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Netanyahu: Israel will respond with force
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.08.11, 20:55
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1. Natanyahu..Shut up and let the army do its work
Al   (08.18.11)
We dont have to hear your mouth pissing empty 15 second sound bites. This is not CNN. If you want to help Israel, get rid of Barak. Geez
2. Empty Words
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.18.11)
Netanyahu and hisDefense Minister promised a harsh response thereby forewarning Hamas leadership to run and hide. He keeps selling us the same lie . They have no idea what the word harsh means. Barak's idea of harsh is sending more undeserved aid to Hamas. When he goes after Jewish settlers ,they don't get any prior warnings. In July Defense Minister Ehud Barak made his summer pilgrimage to Washington. Not long after his return he implemented a number of goodwill gestures to the people of Hamastan,Gaza. This was Hamas' way of saying thank you to the lap dog leadership of Israel who serve failed foreign interests instead of Israel. This week the IDF is seriously considering allowing more weapons into Judea and Samaria for the Fatah Terrorist Army. The problem is not Hamas,Fatah or Hezbollah but the present crop of quisling ,appeasement and surrender driven leadership who in the weakness aid and encourage the enemy. Hamas could have been taken care of long ago but the concept of victory has been lost to the agents of a foreign power who take their orders from Washington.
3.  Israel will respond with force
suter ,   tel aviv /israel   (08.18.11)
mister pm: dont talk, doit ... bomb that terror nest named gazza flat, belive the world will be thankfull after u done it
4. When armed forces invade the border of a sovereign...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.18.11) and shoot both private cars as well as public buses with the full intent of mass murdering as many civilians as possible, there must be a price for such acts; a high price.Doubtless, Israel will extract the price from the rulers of Gaza who sent their armed men to mass murder the citizens of the nation-state of the Jewish people.And, Jews, as all other people, have the very first of all human rights: the right to live and to defend one's life!!
5. I hope that Netanyahu's response...
Avi ,   Israel   (08.18.11)
Is nothing like the defeated look on his rapidly aging face... Loud mouth Sarah B for prime minister...
6. So is that all You can do -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.18.11)
- Trade the Sheeps for the Wolves ?- "I have decided on a principle – when you hurt Israeli citizens we respond immediately and with force. This principle was implemented today. The people who gave the orders to murder our citizens and then hid in Gaza are no longer among us." -You should resign Arn.
7. Maybe next time we can stop the terrorists before
Falafelis ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.18.11)
they carry out an attack!
8. #4 Jehudah Ben-Israel
Does that apply to Israel too? How many times did it cross international borders and committed crimes against humanity? Read the Goldstone report idiot...
9. Netanyaho
Benjamin ,   Greenville   (08.18.11)
More ranting by the leader of a nation of has beens. Yeah bomb Gaza, get real
10. Bibi &Barak's "force"=bombing empty building & empty tunnels
11. 5 Avi Prime minister is a rapidly...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.18.11)
aging job.
12. Israel
Joe Green ,   SODDY DAISY   (08.18.11)
Ezekiel 36-37 predicts a gathering of the Jews to the nation of Israel, which will be followed by a massive invasion by Russia and the Muslims. The stage seems set for the war that will usher in the tribulation and the rise of the Antichrist; a war that will end with the destruction of Israel's enemies by God Himself when they try to go against Gods chosen people Israel. Accept Christ now and be on the winning side.
13. BIBI & Barack have no BALLS!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.18.11)
Israeli's complain about Obama, but the Israeli leaders are cowards. Nasrallah in Lebanon is pointing thousands of missiles at the heart of Israel and they do nothing. Terrorist leaders sitting in Gaza boasting how they applaud the atrocities and Israel strikes low level operatives to send a message. Come on BIBI grow some balls the other terrorist are watching your weak response.
14. Rapid Bibi
Peter   (08.18.11)
Netanjahu is faster than James Bond and Sherlock Holmes together.How can he 5 hours after the attack know who is responsible? Nobody claimed responsibility yet Or maybe he even knew it before and did nothing in order to avoid negative press?
15. No doubt the Israel who killed this scum
Ruth ,   London   (08.18.11)
will be charged with crimes against humanity!
16. No 4
Emma ,   London   (08.18.11)
Is that the same Goldstone report whose conclusions the author later retracted?
17. One friend
A ,   Belgium   (08.18.11)
"At this difficult hour we stand by the side of our Israeli friends." German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Germany has already declared it will vote against the "palestinian" state. Thank you, Germany, for being the only true friend Israel has in Europe and probably the world.
18. No 8 - You want to talk about crimes against humanity?
Michelle ,   Manchester   (08.18.11)
Israel crosses international borders to take out the terrorists that are firing bombs at her civilians as any sovereign nation would do in self- defence. Israel does not intentionally target civilians unlike her enemies, Israel does not use her civilians to hide behind both of which come under the definition of "crimes against humanity" read what Goldstone has to say about that idiot...
19. #8 you mean the report that even Goldstone now says is crap?
Danny   (08.18.11)
20. TBer's here should shut up about politics!
You like like savage opportunists. What the hell does Bibi have to do with a terrorist attack against innocent Israelis!? Az if we don't do enough already!? We can't stop all of the attacks as long as there are Palestinian/Arab terrorists surrounding us so ZIP IT! There are dead Israelis! Have some respect already!!! What the hell is this? Europe!? And in case you didn't read the article (which it appears many of the TBer's here DID NOT: WE ALREADY KILLED THE COMMANDERS WHO PLANNED THE ATTACK!!! unreal how politics seems to run everyones mouths these days...
21. Churchill? I think not!
John Prophet   (08.19.11)
Tit fo tat will accolmplish nothing, and fast.
22. retaliation
deborah lurya ,   irvine   (08.19.11)
Bibi- this was Not strong enough deterrence. Israe should wipe clean all Hamas elements in Gaza- that means their clans as well. Gaza is a iranian backed warring state. They need to understand that we have no more patience, they have just broken the camel's back. I would have gone in and taken their sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. etc until the message has been gotten.
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (08.19.11)
GAZA NEEDS TO BE HEAR 'BOMBS AWAY' IN HEBREW. Israel isn't even close to evening the score. We need another 'cast lead' after the pals fall on their asses in sept. before the UN. Each one of their reps should be arrested and jailed for "crimes against humanity " Or, easier way, they should should face a firing squad.
24. I wonder what exact day will
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (08.19.11)
Gaza cease to exist? Looks like Hamas wants a complete 'wipe out' and, it wont be Israel, it will be them. See what happens when you 'cede' land to maniacs and lunatics?
25. # 21 John nonprophet
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (08.19.11)
"Peace in our time" bet you love that old chestnut.. Peace is the lull between wars. Thankfully, G-d chose Israel. Israel is expert at war now, thanks to the ever exploding pals, who just can't get enough of making war with those capable of making Gaza a nuclear parking lot. Someday, there will be no Gaza.
26. Now, where is the Pali ilk of Salama, Nour
and their rabid friends to rapidly condemn their buddies' terrorist acts? Or, does it only work when Israel dfends her innocent citizens?
27. 13 sheikh ,,, grow some balls !
alsky ,   toronto   (08.19.11)
move to Israel, then talk
28. #20 Why don't you muzzle it.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (08.19.11)
Why were the planners of the attack not taken out before they killed! That is the problem. Waiting for more Israelis to be killed is what bothers many of us!
29. To Jehudah, N 4
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (08.19.11)
Dear Jehudah. I endorse your words. Israel is under attack. She must defend her territory and her people through the necessary means. Receive you, Jewish brothers and sisters, full solidarity from the friends around the world, like me. God protects the righteous ones. Salutes.
30. Terrorist
Richard ,   Phoenix, USA   (08.19.11)
The attacks continue, and I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The point I would make Emma is this. That if the Muslims who hate Israel layed down their weapons today, there would be peace today. If Israel would layed down their weapons today, there would be no Israel tomorrow. I don't need a Goldstone report to know the truth that plays out right in front of me every day.
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