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Multiple terror attacks rock south; 7 killed
Ynet reporters
Published: 18.08.11, 18:26
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31. I can't get my head around this massacre!!!!
Marcia ,   UK   (08.18.11)
Israel is in danger and no one in the Media is willing to tell us about it. My prayers for the people of Israel...
nothing new   (08.18.11)
sending my love to the family and friends of the casualties...
33. Egyptians? No: strike Gaza (end)
Roxanne ,   Haifa   (08.18.11)
34. @ Sandra
Gil ,   Australia   (08.18.11)
@Sandra ( #3 When these terrorists will stop killing our children ? ) They will never stop, until you anihilate them all.
35. nobama is too busy with the Turkey apology
ghostq   (08.18.11)
Israelis you should thank amerikans for the bear hug.
36. the world doesn't care much.......
Eva Klein ,   South africa   (08.18.11)
still no mention of the incident on the major news agencies!
37. The talk of handing over a state to them must cease at once!
JBI   (08.18.11)
38. Go ahead Europe, kiss their asses.
Gordon   (08.18.11)
To # 3 - Sandra Line --- in answer to your question " when will these terrorists stop killing our children "?. When our incompetant govt. starts killing terrorists. No quarter given, no prisoners, relentless pusuit AND to hell with the satanic UN, their HR groups, the foreign friends telling us how to run our home, our country, where when and how to build, MUST have a swift tribunal to expedite those who survive. This is a war of attrition financed by arabs, supported by arabs that WE CANNOT WIN unless we crush them mercilessly. And these " crapules " in the UN wants to admit them in their midst and force them as our neighbor? Israel, when are you going to wake up?
39. Sadly, Israelis pay their price
Mikey   (08.18.11)
For their government soft actions. 8 years of mortars, rockets and terror until they did something. Several attacks from Sinai, and it didn't alarm anyone. Palestinian terrorists celebrate everyday on Israel's account. Too bad Israel limits its army instead of striking the Arab terrorists night and day.
40. Finish the Sinai border security fence
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.18.11)
41. abhorrent
bernardo ,   munich/germany   (08.18.11)
These filthy terrorists have to be punished to the utmost and also the masterminds behind the scene. I trust on ZAHAL. Such abhorrent evil deeds can happen when idiots now hear the word democracy but believe this is the invitation to fulfill their akward and bloody business. Kill them, they deserve
42. Gloves off.
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.18.11)
Flatten Gaza. Stop these attacks once and for all. Enough.
43. Did anyone think why now?
George ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.11)
Just wondering if this should serve the goal of Palestinians to ask for a UN state membership in September.
44. It's quoted
Emran ,   Egypt   (08.18.11)
"This was a grave terror attack at multiple scenes. It reflects Egypt's failing hold on Sinai and the rise of terror elements," Barak said. How about your failing hold on the area where the attacks happened? Egypt doesn't have a failing hold on Sinai, Egypt has rather granted the palestinians a free hold of the area near the borders. Enjoy!
45. my sincere condolences to the victims
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (08.18.11)
This is another fine day in the religion of peace. We should make peace with these people? Cowards attacked two buses. What's a point of this? IDF is going to kill bunch of them tomorrow or even today. How is that going to bring peace to Gaza or Arabs? They just want to kill. Let's keep building where they destroy!! Good Luck to Gaza! They need it badly.
46. My prayers and thoughts are with my people.
Shalom ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
I hope one day it will all come to an end and we will live peacefuly here...
47. Blow Gaza to hell!
David ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
48. "Difficult to penetrate the border" -- YEAH RIGHT!
Yochanan ,   Y'layim   (08.18.11)
Way too easy, these very attacks are one of the MANY results. Y'allah finish that (physical) border, complete it way up to Gaza. And deploy sufficient patrols out there. Way overdue.. like 6 decades!!!
49. Okay. Okay.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.18.11)
Game over. It's time to slam their sorry asses. Do let us send them to their however many virgins.
50. Attack gaza and...
milly   (08.18.11)
you will see the Media.
51. My thoughtts with touorrists to Eilat
Simon ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.11)
52. #3: Remember Golda Meir's Words
emanon ,   USA   (08.18.11)
"There will be peace when the arabs love their children more than they hate us".
53. Where is the Israeli Modein
David ,   On this planet   (08.18.11)
Jordan knew about it that it was coming not the Israeli intelligence. The IDF will pay the price for refusing to keep the Sepharadim in the right department where they belong, the racism of the fifties continue
54. See no evil...
Frauss ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.11)
While the rest of the world sits on its hands and saves its hot breath for condemning Israel, I have confidence that WE know what to do and how to take care of ourselves. It's time to tune out the chattering heads and take care of business.
55. I'm shocked! this is so sad...
Laura ,   Argentina   (08.18.11)
56. I'm praying for the wounded people...
love& light ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
57. SKYNews calls the Terrorists "Militants"!
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
So, Emma Turd,I call those who blew up the British Transport system on 7/7 "Militants" too! SKYNews, FOXNews, and the other media, STOP kowtowing to Arabs and Muslims. Show a bit of guts! Maybe Glenn Beck calls these "militants" as well?
58. Bury the mekhablim at sea
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.18.11)
so they won't be paraded through the streets of Gaza as heroes and martyrs.
59. teror in eilat
es ,   holland   (08.18.11)
almost crying. was so so so sad 2 read it! very painful day. God bles.All.
60. tguva to10
X ,   Y   (08.18.11)
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