'Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.08.11, 13:47
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.17.11)
From the article: "when Israel is trying to understand where Egypt's new temporary regime is headed." Well I'd say all your questions are answered, wouldn't you? Will the foolishness ever stop, more conspiracy theories that are simply off the chain ridiculous. Yet the bonehead Arabs will believe this nonsense along with the antisemitic.
2. Well, up until now I was sure it was just something stupid
Mikey   (08.17.11)
I'm glad I've been proved otherwise (/Sarcasm).
3. its true
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.17.11)
i read it on the internet so it must be true believe me i also use hair spray and since then i only have daughters not even one son that is why they call me abul banat it is all the mosad fault believe me
4. All hair products endanger reproductive abilities
Marco ,   Spain   (08.17.11)
5. mossad agents in Egypt
Laughing out Loud! ,   never mind!   (08.17.11)
to # 4 does that mean you will never wash your hair with shampoo again? or will you do as our grandmother's did? an egg yolk and vinegar I think it was......
6. Stupidity-inducing secret weapon!
Mossad has a stupidity-inducing weapon, and based on what the Egyptians are saying, IT WORKS!
stude ham   (08.17.11)
so the reports are false... in fact quite bizarre... and a very good taste of the kind of government post-mubarak egypt will actually be getting. did someone say 'democracy'???
8. How backward is that.
jo   (08.17.11)
Do they know nothing of science? Are they stupid? I mean even if could be science fiction truth it would take many milions of tons of shampoo in a country of 75 million for a long long time, to even take affect. Do they watch Dr.Who?
9. These People Are Delusional
NYC Girl   (08.17.11)
And this is the mentality the world expects Israel to negotiate over its existence with? If it weren't so serious, it might actually be hilarious.
10. Haha...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (08.17.11)
And he was also involved into a scheme how to sell some brains to Arabs. Do I have to mention that he did not sell any?
11. sooooo funnny!!
jane doe ,   someplace   (08.17.11)
can't stop laughing ya abu el banat! would you believe it if you had only boys?
12. Oh soo true
gilby ,   uk   (08.17.11)
Is this the same hi tech Mossad secret weapon that came from the OO7 lab which developed the spying eagle in Saudi Arabia and the electronic robotic shark? It's the same press who put their ex-leaders behind cages? Guarranteed to endear them with the bleeding heart liberals in the West and the Arab spring- let's really trust their freedom of press and rely on their new democracy- HA!
13. Please, please don't trash those little
seadog1946 ,   Erie Basin, NYC   (08.17.11)
carts, littering the malls across America, peddling those delightful dead sea cosmetics.
14. Because the nail polish wasn't working so well
William ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
15. Egyptians upset at infertility hair products from Israel
William ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
but they seem fine with their own products which have killed dozens of Europeans through bacteria strains not seen before.
16. well to all those skeptics...
knowing more information i can tell you do not put it past any highly advanced intelligence service, such as Mossad and CIA, for being able to or think of developing such a product....people only know not even 1% of what goes on....
17. Eilat sharks (robotic)
Agent P0045   (08.17.11)
Reading some comments on the Eilat sharks. These are robotic sharks controlled via uplink/downlink sattelite signals and GPS technology. The sharks are used for surveillance and can also render "bites" to incapacitate humans. These are prototype models but future improvements included "sharks" that can be used as torpedoes. The advantage of using "sharks" is that they blend into the natural ocean environment. This is a joint effort between 3 nations. That's all I can say.
18. If I remember well,
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (08.17.11)
you reacted in the same way on the article in Aftonbladet, didn't you.
19. Rashid, for people like you.....
Yonatan ,   Israel   (08.17.11)
we do not have peace in the middle-east. Based on your criteria, I would recommend you never leave your house, because the mossad can use its satellites and fire from the space a chip into your brain that would allow them to control 100% of your behavior, and you will be part of the new Palestinian army that would kill all Hamas terrorist by being controlled from the Mossad computers. SO, NEVER LEAVE HOME, STAY THERE FOREVER TO PROTECT YOURSELF!!!!!
20. To: Rashid at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.11)
Welcome back, mamaleh. I have missed you.
21. Well as Edna Turnblad said: First the hair, now this...
Ypip ,   Canada   (08.17.11)
22. #16 skeptics?
Already Bald   (08.17.11)
None of us TBer's ever doubt that the al-Chara newspaper is anything but the ultimate purveyor of the news from the most reliable conspiracist sources. It is also just as evident to us that you are well connected and that you rmust know about the other 99% re. the Mossad and the CIA, that is "so invisible" to the rest of us. Lastly, don't forget to apply daily this infertility hair lotion because you so obviously need it....just remember where your head is located and that you must drop your pants to reach it. Now run along....
23. To: Yonatan at No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.11)
Yoni, Rashid is not "Palestinian." He is as Jewish as you and I, and he is very, very funny. I cannot prove it, but I think he is a Brit. In any event, whatever he is, he is rollicking good fun. Believe me.
24. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.17.11)
Joint means two. Moreover, if it's three nations, you need to use the word "among," not "between." Class dismissed.
25. Actually...
Dudele ,   Canada   (08.17.11)
There is one hair product that can cause impotence and infertility. It's called Propecia.
26. egyptian fertility
Yoel ,   ossining,ny   (08.17.11)
Actually, if the Mosaad wanted to harm Egypt, they would look to increase egyptian fertility. With a lower population, Egypt would then have a chance to improve the lot of the Egyptian people and become a more prosperous nation.
27. Who buys a story like this?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (08.17.11)
Just an ignorant antisemite.
28. Rograine has a blood pressure lowering ingredient that
Rivkah   (08.17.11)
can cause temporary impotence and it is used to reverse hair loss. So put that in other hair products and the effect is the same. This is not a stupid accusation but something that is happening and is sold over the counter to countless unsuspecting hair loss victims who don't know they are trading their abiltiy to get an erection for hair growth.
29. rashid
James ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.11)
I saw a picture of you... You are bold...
30. Even funnier than the Mossad shark and vulture stories !
Wolfgang Lutz   (08.17.11)
The problem is, millions of illiterate Egyptians watch these kind of stories on state controlled TV and actually believe its true ! I personally believe the accusation was inspired by Adam Sandler's hilarious Hollywood blockbuster, 'You Don't Mess with the Zohan' and they're truly convinced that Harrari is the real Scrappy Coco.
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