Iron Dome intercepts 2 rockets fired at Israel
Ynet reporters
Published: 18.08.11, 23:43
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1. Time to systematically bomb the Philadelphi corridor
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.18.11)
Time to start pounding the border area of the Gaza Strip with lots of HE. This can be done more cheaply with artillery (artillery shells are cheaper to deliver than air dropped bombs). This should continue 24/7 for a while to collapse as many smuggling tunnels as possible. Put the first shells done the center of the corridor. That will give the message for those in the closest houses to move out. Then, the range can be widened to blast a swath the width of the corridor. Either that, or it's time for the Egyptians to get serious about security. However, we know that Egyptian security is a fairytale, so we'll have to do it ourselves.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.18.11)
An expensive piece of junk.
3. #2: junk?
Ricki ,   Ashkelon   (08.18.11)
Come live here in Ashkelon with your family and see how grateful you'll all be to have it. Enjoy being safe in Safed.
4. I am sick of hearing all this praise for Iron Dome
zionist forever   (08.18.11)
Iron Dome is nothing but an excuse to do nothing which is of course why Obama so kindly offered to fund the building of two batteries. If Iron Dome is shooting down the rockets at a cost of $50,000 per shot then nobody is getting hurt in Israel so why go to all that trouble of carrying out a military response. Cast Lead was going like clockwork for the IDF then thanks to pressure from Livni & Barak what should have been a victory was turned into failure when Olmert just out of the blue decided to unconditionally pull out all Israeli forces conditions of the war would be discussed later. Cast Lead was taking place during an election campaign and all campaigns were on hold during the operation. Bibi was way out in front of both Livni & Barak so they had a few quiet words in Olmert's ear and told him their problem and how they wanted the operation over so thy could get back to campaigning. Time to pick up where Cast Lead left off and finish the job properly because all that happens when you don't respond is you get more rockets and eventually Iron Dome will miss and somebody will be killed.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (08.18.11)
The Iron Dome is indeed expensive but it is NOT junk .It is in fact a sophisticated wonder of modern innovation and technology .The problem may be that it is not enough or there are not enough of the Batteries to provide comprehensive protection .
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (08.18.11)
Just very effective but not cost effective.Iron Dome perhaps gives a false sense of security as terrorists possess thousands of rockets.
7. my kids are crying and cannot fall asleep
Dalia ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
they are too scared. and to be hunest, I'm scared to.
8. what does the color red mean to you???
end terrorism ,   support israel   (08.19.11)
in israel the color red is the diference between life and death!!! for 9 years kids in israel live in shalters with no windows, because of the palestinian terror attacks.
9. Israel seems more like 1911 not 2011 RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (08.19.11)
I realize the confusion about economic differences in life support needs the raids rockets seems more like 1911 than 2011 in Israel but this time Israel has to hold itself partly accountable the terrorists who crossed over to attack the Eliat area did it because Egypt is not allowed enough security patrols to monitor the entire border as Israel refuses to allow a increase in numbers sorry Israel this time you messed yourselfs up with power hungary protocol rather than taking a sincere approach to Arab Jew relations RIGHT I hope you learn your lesson Israel RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
10. #7 Pals are doing pre-UN vote saber-rattling
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
I am worried about my kids and relatives in Israel, too. There is a saying that things get worse before they get better. I believe that is what is happening now. It's because of the September vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN. Don't despair. I truly feel the situation for Israel is going to turn around in the coming months. Support for Israel among Americans is at a record high and we will elect a new pro-Israel president next year b'ezrat Hashem. Stay hopeful and safe.
11. There should be an automated system that fires 100 rockets
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
into Gaza for every rocket that lands in Israel. The result will be no more rockets fired on Israel = peace.
12. Reading these talkbacks...
beentheredonethat ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
and can feel that we have all had just about enough. How about a huge demonstration,not for social justice, but against the silence of the world and to end terrorism, once and for all? If that fails, I am all in favor of taking them out and finishing them off, all the terrorists from the north to the south. I think it's finally sunk in - This is not the way proud Israelis should live. We want peace but we are not idiots. Come on Bibi and Barack - it's time.
13. wow, two out of eight
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
not bad, unless you happen to be in the area of the six that it did not intercept.
14. LAWRENCE of Safed
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
The Iron Dome is stupid. It is not effective. Your commentaries are also stupid. better take up your music and beat it.
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
16. Speaking of stupid, Larry
Stephen in New York   (08.19.11)
Because you're too stupid to know that you're ignorant, let me clue you in: Iron Dome is so sophisticated that a missile won't be launched if the system predicts that an incoming rocket will land in an uninhabited area.
17. 50,000$ per shot is .000001 of cost of IDF in GAZA.
Miron ,   USA, Seattle   (08.19.11)
What we need is more batteries instead of every Joe Chmoe piling in from his cesspit.
18. #7 Dalia
Avi ,   Israel   (08.19.11)
I feel with you Dalia. Its stupid putting your kids in harms way. I suggest moving to Europe if you can afford it. I am preparing for such a move...
19. Do we know how it works?
Yael Schlichting ,   Haifa - Israel   (08.19.11)
Iron Dome is a piece of technique that intercepts short range missiles. If it only intercepts those missiles that would hit houses than it might be cost effective. Reasoning from the reports about the missiles intercepted and those exploded on open ground, I believe Iron Dome can be operated cost effectively. Unfortunately we always need to make a sober calculation about what we want and what we can achieve. The number of missiles in Gaza and Libanon is so huge, that we must focuse to compute the possible touch down area from the flight path of a missile and then only intercept those who will really do damage to our house and facilities. Then the shield would work like an umbrella and would only protect us where we are holding it. If missile interception works this way, the enemy concept of "you cannot walk through the rain without getting wet" would no longer work.
20. I used to think that maybe moving to Israel
would be a good idea and something to consider. Not anymore. Why go to a land that will not defend itself nor it's people from what is going on right now, and has continually happening. No other land would allow this to keep on going. Only Israel lets this constantly go on. I think I am happy to be where I am. Maybe some people would not like this response to read but frankly I think Israel is too crazy a place to live in.
21. 20# ,where is your name and country???
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.19.11)
22. #12 The "huge demonstration" is happening on Wed
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (08.19.11)
That is exactly what the Glenn Beck rally in Jerusalem on 8/24 is about. People around the world will be watching (on gbtv) the "Courage to Stand" event in Jerusalem and declaring solidarity with Israel, and there will be a lot of important people there. The tide is turning against "evil" and in favor of Israel and those who are on the side of "good."
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