50. Let out Pollard first.
R.Seener ,   London England   (08.17.11)
51. Do I hear an appology for Armenia ?
RSeener ,   London England   (08.17.11)
52. Apologize to Turkey?
Susan ,   Yehud, Israel   (08.17.11)
Got to be kidding, right? The man has been in office for how long now? And yet he still doesn't understand Middle East politics.Is he totally blind? He is pretty much responsible for disrupting the balance of power in the whole region... and he wants Israel to apologise?
53. Instead of an apology, perhaps
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (08.17.11)
Danny Ayalon will publicly burn the famous short legged couch/sofa. He can always obtain another one at that Swedish mega-store.
54. ultimatum never works, you still thinks
ghostq   (08.17.11)
USA is friend of Israel, well they don't, USA enslave the entire Israeli market, all loans must paied with intrest, in the neady gready don't count on USA, they got no clue what they r doing anyway.
55. If Israel apologizes....
Israeli 2   (08.17.11)
like they returned Gaza without hesitation and willing to give 90% of Jerusalem away and want to give weapons to the short...if Israel apologizes...I believe this government may be capable of doing it... they would have fried our souls more
56. No to apologizing
Brod ,   USA   (08.17.11)
Israel should say NO to apologizing to the dark forces.
57. Obama
sailon ,   sweden   (08.17.11)
Obama is lying. Israeli- Turikish problems has nothing to do with American- Turkish ties. Turks knows Obama is weak and tries pressing him to press Israel to make apologiez Turks should do and not Israel. Israel should not give in for Obamas pressure. He will not be reelected next year. The world need a firm strong president that´s american and not a soft and weak like Obama. He´s dangerous for world peace and stability.
58. #50, #51 - No.
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (08.17.11)
59. How low can Hussein Obama go ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.17.11)
Obama is scraping the bottom of the barell as neither the European Union nor Nato has any need or use for Turkey since the end of the " Cold War".
60. anton from occupied Turkey
JUDAH THE LION   (08.17.11)
Israel will never apologise to Turkey. Obama can press Israel as much as he wants. NO APOLOGY TO TURKEY, End of story
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