Sinai a terror hotbed
Roee Nahmias
Published: 18.08.11, 17:18
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1. it is sharon mistake
fad egypt   (08.18.11)
what is happening now is not due to the revolution in the first place remember in the last years many terrorist attacks took place in sinai , taba , eilat and elaqaba many katusha rockets fired at those cities many suicide bombing happened in sharm elsheikh so what is the real reason ?? the real reason is the israeli withdrawl from gaza and from the phealadelphi route which made gaza a heaven for terror and facilitated the smuggling of weapons in the two directions from and into gaza it is sharon mistake shalom
2. Sinai was a problem long before Mubarak’s fall!!!
Jason ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.18.11)
Israeli's have been discouraged from going there long before Mubarak was ousted from power. Remember the Taba hotel bombing? Major warnings ahead of Israeli vacation periods?
3. Obama brought this upon Israel
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (08.18.11)
on purpose. The 20-year disciple of the Israel hater, Jeremiah Wright, helped organize the protests in Tahrir Square and called daily for Mubarak to step down. Obama succeeded in deposing Mubarak, strengthening Iran, and leaving the Egypt-Israel peace treaty hanging by a thread. Today we see what that has brought to Israel: 1. Attacks on Israel from the south 2. The push for Palestinian statehood and division of Jerusalem (resulting in a third Intifada?)
4. #3. Sue: you are way off
Thomas ,   USA   (08.18.11)
Wright had no role in Hussein Obozo's coronation; - the Soros and the T. Friedman-s of the American Marxist Jewry did it. Just few days ago Jeffrey Katzenberg (Hollywood) pulled out $ 2 million from his pocket to reelect the Kenyan. It's not the idiot Wright but the Jstreet-Jews who made war on Israel, mind you.
5. How can any sane Israeli advocate retreat?
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
Can anyone name a single Israeli concession or retreat which had good results for Israel? Of course not. Israeli retreat always brings disaster upon us. Our South Lebanon and Gaza retreats brought us wars and rockets by the tens of thousands. Our Sinai retreat may well end up being the most disastrous of all. How can any sane Israeli still advocate Israeli retreat?
6. Obam and Ehud Barak
david ,   NJUSA   (08.18.11)
Obama got rid of Mubarak and Barak left the dangerous border undefended and ignored his responsibility as Defense Minister. Two idiots perfect together
7. Sue, L. A. is very right!
Gábor Fränkl   (08.18.11)
Obama is a purposefuly evildoer. Sue is right.
8. we were warned
yosef ,   london   (08.18.11)
the lubavitcher rebbe OBM warned during the camp david talks that israel should not give control of the sinai to egypt, for egypt is an unstable country & one never knows what the future holds & who will control its army etc
9. Israel needs to go back to 1968 borders.
Deebo_ ,   Holon   (08.18.11)
You know, the one with Sinai.
10. Sinai will have to go back to Israel, .....
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (08.18.11)
safer and more balanced situation.
11. Egyptian Land
Eman Al Tony ,   Egypt   (08.18.11)
Israelis must realise that it is their responsibility to protect their own borders. Egypt will not play the policeman for you again. We have the job of rebuilding our country after Mubarak, your lackey, destroyed it altogether. There are 80 million people here who will teach you the most painful lesson in your life if you venture into taking one centimeter of their land.
12. # 3 Sue you are so wrong
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.19.11)
Israel is responsible for Israeli security not Obama. During the problem in Egypt not one Israeli soldier was sent to Egypt to restore order or assist Mubarak, in fact not one statement was made by the Israeli government. Now look at Syria and Assad. When the Golan heats up are you going to blame Obama or are you going to blame the gutless Israeli leaders that let terrorist organizations build up there forces right on the Israeli border. Take a look at Hezbollah 50,000 missiles and a majority of those missiles where in Lebanon befor Barack came into office. What is Israel doing about those soon to be used missiles or are they waiting to blame Obama. Israel should MAN-UP and protect it's people.
13. The current situation in Gaza, Sinai and Israel depends on..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.19.11)
...3 things: The rise of Hamas in Gaza, the idiot Ariel Sharon's decision to ethnically cleanse the Israeli/Jewish civilians and Israeli soldiers from Gaza and the revolution in Egypt that most likely entails the involvement of the Moslem Brotherhood and a future despotic Egypt in the hands of the Moslem Brotherhood. So basically three things can explain this current situation: Hamas, Ariel Sharon's "disengagement plan" and the bloody revolution in Egypt. And what do my countrymen in IDF, in the government, in the Knesset and on the streets do? Sticking their heads into the sand, arguing and demonstrating against every single thing - except for keeping Israel JEWISH, and territorially intact, safe and secure. And Jews are called "smart". I really doubt that my countrymen are so smart. Maybe my countrymen are booksmart, academically smart, and produce world class science, medicine and technology and military equipment, but as far as statesmanship and politics are concerned, Israelis/Jews are the biggest idiots on this planet. And I say this as a right wing conservative nationalist. And I support Likud and Israel Beiteinu.
14. Begin is to blame
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.19.11)
Giving up the Sinai for a piece of paper was a mistake. We should never have withdrawn from the passes. Who ever controls the passes control the Sinai.
15. Reality
Michael Pielet ,   Boca, Israel   (08.19.11)
Eeman from Egypt you are a big talker. Tell us about your economy. You have no economy. You are parasites living off of the U.S. taxpayer for over 1 billion US dollars per year. Your great army we destroyed in 1948, 1956 , 1967, and although you surprised us in 1973, we still destroyed your army. The US, Kissinger saved your third army in 1973. I suggest you study your history and do not bite off more than you can chew.
16. Jews
Michael Pielet ,   Boca, Israel   (08.19.11)
Alexander you are correct, Jews are good at making money, Jews are gifted people, but when it comes to politics and security the Jews are the stupidest people on the face off the earth. The problem is not the arabs, the problem is us.
17. #12 Do u really believe if Mubarak was still president
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
of Egypt, he would have allowed jihadist groups and lawlessness to rule Sinai? I stand by my statement in #3. Obama (who taught radical community organizing tactics at U. Chicago) and his US union supporters, helped the Egyptian Marxist and Islamic opposition groups organize the protests in Tahrir Square (it was reported by Debka and see the videos clearly showing participation by the aforementioned groups). His organizational help to these groups and daily calls of "Mubarak must go, now!" resulted in Egypt's president being deposed - leading to the attacks on innocent Israelis today. Obama's goal was to end the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. This is a man who spent 20 years in one of the most anti-Israel churches in the US and called its pastor his "spiritual mentor." He even used the title of his pastor's sermon, "Audacity of Hope" for the title of his biography and his presidential campaign. But before that, in the 1990's, Obama was actively involved in fundraising for Palestinian organizations in Chicago who were sending the money to help the Intifada. I and a small group of concerned Jews wrote about this three years ago. Most American Jews living in Israel heeded the warning and voted for McCain. 78% of American Jews chose to ignore it and helped elect this man. Obama must not get another four years to do more harm to Israel. The 2012 election will determine Israel's fate!
18. To #11
Frank ,   Canada   (08.19.11)
If Egypt tolerate jihadist attacks against Israel from its territory, it means that Egypt supports these attack and therefore is at war with Israel.
19. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.19.11)
80 million people who will teach us the most painful lesson in our lives? That is the funniest thing I have ever read. Do you remember how we kicked your asses in 1948? How about 1956? How about 1967? How about 1973? Understand this: If we want to take back the Sinai, we will. If we want to cross the Suez Canal -- just like we did in 1973 -- we will. How many did you lose in that misbegotten adventure? 145,000? That's peanuts, compared to what we can do to you if we so choose. And you know what? If we cross the Suez -- you aren't getting it back. Chew on that for a while, imbecile.
20. Israelis Should Move to California
DANIEL GOD KOLLER ,   Beaverton   (08.19.11)
Reading the comments to the situation in Israel leaves me no choice but to call for the handing over of the state of Israel to Hamas and the immigration of all Israelis to the country state of California. Appeasement is not the answer. Read your history. More steadfast defense and preventative measures should be taken. Israel has no where to go. So defend it with all your heart and soul (if there is such a thing). Israel is the jewel in the middle east. It stands for peace and all it wants is to be left alone to live in peace. Aggressive defense is all that remains and all that needs to continue. Peace and security cannot be achieved without sacrifice. The people supporting Israel from other countries and those who criticize Israel need to walk at least a mile in an Israeli's shoes.
21. Sinai Belongs to Egypt before Israel was born
Lugina Suarez ,   Egypt   (08.20.11)
Keep Dreaming..... We're not waiting for u to divide the cake as u want u and the others Long Live Egypt
22. to : #15
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (08.20.11)
Maybe U.S.A gives us The Taxpayer which we don't really want now...but it Gives you more than that as we all know....And as an Egyptian -knows his history and his country well- Egypt has more resources than u can dream of as an Israeli that's why u want that piece of cake...u can't deny that... Only the Suez Canal can make each one of us rich if u really know....and ur country which is being illuminated by our natural gas over these years... maybe if we had exported that huge amount of gas with a higher sum of money... we could have been better than that... but actually we hadn't .cuz of your Ally Mubarak...and now none of u is grateful...... and Please... war is a huge loss after all... so please don't mention our damages in 1973 to hide the fact that u've got your ass kicked
23.  # 22 we nailed your ass up in 1973
Daniel ,   Haifa   (08.20.11)
Idf lost over 2300 soldiers Egyptian army lost 0ver 10.000 soldiers, we won and if we only wanted to we could even invade cairo AT THAT TIME and massacre you in 1973 IDF won and dont you ever forget that
24. to #11 and 23
Moataz ,   egypt   (08.20.11)
first of all 1948 and 1953 it wasnt u who were fighting america and uk were ur war for plus if u say we surprised u in 1973 in 1967 u dependet on a traitor who supplied u with all ur info the other thing is no one will have the oppurtiunity to take something and would just leave it that eaisily ur not that genourase as thewhole world know so whatever u say we have sinai and its ours if u can do it than do it dont try to talk to much and if ur tht powerfull try closing the boarders :)
25. LOL
amr ,   egypt   (08.20.11)
1968 borders, hhhhhhhhh, what a piece of wok you are.
26. #23
Waleed Ahmed ,   Cairo, Egypt   (08.20.11)
1973 IDF won ?? well, how come we've got Sinai and kicked you Israelis out of it ?? how come that u were begging for truce in Camp David ?? how come that Suez Canal is not under ur control no more ?? out of ur generosity ?? ask ur history teachers to answer those questions for u and know that deforming history doesn;t affect the face that we kicked u out of our land painfully and with great insolence
27. God bless Israel
Copt ,   Cairo, Egypt   (08.20.11)
28. sinai
vince ,   ny usa   (08.22.11)
if israel won the 1973 war,why its out of sinai now??!! and i really doubt that u can go to cairo , cuz there r 85 million egyptians that will do to u as they did to in 1973
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