'Israel-Egypt border mostly incomplete'
Published: 18.08.11, 14:24
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1. don't worry about the fence
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.18.11)
worry about the price of cottage cheese and the high cost of housing instead. And of course surrender more land from which the death cult of Islam can target Jews for murder and of course supply them with weapons as the IDF is planning to do with Palestinian fatah terrorist police in Judea and Samaria.
2. Shame on you Bibi
Eli ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
You have blood on your hands Bibi. How many times were you told we need to defend the borders. How many illegal Sudanese come walking over the border every day. The hell with you and your government, we told you its a matter of time before terrorists start to walk over and you did nothing!!! Step down Now.
3. What irresponsibility
Mikey   (08.18.11)
Arab terrorists shot missiles from Sinai, it should have alarmed the Israelis, but the Israeli government did almost nothing. Africans are free to roam in that area, so no wonder terrorists could get in with no problems. Israel did nothing for 8 years while being targeted by Arab terrorists in Gaza, so I doubt they'll rid of Gazan terrorists and won't settle with the bombing of an empty building and a couple of sand dune. Israel limits its army instead of hunting terrorists day and night, like every normal country.
4. won't help
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.11)
Maybe there should be a fence, maybe not, but remember: a silly border fence would never stop such a complex attack.
5. it's 20%, considering the fence on the other side
observer ,   Egypt   (08.18.11)
6. we build fences just about as well as we build light rails
zionist forever   (08.18.11)
The Jerusalem light rail was over budget, its years overdue and still not doing anything but running empty trains up and down. We are also awful at building security fences, we talk alot about it brag about what little we have done and thats about it. The fence around Judea & Samaria was started about 10 years ago and its still not complete. When there is an attack everybody jumps to action but as soon as we have abit of calm work eases off on the building, suddenly there is no rush lets just take our time. Its the same with Gaza the government says its willing to lay out the money but then building just takes years. I just hope this attack will kick, start building of the fence and stop the protestors in Israel calling for the defense budget to be cut.
7. Everyone knew this high security risk!
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (08.18.11)
Thousands of Africans have infltrated into Israel in recent years and there was te suicide bombing in Eilat several years ago which killed 3 people. There has been plenty ofwarning to govt and IDF alike about te risks. It is shocking that this fence was not finished already. There is no excuse. These deaths could have been prevented.
8. something missing
zichron   (08.19.11)
wheres the drones and the tent cities people guarding the revenge for the six million of our martyrs from ww2.
9. the fence
Robert M Kraus ,   Akron Ohio USA   (12.03.11)
Israel needs more money from the USA to continue building the fence
10. Don't be fooled
activist ,   Israel   (12.11.11)
These people are not a security threat or terrorists, they are refugees!!!!!!! Most of these people are coming from Eritrea and Sudan and are internationally considered refugees except in Israel where there is no established asylum system. This is B.B rhetoric and propaganda, he is trying to skirt his commitments to the U.N Convention on Refugees that Israel signed but is not upholding. He is trying to convince his country the refugees are a threat when really they are looking for a temporary safe haven from the horrors they fled from. Don't be fooled.
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