Israel's embassy in Turkey might not have new ambassador
Ronen Medzini
Published: 17.08.11, 13:24
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1. So be it
Rachel ,   US   (08.17.11)
If Turkey does not accept the new ambassador then so be it. Do not beg Erdogan, a man who hates Israel to be friends.
2. Turkish economy in big trouble.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.17.11)
The Turkish economy under Erdogan's brilliant leadership, is heading off a cliff. I just read an interesting article on the Turkish economy by the economist SPENGLER at the Asia Times Online. We should not be concerned about having an ambassador in Turkey at this time. Our relations cannot improve with or without an ambassador. The only way our relations can improve is with the departure of Erdogan & his Islamists. We only have to wait & economics will get rid of Erdogan sooner than we think.
3. No apology required
Michael Kavodi ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.17.11)
An apology is only required when you do something wrong. When the final Palmer Report comes out, Turkey should be the one with the apology. My hat is off to the Israeli government for now bowing to "turkeys" (Pun fully intended).
4. Expel the Turkish Ambassador
Steve from Raleigh   (08.17.11)
To be followed by an expulsion of all Turks in 90 days.
5. Hillary better do her damn job!
Proud Redneck ,   OH, USA   (08.17.11)
US pressuring Israel over defending its natural rights against the Turkish Act of War? Hillary must have had some of her adulterous husband grass! The US should find other ways to get Turkey to cooperate, except for sacrificing Israel - her onoy true ally in the Middle East. It looks to me that in order to get the US to take your side, you shouldn't be its friend, but its enemy! Obama and his baboons should go. Nov 2012 will be a heck of an election and we'll make sure that he won't be fooling anybody again!
6. stop playing their game
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.17.11)
Big question is ; does Israel want to keep being the football of the world to kick around ? You can change the game and it's not by being a bunch of fearful wimps always afraid of what the crooks and gangsters of the world are doing. Make YOUR strong,decisive move and let the chips fall where they may STOP PLAYING THE PUSHOVER and WIMP in their game.
7. No problem...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (08.17.11)
You can also send the Turkey home. I would be more than glad to take over his residence in Kfar Shmariahu.
8. It is better to have good relations then bad ones
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (08.17.11)
Israel and Jews must be smart enough to understand that it is better not to make any enemies. Israel doesn't need to apologize for defending herself but should make all other efforts not to break relations either. Especially with Turkey where political change usually comes overnight and the tide changes. Just like the way AKP came to power 8 years ago overnight when nobody expected, they will go to oblivion overnight when the time comes. While 50% of Turkey is AKP supported the rest are not. Patience is a virtue.
9. Israeli Embassy in Turkey
Spencer ,   israel   (08.17.11)
Just as there is NO Turkish ambassador in Israel so should there be no Israeli Ambassador in Turkey. In fact, we should have recalled our ambassador a long time ago. As far as an "apology" to Turkey is concerned for the marmara affair, to even consider this in any form whatsoever is ludicrous. Israel has NOTHING to apologise for. It's Turkey who should issue an apology.
10. To #8
Spencer ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
If we were smart then we would have recalled our ambassador months ago. We don't need Turkey for anything. If and when the turkish regime changes to a more pro-western and pro Israel one, then we can reinstate diplomatic relations.
11. Common clerk in Ankara is fine, no ambasassdor needed.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.17.11)
12. whos cares. Release the damn report already.
13. David 8
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (08.17.11)
One thing is over looked in your assesment and it is that the other 50 percent doesnt support israel either let me remind you all who are turkish in and out of turkey think bad about israel now you cant do that i for one think its done cause friendly feelings are not here anymore business may continue between buninessman but turhish goverment and public wont be same im confident that turkey will be better off without israel we will have to invent our own tech thats another plus :)
14. #13 anton: if you're all such sheep
Ziv   (08.17.11)
who believe idiotic propaganda rather than using your eyes to see what really happened (the video is readily available, and even the anti-Israel BBC and the anti-Israel UN had to finally conclude based on all of the evidence that the jihadis were trying to kill the soldiers, who acted with incredible restraint) then nothing will convince you. Turkey needs friends in the world too (ones who are not dictators who slaughter their own people, that is). But you've allowed Erdogan to destroy one of your best friendships in the region so that he can cozy up with Baathists. The attacks on Jews in your media will eventually morph into attacks on seculars. By then it will be far too late to change course. Enjoy your hatred. Have a nice bonfire.
15. Anton #13
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (08.17.11)
How sad it is for Turkey to lose a great friend such as Israel who stood up for Turkey when Turkey was facing huge economic difficulties due to the 1974 US embargo. Israeli influence over the US congress finally ended this embargo in the 1980ies (I personally played a small role in this). You sound like a NANKOR with your posts but thats OK. You are also wrong in writing that the other half of Turks also does not support Israel. I know it for a fact that you are wrong because I have many friends in Izmir and Istanbul who tell me the opposite. And you might also want to ask this matter to left wing Journalist Emin Colasan. He would disagree with you. Turkey is enjoying some economic prosperity that started with the lifting of the US embargo (with Israel's influence over USA). But things in the world change. Your new found friends in the Arab world such as Syria are already your problem today. It may be sooner than you think that you may need Israel's friendship so don't be very confident.
16. Simple explaination
pasquinel   (08.17.11)
Ishmael's kids hate Issac's kids,... never gonna end.
17. Turkey's jihad with Israel
American ,   Los Angeles   (08.18.11)
Turks want to create a palestinian state on Israei soil and restore the ottoman empire.Erdogan's vision is a ME without infidels.
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