Umm al-Fahm protest: 'Barak a war criminal'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 17.08.11, 23:47
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1. barak will be protected
alexi   (08.18.11)
agabaria and the rest of the non druse moslem arabs are disloyal to the bone> They should plant kisses on barak for his concessions and 2 state paradigm. Instead they roast him. maybe assad is doing something that has value as he is plastering th palestinian refugees since they are really south syrians, lebanese and jordanian stragglers and are not indigenous to judea and samaria. maybe arabs in west bank should flee because assad may vent his wrath on them which would not be a bad thing.
2. Um al-Fahm
Tomy ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
Libenrman is right In any future peace with Arabs from 1948 claimed to be "Palestinians", Um al-Fahm should be exchanged for Jewish cities in Judea and Samaria
3. Maybe you would enjoy Gaza or West bank better?
Levi ,   Karmiel   (08.18.11)
I think you should all move since you think all us Israelis are War criminals why would you want to have your families around us?
4. Right to protest
Ron ,   Texas, USA   (08.18.11)
They should be happy they were able to protest. I wonder how far they would get protesting in Syria.
5. It wasn't the IDF who went into Umm AlFaqm
William ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
That was the police because it was a domestic disturbance. It appears Israeli Arab racism can't differentiate between who is the head of what organization. To them, any Jew in power must be wiped out. Regarding the 13 Israeli Arabs killed. No one forced them to go into the streets in support of "Palestinian" terrorism, and no one forced them to throw rocks and molotov cocktails. No one forced them to turn ugly and violent. And no one forced them to place Israeli police officers, which include many Israeli Arabs, lives in danger. You brought this on yourselves Um Al-Faqm, but the last laugh will be when your new address is "Umm Al-Faqm, Palestine" at the same time "Ariel, Israel".
6. fifth column
fad egypt   (08.18.11)
these useless arabs must be thrown to gaza or to syria there they will understand the meaning of democracy and human rights and they can waive the PLO flags as they want shalom
7. Those 13 Arabs
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.18.11)
Were rioting and attacking cars of anybody that they believed to be Jewish. The 13 were war-criminals not Barak. Barak is an idiot but no criminal.
8. smart voters will realize they are being courted and counted
ralph   (08.18.11)
but stupid, brain washed constituents will listen to balad and other arab parties thereby lossing their vote and wasting a good opportunity. also i read into these arab parties comments fear that they are being passed by. your hands are tied behind your back by these parasite arab parties. untie them, vote, become members of society. and you will count. listen to your arab parties and you will be treated by them as the peasant in all other arab countries around you. is that your wish? if so, you will get what you wish for.
9. Some day we'll transfer all the residents
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.18.11)
of the Triangle area to the administration of the Palestinian authority in a trade of lands. We'll see then how unpatriotic you behave when that event occurs.
10. I don't believe in creating a Pali state but...
Steven Gilbert ,   USA   (08.18.11)
there'll be one, then the first land swap should involve that cesspool um fahm. Let then them experience the good life under Arab rule.
11. Genocidal ISLAM
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.18.11)
We have the genocidal Muslim leader of Sudan Bashir guilty with his murderous Darfur atrocities against young and old women,children and men and then we have Muslims killing each other in Iraq,Afghasistan and Pakistan, even blowing up each other in their Mosques as they pray on a daily basis ... ..and then we have the Muslim Syrian butcher Assad murdering fellow Muslims without end for five months now. Why don't you clean up your own filthy house first and then after that we can play your taqiyya game of lies and deception.
12. Send these "protestors" to Syria and try this
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (08.18.11)
13. Zionest Party???
Rachel ,   New York, NY   (08.18.11)
Israel is a "Jewish State"!
14. Barak in Umm-alFahm
Unimpressed   (08.18.11)
What is the complaint really about? Barak was duly invited. Perhaps the complainants weren't invited and thus are jealous of the honor bestowed on Barak. Or is it that the 11 so-called "martyrs" are unhappy with their 792 virgins? Are these virgins too ugly? Maybe there is not enough male companionship for these libidinous towelheads? Perhaps there aren't enough goats to hump in heaven? All this grousing over such trifle...
15. So arabs admit it was a WAR!!!
Rehavam ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
on other hand not many countrys allow insult DEFENCE Minister and not let him in... How long we let it go on?
16. 5'th column protected by Lefties feels safe in Israel
ab   (08.18.11)
17. I first considered that when,...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (08.18.11)
I saw the protest and signs saying that Barak was not wanted, and was thought to be a war criminal, that it was part of the Zipperette's Tel Aviv Gumbo Eatin' and Kvetchin' Society Mummers. Um-el Fahm? Why did that sawed off tool go there anyway? Shows to go ya' that Barak; our "barky" is not the sharpest scalpal in the striking Doctor's surgical instrument drawer. A war crim? Nah. A Putz? Yeppers.
18. barak is their man, he works for the illegal
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.18.11)
arab settlers against the Jews. The sooner we cut off um al far-ham from the rest of the country, the better.
19. Repatriate
michael Pielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.18.11)
Repatriate all arabs to their country of origin and deport barak with them. Barak's sin is the sin of appointing the Orr commision and supporting arab terrorism.
20. And yet they oppose a peaceful land exchange...
Vlad   (08.18.11)
That puts them in Palestine instead of Israel?
21. they dont want Barak & we dont want them
zionist forever   (08.18.11)
Just as Barak is not welcome in Umm al-Fahm the Israeli public does not want treacherous arabs living within our border or as citizens of this country. We should strip all traitors of their citizenship and revoke any state benefits being granted to them. .. that would be social justice. As for the fact the arabs won't vote for a zionist party and instead they vote for parties like Balad thats the reason nobody listens to them at a political level. Not even Meretz would ever ask an arab party to join the coalition so no matter how many seats the arab parties get they will never be given any power. The result is that the arab vote is wasted on parties which have no muscle. If the arabs who voted for the arab parties had gone with Labor last election Barak would be PM right now not Bibi. So thanks to their own pan arab ideals they actually make themselves a voice because their votes were wasted on the arab parties.
22. here patriots can only agree
Gur2   (08.18.11)
Ehud Barak, traitor and serial deliberate war loser and discombobulator of Israel must be fired and capital punishment brought to bear.
23. yeah, he violated their human right to violently riot
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.18.11)
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